What Does A La Llorona Tattoo Mean?

What Does A La Llorona Tattoo Mean?. The traditional meaning of the La Llorona tattoo is that it is a way for a woman to remember her children and what they would like her to do when they are older. Because children grow up, get married, have kids of their own, or move away from their mother, this tattoo serves as a reminder for the mother. They remind children to call and visit with her often so that she will always remember them. This can be done by creating crochet bobbins with pictures of her children on them.

What Does A La Llorona Tattoo Mean
What Does A La Llorona Tattoo Mean


A la Llorona tattoo can also mean a woman who went through traumatic events (personal loss) still has love left for humanity despite being hurt and tired from it all. She is a woman who has grown stronger from these traumatic events, who has managed to rise above and move on from it. Her tattoos will be her scars, which is similar to the way she feels about the events that have happened.

Many mothers get this tattoo to honour their children and express the importance of motherhood. Many people feel that women are superior since they give life through their womb. This whole idea is why women are usually held in high regard in many cultures around the world. 

La Llorona tattoos are sometimes used as a way to symbolize feminism or protest against abuse or rape of children or women. This symbolises a woman who hasn’t given up on life.

Symbolise: What Does A La Llorona Tattoo Mean?

La Llorona is thought to be a woman that is madly in love with her children and will do anything to save them, even if it means giving up her own life. She is most commonly thought of as being single or married to someone she loves very much. She isn’t necessarily evil, but is just going through a hard time in her life and has a terrible past which has given her these new thoughts of love from “her ghosts.”

This tattoo can also be an allusion to the circus La Llorona who has been known for hundreds of years. She is a woman who has killed her own children in the most gruesome way to prevent them from being harmed. In a very matter of fact manner, she kills her children by drowning them and then hangs herself in her home. Her ghost haunts the circus and is a spirit that drives men insane because they lust after women who have been through hell and back. The La Llorona tattoo symbolises these kinds of feelings or thoughts about women who have suffered greatly or are going through hard times in their lives.

The La Llorona tattoo is mainly seen on female shoulders, but can also be seen on other areas of the body such as behind the ear, around the neck, and on upper arms. These tattoos come in many shades, such as indigo, black, grey and brown. These tattoos can also be placed on any other part of the body if you so choose.

La Llorona is often used to symbolise strength and also as a way to remember loved ones. This symbolises not forgetting what has happened, but living on and moving forward with life, even if you are in so much pain. It means that you are the one in control of your destiny and no one else. It means that you will be strong for those who suffer and for those who want to give up on life. 

When it comes to major life decisions, like getting a divorce or not speaking with family members, La Llorona is there to tell you that it’s alright if you want to live on as a single mother or get back at an ex-husband. This tattoo can also symbolise that it is alright to speak out against rapists and child abusers and tell them how much pain they have caused, even if it puts yourself in danger.

La Llorona means that a woman has to take control of her life and realise that no matter what happens in the past, there is always a silver lining.

There are many different meanings to the “La Llorona” tattoos. Many women get it because they want to remember the importance of love, remembrance, and will power. Most people who get this tattoo have experienced loss in their life that they have had a hard time moving past. This is normally shown through lost children or family members who have passed away. They often get these tattoos as a way to remember these loved ones and honour them. 

A La Llorona tattoo is a symbol of strength, will power and determination. It is a symbol of honour to those who have passed and a reminder that they would want you to keep living your life. La Llorona tattoos are sometimes seen as ugly marks or scars that someone wants to get rid of, but in reality, these are simply the physical pain or emotional scars left by those who have passed in our life.

This is a tattoo which can be very uplifting for those who get it because it conveys how great they are at keeping their head above water. 

The La Llorona tattoo can also mean that someone has wrestled with their demons and found the strength to come out of trauma in their life. Many people get this tattoo because they have experienced loss in their life and want to remember these people in their life.


La Llorona tattoos have a range of meanings, but they are all thought to be strong-willed and determined people. They each tell a different story, but they are all seen as very admirable people who have used their pain and suffering to create something great in their lives. 

The meaning of the La Llorona tattoo varies from person to person, but most of the time it is used as a symbol of remembrance or love. It also can be used to represent strength and power that someone has learned after going through hardship in their life. The La Llorona tattoo can also be used to show that someone isn’t afraid of her demons or won’t let them get the best of her anymore.

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