Egyptian horoscope

Egyptian horoscope. Some of the aspects that made the Egyptians form a great civilization was magic and the knowledge they had related to the mysteries of the heavens. They were in charge of creating a horoscope that is symbolized by twelve gods who manage to represent the basis of the religious belief of Ancient Egypt.

The Egyptian horoscope has, like ours, twelve signs of the zodiac, each of which symbolizes a divinity. The horoscope begins at the beginning of the year and precisely on January 16, to end with the twelfth sign, on January 15 of the following year.

As you will notice, the birth periods linked to each Egyptian horoscope sign are different and include various times of the year.

According to the tradition of this time, each time a being was born, it was baptized with the name of the god according to its regency. Next, in this article, we will name 5 of the twelve most famous Egyptian signs:

Bastet (January 16 to February 15)

Bastet’s mission, according to Egyptian mythology, was to protect the home, it also symbolized the joy of living, it was a deity of happiness and harmony. She considered a cat-headed goddess, she brought the power of the sun’s rays.

People ruled by the Egyptian sign of Bastet are always moved by the sadness of others. They are very generous people with a humanitarian sense, and they also manage to combine quick thinking, diplomacy and warmth. They are born with the gift of balance, good taste and harmony; They are lovers of freedom, they do not support routine or impositions; with great inclination towards the different and the mysterious.

They have an agile mind, learn very quickly and are bored by slowness. They are people with whom you can easily make friends, but in love they need a strong partner who respects their spaces and in turn knows how to integrate with passion.

Bastet’s children were born to change the world, to contribute new styles and ideas, eliminating the obsolete, breaking the impositions and the rules. They have a virtue with an altruistic, humanitarian vision and their attributes are innovation, creativity and their imagination.

The great defect of those born under the sign of Bastet is that, when defending their freedom, it will be difficult for them to make commitments, receive orders and meet schedules. The mission of this sign so that it can evolve is to develop patience with things that it cannot change and have tolerance with people who do not follow its rhythm.

Bastet predictions

Bastet’s children are at the stage where they must act prudently and slowly, due to the influence they will receive that may force them to transform some of their life plans. They should think very well before acting so that they do not get in the way, as well as avoid any conflict or impulsive action that may arise.

Nor should they resist the need for a change as sooner or later it will result in a profit. It will also be necessary for them to show the will and drive that characterizes them. You will be able to notice certain positive changes that are related to open-mindedness and several novelties regarding life as a couple. For those who are alone there may be opportunities to find a partner.

Selket (February 16-March 15)

Neptune, blue violet They are people associated with work and patience. They don’t stop and go at a steady pace to get what they want. They have great physical strength and energy, which allows them to work tirelessly. They are patient, methodical and able to follow a routine, which in turn leads them to be a bit stubborn.

They are slow in their relationships, they don’t show their feelings without feeling safe. Despite being introverts, they are very good at talking and convincing. They are mystical, emotional, romantic, kind and idealistic, they feel great compassion for those who need help. Your mission is to teach others to act selflessly.

Apep, the sacred serpent (March 16 to April 15)

Mars, red. They are strategists by nature, very intelligent. They get everything they want, plus respect for others. They are considered leaders, great speakers, and motivators.

They have the ability to solve everything with their cunning. Their love is great, they have faith, they try to control their selfishness, they are very ambitious, they always try to get a prestigious position. They are straightforward people, they love challenges and are very competitive. Independent and dynamic, they can also be very anxious. Your mission is to lead others and advocate for just causes. But they have to control their impulsiveness, impatience and arrogance.

Ptah (April 16-May 15)

Planet Venus, white, They are people who seek security and tranquility and affection, they represent fertility and the mother. He is usually very cheerful and also popular, but a bit stubborn. They often fall in love easily. In general, they are also active and dress well.

They can be impulsive at times, and even presumptuous, but being so charming those around them easily forget this attitude. They love freedom and free will, which makes them independent even when they are young.

The ideal love story for them is simple, without major complications. They love home and family. Sensitive, practical and romantic they need someone by their side. They are workers with great perseverance. Your mission is to organize your work and make your dreams come true. They convey confidence and are the pillar of the family, but they must learn to control their stubbornness and stop being possessive at times.

Atum (16 de mayo al 15 de junio)

Mercury, orange, gold and brown The children of Atum symbolize wisdom and deep understanding. They also have the power of the five elements. They love music and dance.

Fully committed with dedication they always give their best, tend to be young and do not follow convention and can be rebellious against anything related to the servitude of their spirit. They are influential people, but in a warm and sensitive way.

They love meeting different people and cultures, because they are very curious and their mind is capable of processing a lot of information. Always cheerful, they adapt to any situation. They are people who get bored easily, unless there is love or admiration. They love through the mind first, so they need someone to stimulate their imagination and show them new things.

Its mission is to receive and give information, create teams and new businesses. But they must learn to manage their impatience, anxiety and nerves, as well as being more persistent and not being swayed.

Isis (June 16 to July 15)

Planet Moon, White. Sometimes they are feared and with few friends, but very intelligent, wisdom and intelligence, harmony, love and understanding, help them to keep enemies at bay. They can sometimes act pessimistic. They forgive easily because they accept that everyone can make mistakes.

They love children and animals. They are naturally quiet people, but when threatened, they can fight firmly. They are romantics and they know how to win the heart of the person they love. Her mission is to generate warmth in the family, turn any place into a refuge, act like a mother and contribute values.

Isis is the goddess of the moon, mother of the family and nature, considered the most important goddess of the Egyptian pantheon. Isis symbolizes the values of reproduction and conservation of life, as well as being protective and generous. People born under the sign of Isis will always be willing to collaborate with family and friends; They have cunning and sagacity, as well as dexterity and foresight.

They are people of few, but very good friends. They want coexistence, harmony, and understanding. They love to enjoy the outdoors, nature and love children and animals. Their mood is very changeable and they cannot bear pressure.

As for love relationships, they are the most romantic sign and they stand out in activities that allow them to develop their sensitivity and their power of imagination. The children of Isis are kind beings and they usually make sacrifices for others, they have very good luck since they often make a fortune and even the poorest person of this sign also manages to get ahead and receive gifts or any type of reward.

One of their defects is that they must learn to forgive, because it is something that costs them a lot, in the same way, they do not support criticism and even less disciplined and strict things.

Isis predictions

For those born under this Egyptian sign, the action will not stand out, but everything will be based on internal development. They will have a moment where they can close stages, finish matters that were pending and put aside the negative.

Likewise, it will be appropriate to work in an efficient and productive way and improve skills, since they will enter a decisive stage related to the future professional and workforce. They will have the strength to do what is their own, so that they can express their individuality. With regard to the sentimental life, there will be rethinking and change the way of seeing things, so that they can fully feel love.

Ra (July 16 to August 15)

Planet sun, gold The children of Ra vary in two types: conservatives and charlatans. But, as a general rule, they tend to be very loyal, friendly, determined, and organized. On rare occasions they can be a bit ruthless and like to argue to show that they know a topic.

Sometimes they are unbearable and lacking in diplomacy. They love being the center of attention, which is why they want to tell their story and their achievements. When it comes to work, they have great strength and potential and this guarantees their success. They love having a great family and they love and feel that they deserve the best.

They tend to hold leadership positions and are highly creative. They need smart people by their side. Their mission is to teach others to love and fight, but they must control vanity and the tendency to exaggerate or dramatize.

Horus (August 16 to September 15)

The name Horus means far and high, whose symbol is a hawk-headed man who represents respect and obedience. In his time it was said that the light from the gaze of the god Horus was the main protection of the pharaoh. The children of Horus stand out for having a sincere, strong and simple character, with a rigid appearance, but at the same time jovial and simple, who like to enjoy the pleasures of life, but without overdoing it.

They are magnificent hosts who are not interested in dazzling and prefer to go unnoticed. They are always ready to take responsibility, considered tireless workers who are not afraid of sacrifices. Those of the sign of Horus do not know how to hide their feelings and they need a partner to protect them, provide them with security and stability.

Thanks to their powerful analytical skills and great mental abilities, they are always in search of perfection. Their biggest disadvantage is that they tend to trust everyone and believe everything they say to them, which results in many disappointments.

The mission of this sign to evolve is to overcome their insecurities and fears and to develop self-confidence. They should also work to control their obsession so that everything goes smoothly and authentically connect with their feelings and emotions.

Horus predictions

The children of Horus both in the professional and the emotional fields, will have a period of improvement, well-being and facilities in every way. They also provide strong determination and drive that helps them make decisions with much more courage and confidence.

Contract signatures, documents, and work progress may occur. In addition, certain matters are arranged in order to avoid stress. As for love, the most sensual side of this sign will unfold, being an ideal time for conquests and passionate encounters.

Maat (September 16 to October 15)

Venus, pink Those born under Maat are considered a symbol of good luck and happiness. They are very skilled, fast and intelligent people. Great motivators, talkers, and improvisers can win anyone over. They have the ability to resolve any conflict that arises in your life.

They have excessive self-confidence, to the point of becoming self-centered, they are very proud. They do not allow themselves to be easily attacked and defeated despite the envy that surrounds them. They are great innovators and entrepreneurs who do not allow themselves to be bent; they always think that they can do things better than others.

They do not know how to live alone, they need to have friends and family always by their side. In love they need to have ambitious people by their side who dream of success. But they could be very disappointed because they tend to idealize their partner.

Their mission is to help bring order and justice to the world through peace, but they must overcome the doubts that arise when making important decisions and, in addition, they must learn to be more explicit in expressing their opinions and not saving silence.

Osiris (October 16 to November 15)

Perhaps Osiris is the most famous god and the one who contributes the most with metaphysical and mysterious symbolic content. He represents leadership and authority and is also the god of land, vegetation, and death. The sons of Osiris are considered honorable, possessing self-assurance and defending their territory at all costs. Those born under the influence of this Egyptian god, possess great endurance and a sense of loyalty.

They are people who have the ability to withstand tensions; they also have a deep and shrewd mind, making them good psychologists and analysts. Regarding love, it is a very sensual, possessive and passionate sign, they are one of those who are looking for strong and sexual partners.

They tend to go forward, with a fighting footing and they do not rest until they achieve their goals. They have an invincible inner strength that causes changes in their lives and in those around them. With a life goal that is based on healing, creating and investigating, thanks to his persistent ideas and his insistence that turns the children of Osiris into true leaders.

They are owners of a highly intuitive aptitude that is capable of discovering more hidden secrets and knowing what others feel and think.

Osiris predictions

Those born under the Egyptian sign of Osiris must learn to work impatience, jealousy and the mission to evolve lies in calming aggressiveness, stubbornness, anxiety and the inclination towards revenge. They need to avoid unwavering and extreme behaviors and evade the desire to control everything that happens around them.

This is the opportunity for you to get your administrative issues in order and plan your projects for the future. In the life of the children of Osiris there will come a lot of bodily soul well-being which will allow them to act decisively so that they can advance safely.

It is also possible that some issues are unlocked for this sign and there will be possibilities of new jobs or that they start their own ventures. For the children of Osiris it will be the propitious moment for meetings, interviews, personal and work encounters.

In addition, bureaucratic and legal matters, studies and communication in general will be favored. Relationships and the establishment of new ties will be much easier.

Hator (November 15 to December 15)

Jupiter, turquoise blue. Hathor’s children are staunch friends, loyal to their family. Very protective and loving, but with a strong personality and a bit of impatience. They have a strong, daring and capricious character, they tend to rivalry, but their strength leads them to get what they want.

They can be very optimistic and that leads them to take risks, always thinking that the good will come out. Lovers need someone who will stimulate their curiosity, give them joy and share adventures. Their mission is to learn and teach, but to grow they must control their excessive impatience and anxiety and act with greater maturity and not procrastinate, adhering in a realistic way to life.

Anubis (December 16 to January 15)

Considered the mediator god between earth and sky, it symbolizes dedication and devotion, it is the sovereign Jackal god of the Sacred Land and path opener. Those born under the sign of Anubis, are brave, peaceful, never fight, as long as they do not feel attacked and need to defend themselves.

With a methodical, patient, trustworthy attitude, of great courage and determination when they need to achieve their dreams, since they are enterprising people, with great intuition for business. They are very faithful when it comes to love, but it takes some time for their real feelings to surface.

In addition, they show a lot of strength, and are very hard-working and fighters who manage to win numerous battles thanks to their persistence and effort. The children of Anubis were born to impose patience, organization, respect and to work in a dedicated way, with the mission of leading weak people and transmitting security and confidence to those who require it.

Additionally, your spirit needs to relax, be more flexible and enjoy life. They must learn to deal with the emotional world and show their affection, as well as overcome the rigidity and pessimism found in their thoughts.

Predictions for Anubis

Excellent developments are forecast at the level of evolution and professional growth. This sign is expected to have a social deployment and diverse professional activity that will provide new and very good contacts. People will come into the lives of the children of Anubis who can positively influence their lives.

It is the perfect time for you to make changes in your daily life, spend more time on what you like to do, use the skill and ability in activities that you usually master. The most important thing is that they take advantage of the good times and reinforce their health, any activity that they start will bring great benefits, with the aim that they receive many satisfactions.


  • Anubis: they love solitude, they are introverted and passionate, the signs compatible with Anubis are Isis and Bastet.
  • Osiris: it is a sign with a lot of energy, independent and ambiguous, the signs compatible with Osiris are Thoth and Isis.
  • Bastet: they are very strong and intuitive, always in search of peace and balance, the signs compatible with Bastet are Horus and Sekhmet.
  • Isis: this sign is very playful, energetic, direct and with a reputation as a protector, the signs compatible with Isis are Thoth and Osiris.
  • Horus – Brave, risky and yearning for safety, Horus compatible signs are Get and Bastet.
Egyptian horoscope, compatibility
Egyptian horoscope, compatibility

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