Feng Shui Kitchen Colors

Feng shui kitchen colors: appropriate,unlucky, the best.  Most people spend most of their time in the kitchen. Also, it’s the place where your family gathers to share a meal and some meaningful conversation. You want the environment in your kitchen to be as relaxing as possible, so it’s no surprise that it should be as comfortable as possible. It can also help create harmony and nurture the energy necessary for a happy home by selecting the right feng shui kitchen color.

Feng shui, an ancient Chinese spatial law, can provide positive energy to your property when properly applied. Energy forces are said to be employed in the ancient method to bring people in harmony with their surroundings. It goes beyond maximizing your feng shui kitchen layout and style. It might also be influenced by the colors you choose.

Therefore, it is extremely important to have strong feng shui energy in your kitchen. This spreads healthy feng shui throughout your entire home. Nutrition is obtained from the kitchen, after all. Therefore, your health will be affected by the vibrations in your kitchen!

Your feng shui objectives as well as your decorating style should determine the wall color you choose. Fortunately, you don’t have to stick to earth tones or pure white in your kitchen. As long as the overall effect is relaxing and balanced, you can use other intriguing hues as well.

Feng shui kitchen colors: appropriate,unlucky, the best
Feng shui kitchen colors: appropriate,unlucky, the best

Which ones are appropriate and why?

Black kitchen colors can help you attract power, which is often connected with riches. In modern wallpaper patterns, wall tile, and painting ideas that Feng Shui kitchen design, blue kitchen colors combine well with brown and green tones, bringing serene and pleasant changes.

Purple, gold, and red are Feng Shui kitchen hues that infuse dynamism into any kitchen or room design. Wallpaper patterns, wall tiles, paint, and fabrics, particularly dark purple and brilliant red, should be used sparingly and solely as accents. Small things in purple, gold, or crimson help to create a prosperous feng shui environment at home.

Wallpaper patterns, wall paint colors, tiles, drapes, and upholstery fabrics in red, orange, and vivid red-pink conflict with the flow of energy and serene atmosphere that feng shui home for prosperity needs.

Fengshui kitchen designs for wealth and prosperity feature red and orange hues that include a trio of classic Chinese I Ching gold coins strung with red ribbon, red and orange fruits, or little candles.

As we’ve seen, lucky colors and their combinations can help you feel wonderful. However, in addition to these colors, there are a number of Feng Shui kitchen treatments and remedies that are used to rectify negative energies caused by incorrect objects and placement in the kitchen.

Which ones are unlucky?

Due to the incompatibility of fire and water, black and blue are associated with the former. Consequently, the cabinet can extinguish a cooking range fire, bringing bad luck to the family. It is best to choose a color that is light and bright, such as white or green.

White, metal color, and silver grey are metal elements, but the kitchen belongs to fire; fire encloses metal. However, the cabinet is confined, not the kitchen, which represents the family’s wealth. Thus, white, metal, and silver grey don’t seem threatening or auspicious together.

Yellow is associated with earth, but the kitchen is associated with fire in the five elements. It is considered harmful to decorate a kitchen with yellow cabinets or yellow tiles as they consume the earth generated by fire. Therefore, the concept of fire generating earth states that the earth is formed not the fire, so it is not recommended to decorate a kitchen with yellow cabinets or yellow tiles.

Best Feng Shui Kitchen Colors

In order to create a relaxing cooking environment, feng shui kitchen colors are vital. White, yellow, green, beige, red, orange, and blue are some Feng Shui kitchen paint colors, but you must know how to use them properly. You will have to employ different colors in every kitchen, and you must determine which hue should dominate the color scheme. In addition to the five feng shui components, the orientation of the kitchen will determine the color scheme.


When using feng shui principles, white is a popular kitchen color. Purity and cleanliness are associated with this colour. Your kitchen is where you prepare your meals, so it’s important to keep it clean. In terms of aesthetics, white looks good with every color. A white background, in fact, is the ideal canvas for accenting with warmer tones on your kitchen cabinets, backsplash, or window treatments. As a result, your kitchen will be neither too bright nor too cold.

Since white has always been one of the most important colors in Feng Shui kitchens, it is currently making a strong comeback. As a result, it’s ideal for ideas like this minimalist Feng Shui Kitchen, which features raw white cupboards and shelving.

If you like neutral tones, you’re in luck because they’re a hot trend in interior design this year. In reality, there are combinations that work just as well as this other Feng Shui Kitchen.


This is a trendy feng shui kitchen hue once again. It fosters sociability, uplifts your mood, and makes your kitchen place joyful and happy, according to feng shui specialists. However, stay away from bright yellows that may irritate you and your guests. Choose a light yellow or golden yellow as your accent color. The effect of it is calming for the eyes.


One fascinating fact about blue is that color is thought to be a hunger suppressant! As a result, if you’re trying to lose weight, tones of blue are a good choice. Make sure to use the water element in moderation. While a touch of blue can be soothing, too much of it might make your kitchen appear dismal.


Did you know that green is a hue that aids digestion? It’s no surprise that feng shui suggests it for your kitchen. It’s better to go for soft, earthy greens to help you create a soothing cooking environment. Indoor plants and herbs can help to bring these earthy colors to life even more.


Another popular color for combining colors in the Feng Shui kitchen is beige. You can see how well dark brown works. Beige is a sophisticated choice when paired with rustic furnishings.

Beige is a color that has already become a Feng Shui kitchen trend this year. It exudes elegance and is appropriate for any style. Take a look at the other options we’ve chosen.


Red is an excellent color to use in your kitchen if you use it sparingly. Otherwise, the bright hue may throw off the balance of the room. Combining a neutral color with a smidgeon of red — perhaps merely as an accent — is a fantastic idea.


You can also choose darker colors in the 2022 Feng Shui Kitchens color scheme. In reality, black and brown are a terrific combination. However, if you want to add a hint of light, it’s best to go with something metallic.

You may even choose a white Feng Shui Kitchen with a modern style if you want the transformation to be even more obvious. Yes, of course.

The walls are dark brown. The grey floor will offer an enticing touch of sophistication. Because the use of wood, or things that resemble it, is currently fashionable in the Feng Shui kitchen.

We can make its brown color stand out a lot more when mixed with metallic tones, especially when it’s dark. The neutral tones, or those that aren’t as bold as past years, are a good bet for 2022 Feng Shui Kitchens.


A purple, an aubergine, and a purple. The colors above were all trending in the early 2010s. Feng Shui Kitchens with these colors right now tend to look a bit old-fashioned.

We recommend colors that aren’t commonly used in Feng Shui Kitchens if you want to create a completely different image.

We’ve already discussed the color green, but purple and violet are also tones that demand our attention and can be combined with other, harsher colors.

The furniture and elements in this Feng Shui Kitchen are violet, and they combine nicely with a soft gray for a more elegant look.


Orange, like blue, has different feng shui meanings depending on the tone. It has a yellow and red color scheme. This hue is considered powerful because it combines the passion of red with the stability of yellow. This also implies that it has the ability to switch between the earth and fire elements. Bright, blazing oranges evoke the coals of a fire, whereas yellowy oranges are earthier and more grounded.

Final Words

Feng shui pays special attention to the kitchen since it’s the heart of the house. In feng shui, this is the room where you nourish and support life by preparing food for your entire family.

We hope the suggestions above will assist you in creating a positive and cheerful feng shui kitchen that will spread throughout your home.

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