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Feng shui love corner

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Feng shui love corner : In bedroom, in kitchen, colors, in bathroom, cures, of the house,dining room, activate, Missing. In Feng Shui, it’s not just about attracting money and prosperity.  You can also use it to bring love and romance into your life.

Feng shui love corner : In bedroom, in kitchen, colors, in bathroom, cures, of the house,dining room, activate, Missing. In Feng Shui, it's not just about attracting money and prosperity.  You can also use it to bring love and romance into your life.
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Feng shui love corner : In bedroom, in kitchen, colors, in bathroom, cures, of the house,dining room, activate, Missing. In Feng Shui, it’s not just about attracting money and prosperity.  You can also use it to bring love and romance into your life.

By activating your feng shui love corner, certain energy vibrations will be created within your space, which will be conducive to attracting romantic relationships for those of you who are still single, assisting childless couples in having children, and providing a new lease of life for those whose marriage has suffered due to bad feng shui.

Here, I’ll explain how to identify your own feng shui love corner, how to cure negative feng shui, and how to generate positive chi.

In bedroom

Feng Shui’s southwest corner (bagua’s love corner) will forever be your love corner. You can then focus on decorating the place and making sure it radiates positive energy once you know where it is.

Feng Shui love ideas include creating your own love nook within your bedroom, whether it’s an extra sitting area or a separate nook. A lack of sensuality in the bedroom could mean you’re not allowing yourself to feel love.

That’s why you need to retire your beloved television to the corner of the room. You’ll need to put your family photos on a shelf in another room if you have any. Things that interfere with an intimate connection in the bedroom should be removed.

In kitchen

Place two amorous figurines to the right of the sink in the back corner. If it is near the stove, hang a cute framed picture of you and your significant other. A red toaster and a blender are hanging out in a corner, just for fun.


Red, rose, and pink flowers are traditional symbols of love, joy, and happiness. In the southwest corner, where you should coordinate with the relationship, work with warm colors such as beige, sandy brown, white, and ivory. Peonies or other pink flowers fresh from the field could be displayed in the living room or bedroom. If you want to use dominant colors, stay away from those associated with water, metal, or wood.

Bagua’s southwest area is dominated by earthy colors, such as light yellow, brown, and beige. Stability, security, and sustenance are attracted when those colors are combined with beautiful artwork.

A great alternative to earthy colors is vibrant red, purple, orange, yellow, or coral hues. There are a variety of colors you could choose for the walls of the missing southwest corner. If you want to decorate your master bedroom with a bold color, pick shades of purple, scarlet, green, or brown from lampshades, cushions, and fabric. Purple represents fire, which stimulates the growth of the ground.

In bathroom 

Feng Shui does not permit a bathroom to be located in the love and marriage corner.

The situation is much worse if the toilet is on the far edge of the room.

There is no way anyone wants to return to times when people had to use outhouses because they did not have indoor plumbing. Surely there should be a public restroom somewhere. When it comes to money, however, it could have a harmful impact on marriage, marriages, and partnerships in general.


  • Ascertain that your bed occupies a prominent location in your room.
  • Household conflict can be caused by door knobs that open into each other or collide.
  • Mirrors at the foot of the bed or on the side that reflect the pair might cause bad vibes and major relationship troubles.
  • No TV in the bedroom – causes problems in the relationship and reflects the couple in the mirror.
  • There are no mirrors in front of the windows.
  • If your bathroom is connected to your bedroom, keep the bathroom door locked at all times to keep your partner safe. The bed crammed into the corner of the room prevents chi (energy) from flowing freely, resulting in stagnant chi.
  • Find out which direction to sleep in to achieve maximum happiness and wellness in your personal and romantic relationships.
  • Beds made from wood are a wise choice. It is not advisable to use metal beds in a bedroom because of the way they are cut.
  • Closing the headboard – open headboards with cabinets cause heaviness and negative chi in the area of the head. You should use a headboard that attaches to the bed rather than a stand-alone headboard.
  • There is enough space in a queen-sized bed for two people, but not so much that they are separated from each other.
  • Put exercise and computer equipment in another room – bedrooms are for sleeping and sex only.
  • The bed doesn’t have a chandelier over it.
  • If there is no fan over the bed, you may feel anxious and your sleep may be disrupted.
  • If left unattended for long periods of time, clutter, particularly on the floor, can reduce vibrations, encourage negativity, and lead to depression.
  • Make a youngster’s bedroom the dominant one (back of house). The result of this may be power struggles between parents and children (whoever sleeps in the back bedroom commands the household).

Of the house

The intersection of your Bagua (Feng Shui compass) containing your love corner will always be on the southwest side. When you determine where this area is located, you can work on decorating it so that it is inviting and includes positive vibes.

Dining room 

Your dining room should be as feng shui friendly as possible in order to create a feng shui dining room. Feng shui dining rooms stimulate appetite, promote harmony, strengthen family ties, attract prosperity, increase wealth, and more.

  • Make sure the dining space is pleasant, cozy, inviting, and relaxing.
  • Maintain color harmony in the dining room; don’t make it too bright or too dark.
  • The dining area should be adequately ventilated and have lots of natural light.
  • Hang a mirror in the dining room that reflects the dining table to attract more wealth.
  • To the north of or to the east of the dining area, you might place a washbasin.
  • Whenever possible, keep the dining room near the kitchen.
  • You should keep the kitchen and dining room on the same level.
  • Designate a portion of your kitchen for dining if your kitchen is particularly large.
  • If your dining area is attached to your living room (as is very common these days), you can create a barrier by using drapes or potted plants.
  • Consider a rectangular, square, or circular dining table.


Feng shui love corners exude powerful love vibrations and invite romance, which transforms the Southwest into a wonderful island of love.

You may be ready for love and happiness or looking for a romantic relationship, and these talismans and advice will send a powerful message to the Universe. Make the Southwest sector the home of your favorite talismans to bring you good luck!

Make use of favorable colors

For your Southwest sector, choose pink, red, yellow, brown, and beige colors. Colors that convey stability and security (like brown or beige) are ideal for relationships, while colors that convey romance and passion (such as red and pink) are ideal for individuals.

Make use of favorable shapes

A Southwest corner favors squares and triangles with a top-down design. Make these shapes the center of your décor.

Make use of the Kun trigram

It’s possible to use a trigram in a number of different ways as a code for energy in Chinese metaphysics. Yin is symbolized by the Kun trigram, which consists of three broken lines. The Kun trigram represents Earth in Chinese. Three different trigrams make up this powerful symbol, representing love, relationships, and marriage. If you keep a Kun trigram duplicate in the Southwest sector of your home, the harmony in your romantic life will improve.


Southwest corner is not supposed to be missing

It is believed that a woman who lives in a house without a southwest corner will have weakened vitality. Typically, such a woman will spend little time at home, and she may be a workaholic or enjoy frequent socializing. Women’s health problems are often characterized by a lack of Southwest section. When a house is missing a Southwest sector, it is commonly affected by faulty feng shui for mothers, women over 40, and/or those with Kua number 2.

A spacious and airy southwest sector would be ideal

In order to allow the chi to freely flow, you must make your Southwest region appear appealing and airy. Therefore, ensure that no baggage is stored here and that the area is clean and devoid of dust and debris.
The light should be spread throughout the southwest region in order to attract love. Allow plenty of natural light to fill the area. Using additional electric lights may be necessary if the area doesn’t remain lit. A romantic fortune will be sure to come your way!

Minimize or remove dangerous objects

A wooden and metal object in the Southwest sector is classified as hazardous to this region. These objects should be removed or reduced. Colors such as blue, black, white, green, silver, and gold are also not appropriate in this area. Use these colors sparingly in your home’s decor and avoid painting your walls with them.

Bottom Line

If you activate your feng shui love corner, your love life will be revitalized, friendships will be enhanced, and your marriage will be energized.

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