Having an affair with a married man

Having an affair with a married man : Is it bad, what does the bible says, Is a sin, Am I a bad person, Consequences,Pros and cons, why extramarital affairs fails, Dream, What to expect, are emotionals affairs common, films, songs, How to survive, How to stop. Many women get attracted and fall for a married man who looks more sorted, mature and experienced. A married man can understand emotional needs and desires more than any other man. 

But a love affair with a married man can stigmatize you and have severe consequences. Enduring the pain of sharing your beloved with other women, not being able to sneak out with him, and loneliness is not easy. There are many consequences like guilt, pain, suffering, loneliness that come as a reward for dating a married man. It takes a lot of sacrifices and endurance to date a married man. 

Having an affair with a married man : Is it bad, what does the bible says, Is a sin, Am I a bad person, Consequences,Pros and cons, why extramarital affairs fails, Dream, What to expect, are emotionals affairs common, films, songs, How to survive, How to stop
Having an affair with a married man : Is it bad, what does the bible says, Is a sin, Am I a bad person, Consequences,Pros and cons, why extramarital affairs fails, Dream, What to expect, are emotionals affairs common, films, songs, How to survive, How to stop

If you are thinking of dating a married man or being involved with a married man, these articles will help you to find answers to all your questions weaving in your mind.

Is it bad to have a love affair with a married man:

Having a love affair with a married man is never a good idea. You will ruin your own life with your hands. You might like the way he treats you, cares for you, and the freedom you have in this relationship. But things will slowly change. 

Remember, You can not have a happy and peaceful life at the cost of others’ happiness.

Having an affair with a married man not only destroys others’ life but it disrupts your own life. 

Your married lover has a family, his wife, and might have children. If you put yourself in her shoes, you will get your answers about how painful it is for her to see her beloved husband with some other women.

There are several reasons which show how bad it is to have an affair with a married man;

  1. No future assurance: you both may manage to keep your affair secret for now. What about the future? He has a family to look after. For him, you are like a backup plan. He won’t dump his wife and children for you. You won’t get the status of his wife until the divorce. You will always remain behind the picture. Thus, you don’t have a bright future together.
  2. Trust issues: You can not leave a happy and peaceful life at the cost of others’ happiness. If he finds a better girl than you, he will leave you too. This fear will always haunt you. You always suspect that he is lying to you. No matter how much he loves you, there will always be trust issues somewhere in your hurt. 
  3. Limits: you have to suffer everything by yourself. He can not come whenever you need that person. You cannot ring your partner’s phone when you crave to hear his voice. Even you cannot celebrate festivals with him because he has to be with his family.
  4. Priority: no matter how much he craves for you but in the end, he will choose his family over you. 
  5. Fear of being caught: every time you go out with your partner, you will be scared of getting caught by his wife, relatives, and anyone close. You won’t be able to roam around freely with him.
  6. Society won’t accept: last but not least is recognition. Adulterers are looked down upon by Societies. Women are held responsible more than men in adultery for seducing him to do this. Everyone will blame and curse you for destroying their marriage.

Are extramarital affairs common:

Yes, extramarital affairs have been common; since time immemorial. According to a report, about 40% of couples indulge in infidelity, among which 25% are men, and the rest are women. 

No matter which gender is in the majority, extramarital affairs are against the Morales and values of society. They erode everyone’s life.

People get influenced by others to escape boredom and the dull life; they have with their partners. Frustrations and issues between couples trigger infidelity. 

Many people do extramarital because of lack of love, careless behavior, missing the spice in sexual life, and an escape from routine life. 

The entry of the past lover is also another main reason for committing infidelity.

Whatever the reason may be, adultery is always wrong. Extramarital affairs are like termites; they erode everyone’s life. It leaves a scar on not only the cheater but the spouse whom they cheated. Marriage comes with a responsibility, and everyone should play their role with loyalty.

Extramarital affairs invite several complications and troubles in your life. Instead of finding an escape from reality and searching for the lost love outside, address issues in your marital life. Extramarital affairs may give you happiness and love at the start, but they will end in suffering and pain.

Pros and cons of having a love affair with a married man:

You fall for a married man, and you want to get along with him. But before rushing into a love affair, consider the pros and cons of having a love affair with a married man. These will save you from regretting your decisions later.

Pros of having a love affair with a married man:

Although a love affair with a married man is never a good idea, it has several benefits of involving a married man. 

  • Fulfill your sexual desires: a married man can fulfill your sexual fantasies and desire better than any other person. A married man is more adventurous, wild, and experienced to satisfy your sexual desire better. The fear of getting caught can also increase the level of excitement. Whatever the situation, you can expect great sex with a married man.
  • Exciting and thrilling: the fear of getting caught while secretly dating a married man at every moment makes things exciting, fun, and adventurous. You can experience new things and thrills.
  • Emotional satisfaction: many marriages fail due to a lack of understanding and issues. Having an affair with a married man can fulfill all your emotional needs and give you all the attention; that your boyfriend cannot. A married man is mature enough to understand your emotions and desires.
  • No commitments: Having an affair with a married man means you do not need to make commitments. You can get out of these relationships any time you want. He won’t cringe at you because he has a family to look after. No string attached; you can go back to where you were anytime.

Cons of having a love affair with a married man:

  • Priority: a married man has a family, and family always comes first. No matter how much he loves you or how many issues he has in his marital life, he will always choose his family over you. He will celebrate festivals with them, not you. He will prioritize their needs over yours. You won’t ever be in first place for him.
  • You have to hide your relationship: you cannot express your love publicly while dating a married man. He will keep you a secret and hide you from everyone. You cannot go out holding his hands in public. If you get caught, he won’t accept the relationship and blame you for everything.
  • No future together: with time, you will start expecting more. You might be weaving dreams and planning to have kids, a house, and a bright future with him. But stop there; you need to clear your concepts. If you are dating a married man, you don’t have any time ahead with him; things will end one day. Clearly the married man is not going to leave his wife or his family for you, it is reality. Even if he leaves his wife, is there any assurance that he will marry you? So you won’t have a future with him.
  • You will be left behind alone: if you are dating a married man, it will not last forever. Things will end someday; at that time, you will feel neglected, alone, depressed, and used. You have to endure the pain of breakup alone and suffer the mental trauma. On the other hand, he will leave his life with his family as if nothing happened.

Consequences of dating a married man:

Women fall for married men because they are attractive and more mature than a single man. But pause for a second; think about the severe consequences of getting involved with a married man. It can bring a lot of complications and create chaos in your life. You feel attracted to that person, but it can have heartbreaking consequences.

After a while, you will start feeling alone, disregarded, and helpless. You won’t be able to call whenever you need to hear a voice, and you cannot stick around anytime you want. He can only offer a few hours to you, they have to go home and give time to family.

Sharing your love with another person is not easy, but you have to share your married lover with his wife.

No matter how much he loves you but at last, you are just a temporary person in his life. You will always remain behind the picture as an object for pleasure. 

After a while, you feel solitude, disregarded, helpless, and used. The wife will blame you for destroying her life, and he will never support you in public to save himself. Your parents and family will feel ashamed of you and curse you. 

The path you have chosen will not only destroy your life; but will also mess up the life of your wife, parents, children, and family. You will be held responsible and stigmatized by everyone.

These emotional traumas will destroy your mental health slowly. It will leave you with an emotional breakdown.

Remember, he cheated on his wife for you; he can do the same with you for another beautiful woman. It will be hard to give up on your feelings and start again, but it is the moment to stop there. It is always better to stop at the very beginning before things get complicated. With time, you will get over him. Find the one who can love you truly. 

Dream about having an affair with a married man:

Last night, you had a dream of having a love affair with a man who is already married. Such a dream is unpleasant and leaves us wondering what does it mean? What are your dreams trying to convey?

Our dreams carry the message our subconscious mind is trying to convey to us. Dreaming about having an affair with a married man represents your failures and dissatisfaction in life. 

These failures connect to your past relationships, family, or professional life.

You might be feeling burdened or pressured by family responsibilities. 

You might be regretting your past relationships or thinking about why they failed. Some guilt is still lightning in your heart. You are blaming and judging yourself because of your past relationships.

Such dreams represent your inner chaos. As a piece of advice, it is worth not getting upset and regretting things that are no longer part of your existence.. These dreams indicate learning from falls. A fresh start will help you bring your life back on track and open your heart for an abundance of love and happiness. 

Never lose hope; someone might be waiting for you around the corner who will fill all the gaps in your heart.

These dreams also represent your blunt and self-esteem nature. You are doing outstanding in your career, but your colleagues are bitching behind your back. 

Your cunning and sharp nature will leave you alone and may disrupt things in your life. Keep patience and change your attitude towards others.

This dream also highlights some positive signs of prosperity, leadership, a fresh start, and growth.

Your unconscious mind suggests focusing on your goals; you will rise to success. You can achieve the heights of success with your abilities and skills.

If you have such a dream, be optimal in every situation, it will help you fight every challenge fearlessly.

Why extramarital affairs fail:

Extramarital affairs happen because of the search for happiness and escape from the dull life. Peoples do love affairs to fulfill their sexual or emotional desires. Every extramarital affair ends; there are few marital affairs that last lifelong.

But why do these affairs end? Why could they not survive to the end? 

There are several reasons for it; let us discuss some of the common reasons for its failure.

  1. Purpose unsettled: extramarital affairs happen to meet needs, which they lack in their marriages, be it emotional or physical needs. Sometimes a feeling of love once again; and the thrill of a new person makes them do this. When their desires are unsettled, they do not find it thrilling and exciting anymore and eventually end their affairs. 
  2. Do not give freshness: many times people enter into extramarital affairs to escape from the dull life they have with their partner. After a while, familiarity creeps in. They no longer find it romantic and thrilling as it was in the stars. They start feeling it is boring and no different from their real life.
  3. Time: after a while, the urge to get more increases. A married man cannot offer much time because he has a family to look after. The demand for time leads to quarrels and eventually ends affairs.
  4. Find someone else: people get attracted and end in a love affair, but this attraction does not last long. When the desire does not meet, and they find someone more attractive, they leave that person and haunt their new target.

Am I a bad person for having an affair with a married man:

We all are bad in someone’s story. You are or not is a matter of fact. If you ask yourself if you are a bad person or sinning, you know you are doing wrong. You are feeling guilt already. 

Controlling your feelings for someone is hard. Many times, we can’t help it. But an affair with a married man destroys everyone around. 

  • You are a bad person in his wife’s story. She will curse you for destroying her marriage life.
  • You are an evil person to his parents; you broke their happy family.
  • You are sinister for his child(if any) for destroying their childhood and mental breakdown they suffer.
  • You are evil in the eyes of society for destroying a sacred bond.
  • You are bad for your parents for deteriorating their reputation and making them feel ashamed of you.

You are evil in someone’s story. For these persons, you have sinned. But, your guild clearly shows that you are reporting for your deed. You are not bad because you are feeling guilty. 

Before things get worse and you become bad in everyone’s story, stop and back off. You both have no future, and no matter how much you try, things will end someday. It is better to back off and give yourself a fresh start.

What does the bible say about involving a married man:

According to the Bible, God has never favored adultery. Several depictions in the Bible clearly show God never supported infidelity and extramarital affairs.

God has created one man for one woman, and they should never get apart whatever the situation is. 

In Genesis 2, it is depicted “a man shall leave his parents and hold fast to his wife, and become one flesh.”

It means that a man and woman should unite and become one flesh. Destroying these unions is against God’s will.

A man and woman should never be apart from each other. If any one of them dies only after that, they allow remarrying. 

It is a great sin for any spouse to get involved with another person while their partner is alive. 

I Corinthians 7 is depicted, ‘because of the temptation to sexual immorality each man should have his wife and each woman her husband.’ 

This statement clearly shows that there is no in-between. There is no place for a third person between married couples.

God has created a covenant of marriages to tie a man and woman in an unbreakable relationship. God has joined them together, and those who try to destroy these bonds are sinners.

Having an affair with a married man Is a sin:

Yes, it is a sin. Crossing the lines of a marriage bed is called adultery, and it is considered a sin. Marriage is a sacred bond, and no one has the right to mangle this relationship. God has never supported adultery, divorce, and separation. 

Adultery is a great sin. When a woman gets involved with a married man, she not only destroys herself but erodes everyone’s life. 

God has created one man for one woman, and extramarital affairs are against God’s will and design. After destroying the sacred bond created by God, you cannot expect God’s forgiveness.

Adultery is a sin that results in suffering, pain, loneliness, miseries, and mistrust for both; the adulterers and their families. Even if you love that person truly, you have no right to date him.

Indulging in an affair with a married man destroys his wife’s life and causes suffering for families. If he has kids, you’ve wondered what effect those kids will have.

Soon you will regret and suffer a never-ending pain and guilt.

Stay as far as possible from that person and ask for God’s forgiveness.

What to expect while having an affair with a married man:

Having a love affair with a married man usually ends in divorce and remarriage, breakup, and reuniting with a partner or divorce. When you are in a love affair with a married man, either physically or emotionally, you will have some expectations. You can expect nothing but only pain and loneliness from a love affair. 

Weaving a dream to spend your whole life with him, kids, a house, and lots of sweet memories. Listen, this is not reality. You can expect a lot of fingers pointing at you for destroying everyone’s life.

You can’t expect a bright future with him. He will leave you when the purpose; is not met. He will never leave his wife and family for you, and you will be left alone in the end.

A married man cannot give you hours of his time; he won’t call you anytime and ignore your messages. He won’t invite you for family gatherings and meet his friends.

You won’t have any recognition in his life, and you cannot claim either. 

You can’t expect a healthy relationship with a married man. There is no chance that he will marry you after leaving his wife. Stop fooling yourself and back off. The path that will lead you to your married lover is full of thorns and miseries.

Films based on a love affair with a married man:

Watching films based on a love affair with a married man may give you an insight into the consequences. Generally, people connect themselves with movies and songs easily. 

Films greatly influence our life and can be helpful to have a clear glimpse of the future. There are many movies based on a love affair with a married man. These movies show how a love affair can affect everyone’s life. Here are some movies that you must watch; to get inspiration and get a better understanding of your situation.

  1. The Graduate(1967)
  2. Fatal attraction (1987)
  3. Last night
  4. Unfaithful 2002
  5. American beauty
  6. Painted veil
  7. Murder
  8. Pati Patni Aur Woh
  9. Rustam
  10. Silsila
  11. And the list goes on

These movies on extramarital affairs; help you get an insight into your situation more clearly. Try to connect and learn from these movies.

Songs to help you survive an affair with a married man:

Music easily connects and sways our hearts. Sometimes the lyrics resemble our life pretty much and touch our hearts. If you are in a love affair or struggling to survive a love affair with a married man, here are some songs that might help you.

  1. The song “Go with you‘ by Toro y Moi shows the thrill of escape and leaving everything behind.
  2. Kinda I want to’ is a song by nine-inch nails that shows the conflict between heart and mind. 
  3. Will you still love me tomorrow ‘is a song by Shirelles that clearly shows how things end. An affair that starts will end after a while, leaving behind memories. You have to survive the painful breakup and live with that.
  4. Terrible love‘ by The Nationals is a song that gives energy not to break down in tears.
  5. Mind over time‘ is a song by Interpol that is also a gem.

And the list goes on. Listening to these songs may give you relief, insight, and motivation to survive your affair with a married man. Try to connect and sway these songs.

How to survive an love affair with a married man:

Recovering from a breakup is not easy. You might be dying to talk and want things back but control your emotions. This suffering and pain will fade after a while. You have to move on for your sake. 

An affair with a married man has no future, and somehow things will end someday. It is hard but sticks to your decisions. There are a few things you can do to recover from the breakup.

First, you have to cut all contact with that person. Many people think they can end an affair and become friends. But you can’t be friends with a person whom you loved once. It is like an addiction; the more you see, the more you fall. 

Cut all the contacts with that person and start focusing on your life. Go on trips, move to a different state or get a job; it can help you.

Seek help from counselors. Taking counseling sessions can help you to recover fast. Keeping all the anger, guilt, pain, and suffering within you will blast someday. Speak up with a friend or family and express your pain.

Manage triggers; remember, nothing lasts forever. Sometimes you may get flashbacks of your loving moments or the pain you have gone through. Learn to manage triggers. Flashbacks come for a while; at that moment, divert your mind or talk to a friend. Control your emotions no matter how hard it gets.

How to stop having a love affair with a married man:

Falling with a married man has severe consequences. You will end up suffering alone, helpless, and in the guilt of destroying many lives. Before things get worse, stop right there. It might be hard for you to stop loving him and get over your feelings, but something ends for good. Here are some tips and tricks to stop loving a married man and avoid an affair.

  1. Fewer interactions: it becomes hard; if you meet and interact with a person; that you love more often. It will make your feelings stronger. Limit interaction with that person to stop triggering your heart. 
  2. Distract yourself: diversion will help you shift your focus to something else. Watch movies, hang out with friends, or go for adventurous trips you haven’t done. Start exploring your hobbies and keep yourself busy as much as you can.
  3. Date another guy: dating is a great way to escape and move on. Find a perfect match for you. Remember, if you stick around the same person, you can’t get over him. Shift your focus on some other guy and find someone who can race your heart.
  4. Stop fooling yourself: you know the truth deep down in your heart that you both don’t have a future together. Stop weaving dreams of something which is not possible. Be true to yourself and confront reality. He is just using you to fill the gaps of their failed marriage.
  5. Back off: ask him to leave his wife to continue his relationship with you. Wait for his reaction; it will help you anyway. If he agrees to divorce his wife, back off because if a person can leave a lifelong partner for you, he can do the same with you for someone else.

Although it is difficult to stop your feelings and move on. It is better to stop before things get worse. It will not lead you anywhere, so consider the consequences and deal with them.

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