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Platonic Meaning

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Platonic meaning: friends, relationships, origin, affair,couple, connection,sugar daddy, urban dictionary, epiphany, flirting, wife,in history, kiss, love, marriage, philosophy, soulmate.

Platonic is used to describe a union that does not involve sex. There are many aspects of human connections that can be described as platonic. The following descriptions of platonic will change your perspectives about many concepts of relationships that people have been defining or viewing differently. 

Platonic meaning: friends, relationships, origin, affair,couple, connection,sugar daddy, urban dictionary, epiphany, flirting, wife,in history, kiss, love, marriage, philosophy, soulmate
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Platonic meaning: friends, relationships, origin, affair,couple, connection,sugar daddy, urban dictionary, epiphany, flirting, wife,in history, kiss, love, marriage, philosophy, soulmate


Platonic friends refer to people who share similarities in style and appearance, such as children or those living on the same block. To help ease social situations, the friend zone often allows a person to separate themselves from others without having to say anything unpleasant about them. 

Such plays an important role in preventing awkwardness between friends. The friend zone can be used when you want your partner’s attention to go deeper than what they usually give it, but at least half of each day is spent staring down indistinguishable faces. Platonic friends form the strongest bond that can be formed among friends.


Platonic relationships refer to a relationship of equals. These are not mutually exclusive partnerships, and, in fact, they’re often more important than that. That sounds like two lovers with equal interest and equally qualified for one another’s company. 

If your partner has their needs met by someone else or wants you to do the same, you are in a platonic relationship. Such people are slightly less comfortable spending time together over Skype on shared holiday vacations but still enjoy each other emotionally. These people enjoy one another company without necessarily sleeping together but can sleep with other people. It involves a long-term relationship characterized by intense bonding, which is also facilitated through physical contact. In other cases, platonic relationships involve stimulation such as play.


The origin of the word platonic, which Aristotelians coined for a friendship between individuals or classes, traces back to Greek Mythology. In ancient Greece, the male sexual organs were considered gods to be worshiped in sacred groves. While they did not make god’s blood into semen (just sex), this practice helped them maintain their fertility and growth.

Hence it became an important part at times of peace among humans rather than warfare against other beings like evil kings who wanted others to become slaves. The word also traces back to the Platonic Lovers, played in 1635.


A platonic affair refers to an intimate relationship between two or more individuals with whom one believes that both of them have certain aspects in common. This concept is often called ‘love at first sight rather than its other name, marriage. It can also refer specifically to relationships that are closer together (‘dinner parties’).

One consequence for those who do not find it easy to describe their partner’s nature requires some background on the role relations play within society, and individualism tends towards platonic encounters. The conventional view describes these interaction spaces primarily as areas where people try hard but usually fail.


A platonic couple refers to a very intimate relationship in which one person is the primary provider, with another being present as an accessory. There are two main types of romantic partners. The first ones are those who have both had multiple lovers and for those who find love over time. The second partners are those that prefer monogamy through infidelity at first marriage but eventually give up on it themselves due to not having enough affection from their partner.


A platonic connection refers to a sexual relationship between two people who believe that they are one and the same. A platonic connection can also refer to a relationship that is not emotionally and physically intimate. Platonic relationships do include shared interests. However, many of them will require presence in order for it to get romantic. People have friendships they love dearly, but one thing can be done better. 

Such a thing is going out with someone you know, which is considered casual. You don’t need to hang out too often together just because you are friends or even see each other at work every day. It’s hard for most couples to date during vacation periods which could result in an awkward relationship. 

Some people have a misconception about the relationship between a sugar daddy and a partner. People think that such a relationship should involve sexual and financial favors. However, a platonic sugar daddy would not require sex in exchange for their support to the lady.

Sugar Daddy

A platonic sugar daddy refers to a married man who seeks to have a relationship with a sugar baby. Some rich sugar daddies will seek to have a non-sexual relationship with sugar babies. Such relationships are platonic and made to provide happiness to the involved parties. These relationships are purely about happiness, and making love is never part of the deal. 

A sugar daddy can also be described as an individual who is not in a relationship but can also be equal. Sugar daddies exist due to the need for parental relationships or mentoring relationships between the sugar daddies and the warmly-regarded young women. 

Urban Dictionary

According to the urban dictionary, the word platonic refers to the act of being romantically involved. Platonic is also defined as the relationship or the connection between two people whereby sex or lust is not involved. The relationship is purely about helping one another. The symbol of a platonic relationship is a white rose. The white rose symbolizes the purity of the relationship. 


platonic epiphany refers to what is essentially a religious experience. It refers to all that comprises nature, including other people and species with some sort of center which produces feelings in them. 

Epiphany is a great and sudden realization of revelation. Therefore, platonic epiphany is affectionate but no sexual adventure that is based on religious grounds. The platonic epiphany relationship is purely spiritual and focused on building each other spiritually. This kind of relationship can be between more than two people. 


Many people have a misconception about the concept of flirting. People consider flirting as the type of talking between two people that often result in sexual encounters. However, flirting does not necessarily have to result in sexual encounters. This kind of flirting is known as platonic flirting. 

Platonic flirting is harmless because it does not negatively affect the involved parties. Platonic flirting often occurs between people who are purely friends, and nothing more than friendship can happen between them. If flirting involves sex, then it ceases to be platonic flirting. 

Such kind of flirting is highly likely to compromise the relationship between the involved parties. For instance, such people might no longer be friends or might enter into a romantic relationship. Therefore, if people are willing to maintain platonic flirting, they have to avoid sex at all means. 


A platonic relationship refers to an engagement that does not involve sex. Having a platonic wife means that you are married to someone with who you do not engage in sexual relationships. This kind of wife might seem impossible to exist, but the truth is that it does exist. 

The relationship with a platonic wife can also be very satisfying through other aspects of life. For instance, the platonic wife ensures to meet all the emotional needs of the partner, thus offering them the satisfaction they need in life. The partners also ensure to meet the wife’s non-sexual needs, thus making the relationship between the two highly satisfactory. If the non-sexual needs are not met, it would be challenging to have a platonic wife in someone whose other needs are not met. 

In History

the history of platonic traces back to a time when women were considered inferior by men, which made sex the more attractive option for their sexual needs. There are many examples, such as Chinese pagans who use water and ash leaves as aphrodisiacs in order that they can attract female admirers. 

But how did Plato‘s ideas about love evolve from his own thoughts? The key is this: In ancient Greece, there was no need at all, either consciously or subconsciously, to explain why people could possibly fall in with each other sexually. 

Therefore, platonic was invented to create some level of equality among men and women. It was made to prevent women from being considered as objects of sex in society. The concept of platonic relationships made it possible to have relationships that did not necessarily involve sex. 


A platonic kiss is one between two people who are never or have never thought of being in a romantic relationship. Such kisses are common among friends or family members. In most cases, a platonic kiss is considered a sign of respect or appreciation towards the person being kissed. 

This kind of kiss will not be given for no reason. The platonic kiss can be made on the lips, cheeks, head, or hands. The position of this kiss will depend on the relationship’s nature of the parties involved. 

For instance, a professional relationship might involve a kiss of appreciation of the hand, while a family member might kiss the other party on the forehead. A kid might give their parents a platonic kiss on the cheek, while a parent might kiss the child on the head or forehead. 


Platonic love is the type of love between two people that does not involve any sexual encounters. This type of love is common among family members or friends who do not plan to have any sexual encounters in the future. Platonic love is considered one of the best love affairs that can exist between two people because it is free of jealousy and other factors that can compromise love. 

The parties do not have many expectations from one another, and this makes the love affair to last long. Platonic love is one of the many types of love that exist among people. The opposite of platonic love is romantic love, which involves sexual engagements. Romantic love exists between unrelated people, while platonic love can exist among any people regardless of their relationship. Platonic love is long-lasting because the involved parties rarely have a reason to disagree. 


Platonic marriage is a union between two people that does not involve sexual engagements. When people are in a platonic marriage, they have already agreed to stay with one another forever. They engage in all the activities that married people engage in except sex. A large number of people believe that platonic marriages cannot exist because sex is an important factor in any marriage. 

People have a misconception that sex makes the bond of marriage stronger, thus enabling people to stay married for many years. This is not always the case because platonic marriages have even proven to last longer than normal marriages. Therefore, it is possible for people to have a platonic marriage and live a healthy life with their partners. 


Platonism is the philosophy of Plato and outlines the concept of divinity. According to Plato, the doctrine of Platonism, the world we live in is full of errors, but there is a real and perfect realm. The perfect realism is filled with external ideas which are changeless and cannot be easily understood in the world that has been presented to us. Such realism involves goodness, beauty, likeness, sameness, difference, unity, and bigness, among others. Platonic idealism refers to Plato’s doctrine of ideas about the essential and true nature of things. 


A soulmate is considered a person that one intends to have a helpful relationship with. However, a platonic soulmate is an individual who you can be directly within any aspect of life. This is someone who is always willing to give you a shoulder to cry on or listen to you whenever you are in a difficult situation.

A platonic soulmate is someone you are completely open with, and it is such openness in a relationship that makes it amazing. If the relationship is not straightforward, the other party will not qualify to be a platonic soulmate. A platonic soulmate is someone you can trust to keep your deepest secrets.

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