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Pakistani New Year

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Pakistani New Year: Traditions, Celebration, Clothes, Decorations, happy New Year in the Pakistani language. Introduction.Pakistanis enjoy New Year’s Eve with complete happiness and pleasure like other nations. Nearly all the cities, particularly the Federal capital, Islamabad, and provincial capitals like Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, and Quetta, say welcome to the future New Year.

Pakistani New Year: Traditions, Celebration, Clothes, Decorations, happy New Year in the Pakistani language
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Pakistani New Year: Traditions, Celebration, Clothes, Decorations, happy New Year in the Pakistani language

Individuals visit their loved ones, exchange gifts, and New Year resolutions are also the order of the day. Both administrative and non-administrative organizations arrange for New Year dinners, events, concerts, and musical nights. Explosions and pyrotechnic demonstrations also spread color in the night sky on New Year’s Day.


The night of December 31st is beautiful. Relationships get pleased on this night and start shopping and purchasing new dresses. In the big towns of Punjab, Sindh, and KPK, as well as in the small villages, the females and children get ready before this happy day arrives. In Pakistan, the youngsters obtain gifts from their parents. The relatives living a long-distance are also linked and congratulated on this day.

Older ladies and wedded girls also take an enormous part in celebration actions. They get dressed brightly and assist in cooking delightful foods for their family and relatives. It is a beautiful time of the year in Pakistan, bringing smiles to everybody’s looks. 

Life becomes joyful as it assists individuals in the different parts of the country to overlook the difficulties of their daily lives and become one for the sake of their state. On the other hand, Muslims trust that every day is full of Allah’s blessings and is worth encouraging for New Year’s Day.

New Year in Islamabad

Islamabad, the federal capital of Pakistan, cannot be overlooked on New Year’s Eve. People say goodbye to the coming year, leave hundreds of memories, and welcome to the future, carrying new expectations and lots of happiness.

Numerous individuals send text messages of new expectations, achievements, and happiness as the New Year starts a new period in life. Apart from all these associates, family members sent each other happy New Year’s best wishes. The most frequently used by individuals is a sorry one who is sent for the compassion of any horrible act done with the other individual in the previous year.

Celebrations:Pakistani New Year

New Year musical festivals

Native and external melody is also trendy in Pakistan. Melodious instruments are played during the New Year event to celebrate the occasion. Supreme prevalent musical tools are Drums, Table, Flute, Guitar, and Sitar, to name a few. Loud drum beats are a reflection of good wealth for the country by some local inhabitants.


Lunar New Year is one two major holidays and my favorite time of the year. It frequently lasts for three days; throughout this time, almost everybody heads to their birthplaces to see relatives. This custom is so widespread that this time of the year is when families reunite, people devote time to ancestors despite their hectic lives, and ceremonies are held to honor ancestors.

Being a Pakistani and would like to clarify how Pakistanis celebrate the New Year. My motherland is the world’s second most crowded country for Muslims, accounting for nearly 11 percent of Muslims worldwide. However, the state is quite diverse geologically; 95 percent of the people follow Islam. And since Muslims chase the lunar calendar, most Pakistanis celebrate the New Year.

How is it celebrated?

Muharram is the prior month of the Islamic chart and one of the four holy months of the year throughout which fighting or any fighting is prohibited. Since of this, people on the first day of the New Year workout admire and ease instead of having parties or fireworks displays. Many attend spiritual assemblies to recite the Quran.

What do they eat?

Most Pakistanis fast on Lunar New Year’s Day to assist them in learning tolerance and with the hope that Allah will shower his blessings on them due to not eating from dawn until twilight. Not only that, several organize food in bulk and distribute it to their families and the poor so that Allah will bless them during the year. No distinctive food is arranged, but individuals typically cook sweet plates like halwa, kheer, and zawiya.


The shalwar kameez is the national dress of Pakistan and is worn by all ladies in all five capitals. Meanwhile, in 1982, all Government officials functioning in the Secretariat were required to wear the countrywide dress. Every province has its style of wearing a salwar kameez, well-known for the Sindhi shalwar kameez. Pakistani females wear salwar kameez in different styles, colors, and projects ornamented with different styles and embroidery designs. The length of the blouse sleeve and the shirt can differ in the neck.

Typically Pakistani men wear Shalwar Kameez, and sure also wear Kurta and Shalwar Pakistani Waistcoat. The kurta is also a significant old-style clothing item in Pakistan. It appears like a bag that is enclosed by a drawing string. The length of the kurta spreads to the wearer’s knees. Men also like wearing a waistcoat with a kurta, a shalwar kameez, and pajamas.


There is a definite way to enjoy New Year, and that is over parties and get-togethers. A person’s friends meet up and get together to celebrate different events. Numerous decorate a place, although some get busy baking cookies and sweets for everybody. Each individual has their way of celebrating this incident, which is exclusive. Gone are the days when an unforgettable hand-made card did the trick at gatherings.

It is about bringing in gifts, champagne, and something valuable to set the tone at New Year parties. Nonetheless, rare heartfelt needs and messages never go out of trend. It is an excellent indication to send your family and friends a few needs, notes, and quotes to brighten this handsome time that results in sound early stages.

Happy new year in the Pakistani language

The Urdu language is the national language, and it’s used mostly in Pakistan. Urdu words & phrases for the New Year!


The spike in time while a day finishes and a novel one begins. Numerous New Year participants desire to stay awake till midnight and greet the New Year as it disrupts with fanfare and explosions!

Year or saal

It is attractive and self-explanatory. Most nations follow a Gregorian calendar, which has about 365 days in a year, though, in some cultures, other year descriptions are also respected. Consequently, New Year’sYear’s Day in Pakistan could fall on a different day than in your nation. 

New Year’sYear’s Day or naye saal ka din

In several countries, the New Year is enjoyed for one entire day on January 1st. On this day, different values involve positive actions, like gatherings, parades, big meals with relatives, and many more.

Dancing or Raqs

Typically, people break out in dance once the clock affects midnight and the New Year formally begins! It is a cheerful way to express a festive mood with moral hopes for the year ahead. Also, maybe, the old year with its difficulties has passed! Dance gatherings are a general way to devote New Year’s Eve in numerous places.

Party or daawat

A party is most people’s preferred way to finish the old year and charge festively into the novel one! We celebrate all of us experts in the senior year and gladly anticipate what lies forwards.

Champagne or campaign

Evolving in France, champagne is a glittering, alcoholic drink that is often used to tribute somewhat or somebody through celebrations.

Fireworks or aatish baazi

These are explosives that cause remarkable effects when burnt. They are prevalent for announcing the start of the New Year with loud sounds and colorful shows! In some countries, rockets are set off to scare away bad feelings. In other words, fireworks are prohibited in urban zones due to their harmful effect on pets. Most animals’ hearing is much more delicate than persons”, so this noisy exhibition can be delightful.

Countdown or Ulti ginti

This countdown denotes New Year participants counting the seconds, typically backward, till midnight when New Year starts – an abundant group activity that doesn’t frighten the animals.

New Year’sYear’s Holiday or nae saal ki chutti

In numerous countries, New Year’sYear’s Day is typical – to recover from the gathering the previous night, maybe! Relatives also like to meet on this day to relish a meal and devote time together.

Confetti or kaanfetti

In superlative Western countries, ammunition is conventionally related to marriages, but frequently it is used as a party decoration. I mainly prefer to toss it in the air at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Toast or daawat

A toast to the New Year is absolutely in order! A toast is a group greeting that includes raising your glass to drink with others in the integrity of something or somebody. Toast is also used as the welcome happy New Year in Pakistan. 

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