Wallet Feng Shui

Wallet feng shui: red, green, blue, beige, brown, black, gold, purple, yellow, lucky, attract money and wealth, Color fire element, color metal element, color water element, color earth element, color wood element

Wallet feng shui: red, green, blue, beige, brown, black, gold, purple, yellow, lucky, attract money and wealth, Color fire element, color metal element, color water element, color earth element, color wood element
Wallet feng shui: red, green, blue, beige, brown, black, gold, purple, yellow, lucky, attract money and wealth, Color fire element, color metal element, color water element, color earth element, color wood element


Did you know that the color of your wallet can have a huge impact on your financial success? According to Feng shui, different colors of a wallet have different meanings regarding your wealth. Therefore, before you buy a wallet, it is advisable to ensure that its color will not negatively affect your finances. 

This article will focus on the different colors of wallets and what they mean in Feng shui. It will also focus on the colors of the different elements to ensure you buy a wallet of an ideal color. You do not want your actions to become the enemy of your finances. 


According to Feng shui, red is not a color that you should ever consider for your wallet. The red color is associated with the element of fire. Fire is known to burn the things it comes in touch with. Therefore, if you buy a red wallet, it means that it is of a color that will burn everything on its way. 

Hence, you should never consider buying a red wallet because it will prevent you from accumulating wealth. The red wallet will literally burn all your chances of success or making money. Some people find red to be an appealing color but do not consider the damage it could do when it is their wallet that is red. Regardless of whether the red is your favorite color, consider buying other red items and not your wallet because this is bad Feng shui. 


According to Feng shui, green is considered the color of renewal and growth. Therefore, if you buy a green wallet, you are opening a way for new opportunities and new income. Once you have bought a green wallet, you will realize that your income might start to double, your business will thrive, and you might even get better-paying job positions. 

A green wallet is considered good Feng shui. The green color is calm, represents all the goodness that nature has to offer, and is associated with positive energy. It is such positive energy that people need to prosper in everything that they carry out in life. 


Blue is associated with the element of water because it resembles the waters in the oceans. If you buy a blue wallet, it will have money flowing towards your way, just like the manner in which the water flows. According to Feng shui, the color blue is considered a calm color that will attract positive energy. In these cases, positive energy can be compared to the prosperity that comes along with money. This means that a blue wallet will direct you to activities that bring in more money. For instance, you might get a promotion at work, or your business would thrive, thus making you more profits. 


According to Feng shui, a beige wallet is associated with wealth and purification. Beige is a color that will cleanse everything that it comes across. Therefore, the wallet is likely to clean the evil spirits or negative energy that has been preventing you from making money. 

Once you have bought a beige wallet, you will realize that it has become easier to make money than it used to be before you owned such a wallet. A beige wallet is designed to attract blessings. A wallet is used to carry money, and therefore, the blessings will come to you in terms of money. 


The brown color represents soil. The soil is where plants grow, and therefore, a brown wallet is a symbol of growth. If you have been struggling to save money without success, it is advisable to buy a brown wallet because it will attract the positive energy needed to save money. 

A substantial number of people struggle with their abilities to save money. Such struggling occurs because people are filled with negative energies that prevent them from saving. If you are one of those people that find it challenging to save because of impulse buying, a brown wallet is all that you need. 


According to Fen g Shui, black is considered of prosperity, career advancements, and other job opportunities. Therefore, if you buy a black wallet, you open yourself to new opportunities that will bring you more money. 

Black is the color of the most fertile soil in the world, and this means that it will make your wallet fertile in terms of money. It is also a neutral color and hence ideal for use by both men and women. If you are not sure of the best wallet to buy to attract wealth, black is the ideal color and matches well with clothes of any color. 


Gold is associated with money, and therefore, it is one of the most recommended colors for a wallet. Gold is a valuable color that will attract wealth and prosperity. If you have been struggling with saving money, boosting your business, or securing a well-paying job, it is best to buy a gold wallet. Gold is also an amazing and cool color that will attract positive energy and drive away all the negative energy affecting your prosperity and wealth. 

Gold is also associated with luxury and wealth and, therefore, will attract them to your life. This means that you will most likely attract the people that would direct towards the right paths of money-making. Have you ever heard of a saying that you should show people your friends to determine the kind of person you are? Well, this is a concept applicable when it comes to money-making. A gold wallet will attract the right people that will guide you into making as much money as you dream of.  


According to Feng shui, the color purple is a symbol of wealth. If you have an area of a home that is purple, you are likely to attract wealth. However, this does not mean that you should own purple wealth. However, buying a purple wallet is not a totally bad idea because it can also attract some wealth. The only challenge of a purple wallet is that it has been long used to decorate wealth areas in the house, and many people rarely use it for wallets. 

When used as a wallet, it will show class and wealth. It creates the impression that someone has money and, therefore, might not attract more money, business or prosperity when carrying a purple wallet. An individual’s appearance plays an important role in determining whether they will attract wealth or not. 


The color yellow is a representation of the transition of seasons. This means that a yellow wallet will take away your money at the same rate that it brought it. A mustard yellow wallet is likely to increase your savings. 

On the other hand, a pastel yellow wallet is associated with luck. If you choose to buy a yellow wallet, you need to be careful of how you spend your finances. If you are a careless spender, then you are likely to lose your money within a short period. If you are keen on how you spend money and rarely waste your finances, you can easily accumulate a lot of wealth. 


According to Feng shui, you need to follow certain practices for your wallet to become lucky due to your wallet. One of the main practices is to keep the wallet clean and tidy. A substantial number of people forget to remove receipts and other unwanted items from their wallets. 

In turn, the wallet ends up looking untidy, and this will not make you lucky in terms of attracting wealth. Your wallet color might be a lucky one, but if you do not keep it clean or follow other Feng shui practices, you will not be lucky in attracting wealth. The main aim of keeping your wallet clean is to create room for more money. If the wallet is not tidy, there will be no space for more money, and this means you will not make extra money as expected. 

The wallet needs to feel treasured and important to ensure that it brings you luck. Some people do not mind where they keep their wallet and only think about it when they want to leave the house. If you are one of those people, you are throwing away your chances of getting lucky with your wallet. It is important to keep your wallet in a clean environment and always pay attention to it. This will bring in positive energy that will make you lucky in making money or prospering. 

Another way to get lucky with a wallet is avoiding second hand wallets or a wallet you get from another person. Such a wallet might bring you bad luck because you are not aware of what it did to the other person. It is good Feng shui to always buy a new wallet from a trusted dealer. 

A new wallet comes along with luck, and if you follow all the good Feng shui practices, you will be lucky in accumulating wealth. If your wallet is old and torn, Feng shui points out that it should be replaced. A torn or old wallet is a sign of bad luck and will not make you the desired money. 

Attract Money and Wealth

The main reason why we have good Feng shui practices when it comes to wallets is that they help attract money and wealth. Your wallet is a symbol of wealth and status. All you have to do is purchase a wallet of good Feng shui color, and you will be amazed how much wealth it will help you attract. 

You also need to follow all the Feng shui practices of keeping your wallet clean and valuable. Once you have followed all of these guidelines, you can be assured that your wallet will attract wealth and money. 

Given that your wallet is where you store your money or all the representations of your money, it can help you seek more money by creating luck. Such luck can be created by placing three coins on a red ribbon that is placed adjacent to your wallet. 

According to Feng shui, broke people have a habit of keeping their wallets messy, and this is what prevents them from attracting wealth. If you plan on attracting money and wealth, it is important to keep your wallet in the right condition. In this case, keep it clean and in the right environment.

Attracting money will depend on the color of the wallet you choose to buy. If you want to attract money and wealth, it is important to buy a color that is good Feng shui. The section above provides an outline of the ideal colors of wallets that you can choose depending on your aim of attracting money. 

You also need to keep more currency notes in your wallet instead of credit cards. Credit cards represent borrowed money, and if you keep more of them in your wallet, you will lose money and wealth instead of attracting it. 

Color Fire Element

The fire element is a representation of illumination, passion, and brilliance. It is associated with the summer season because of how hot it is. The fire element is represented by the red color. This explains why the red color is not ideal for wallets. Fire is known to burn everything on its way, and therefore, it would make you lose money. The passion represented by the fire element is due to the hotness and the ability of the fire to raise an individual heartbeat. Red is a bright color that represents strong energy that is likely to destroy things on its way. 

Color Metal Element

The color of this element is metallic and white. The metal element is a representation of preciseness, efficiency, and beauty. This is the densest element, and it can withstand cold or hot temperatures. 

It also represents an inward movement and is known to enrich people’s lives, just like how precious the metals found on earth are. Metal also helps people to focus and obtain clarity in their life. Therefore, if a person owns a wallet of metallic colors, they are highly likely to attract wealth in their life. The metal colors have strong and positive energy, which will make them attract as much wealth as desired. Metal is also associated with the autumn season. 

Color Water Element

The color black is used to represent water. This color is neutral and, therefore, shows the calming nature of this element. It is associated with the winter season and, therefore, a representation of wisdom, career, and social life. Water is considered dynamic like the flowing rivers and calms like the oceans. 

Water plays an important role in an individual’s life by helping people connect with others by deepening their wisdom and intuition. If you wish to enhance your intuition, it is advisable to add more water to your home. The same case applies to a black wallet. It will help you attract money and wealth using your intuition. 

Color Earth Element 

This element is represented by orange, yellow, and brown colors. It is a transition of seasons and, therefore, does not represent a specific season. The earth element is related to wellness, boundaries, and self-nourishment. 

This element is reliable, stable, and grounding. The logic of this is: if the earth element is perceived as having few links, we need to surround ourselves with more objects associated with it. This element is also ideal for people willing to focus on self-care and the creation of strong boundaries. The element provides people with all the energy they need to achieve these. If you seek to become more caring, the earth element is what you need.

Color Wood Element

The wood element is represented by the green, blue and teal colors. This element presents progress and growth, and therefore, the right colors to attract wealth. If you seek to have a new beginning in your life or follow new opportunities in your life, the wood element will guide you to do so. However, if you want to create noticeable growth, you should bring in more energy by focusing on the dreams you want to achieve through the growth process. A green, blue, or teal wallet is what you need to attract wealth and money through new opportunities of beginnings. 


Is your wallet a good Feng shui color or a bad Feng shui color? Now that you know what each of these colors means, it is advisable to buy a wallet that will bring you good fortune, wealth, prosperity, and good luck. A wallet directly indicates a person’s status, and therefore, an attractive wallet is likely to enable you to get more money. 

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