Lunar eclipse and pregnancy

Introduction: Lunar eclipse and pregnancy. Lunar eclipses are important astronomical events that are rare to witness. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth blocks sunlight from reaching the moon, meaning the Sun, Earth, and Moon are very close together, in a straight line, with the Earth lying between the two. 

Lunar eclipse and pregnancy
Lunar eclipse and pregnancy

In many cultures, including India, solar or lunar eclipses are considered bad omens and harmful to pregnant women. Lunar eclipses are believed to affect a developing child through physical deformities, cleft lips, or birthmarks.

There’s no scientific proof to back up this superstition. Still, it’s so firmly ingrained in our culture that when an eclipse is near, you or other family members should be concerned about your child’s safety.

There are scary myths about solar eclipses for pregnant women and more. Let’s start;

Pregnant women cannot use knives.

A popular legend prohibits pregnant women from using knives during a solar eclipse. The superstition is that a child born with a cleft lip is a bad omen. It also suggests that women should not cook during lunar eclipses. However, this has no scientific basis.

Pregnant women should not leave the house.

Another popular myth is that pregnant women should not step out of the house during a solar eclipse. This can leave their baby with birthmarks and facial deformities. If there were no other way to confine women to the home, it would certainly be a strange attempt to do so.

Scientists have only given a helpful explanation for the emergence of this myth, which is to avoid viewing the eclipse with the naked eye. Although, it is still recommended that we not look at the sun with our naked eyes for too long on any given day. However, during a lunar eclipse, it can lead to ‘eclipse blindness. Special glasses should be used to view the solar eclipse.

Myths do not exist only in India. A famous Mexican legend will scare you. It states that if a pregnant woman sees a solar eclipse, a part of her unborn child’s face will be cut off.

Who cuts? How does this happen? No one knows, and no one has the answers. In ancient times, people associated eclipses with the wrath of the gods when they prayed to nature, including trees, rivers, the sun, and the moon.

Similarly, tradition says that any change in the position of the Sun and the Moon can affect pregnancy. This is why pregnant women in many cultures, communities, and regions are often asked to take certain precautions to avoid danger. Whether people believe it or not, many believe prevention is better than cure.

Dos and Don’ts for Pregnant Women During Lunar Eclipse

• Pregnant women should take particular care during this time. They should not do any work.

• It is advised that they take a kush (half grass) equal to their height. If a cushion is unavailable, take a straight stick and place it in a corner. This will enable him to lie down if he wants to sit or lie down.

• Pregnant women, as well as other people, should not insert the needle.

• Although there is no scientific backing for this, one should not step outside the house, as solar eclipse light is not good for the baby’s health.

• Nothing should be cut, peeled, sprinkled, or exposed during the eclipse.

• Much negativity spreads during the solar eclipse, so wash kush or tulsi leaves, put Doob in all household utensils, milk, and curd, and remove Doob after the eclipse is over.

• Meanwhile, the Lord’s temple in the house should also be covered.

• When the solar eclipse begins, take out some grains and an old worn cloth and keep it aside, and when the solar eclipse ends, give the fabric and grains to a blacksmith. This will deliver you good results.

• Baath should also be taken during Sutak, and baths should also be taken during the solar eclipse.

• Do not do anything related to cooking during the lunar eclipse. Avoid eating anything with it.

Can a lunar eclipse affect pregnancy?

Knowing whether a lunar eclipse affects a pregnant woman’s child in the womb is important. In fact, in India and other countries, there is a belief that any lunar eclipse can harm the unborn child.

Radiation emitted during a lunar eclipse can adversely affect the fetus and cause physical defects such as cleft lip or unattractive birthmarks. However, in science, there is no proof of this. People accept Sanskrit’s understanding even in this modern age that during the lunar eclipse, people get worried and perform various remedies for the unborn child. 

Lunar Eclipse Remedies for Pregnant Women

After knowing what not to do, we now move on to what pregnant women can do during the lunar eclipse to protect their babies from the negative effects of the lunar eclipse:

Meditate and worship your God.

Apart from this, you can also recite mantras related to the moon. Doing this can protect yourself and your baby from the harmful effects of solar eclipses.

According to popular belief, pregnant women should take a bath after the lunar eclipse ends to remove the negative effects of the lunar eclipse. This practice reduces the chances of skin diseases in infants.

Keep Tulsi leaf in your mouth during the lunar eclipse and recite Hanuman Chalisa. Also, during a lunar eclipse, pregnant women should carry coconut as it is believed to protect them and their babies from the negative effects of the eclipse.

Conclusion: Lunar eclipse and pregnancy

In Pakistan, a pregnant woman (postpartum depression) may be told to lie down in bed. People believe doing this during a solar eclipse will prevent the child from being born with crooked joints. Again, there is no science behind this myth.

This Mexican superstition says a pregnant woman must wear red underwear and a metal dress, which can be as small as a safety pin. Legend has it that it can prevent a child from being born with a cleft palate, the logic of which is unknown.

On the other hand, in India, expectant mothers are asked to avoid wearing metallic clothing. Many astrologers say that it can affect the unborn child. Avoid wearing sari pins, hair pins, and jewelry, advises AstroSage, an astrology site in India. Superstition says it can also cause congenital facial disabilities.

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