Dream about money meaning

Dream about money meaning: In the Islam, paper money, getting money, finding, receiving, losing, winning, stealing, counting. 

People dream about many things when asleep. Some dreams are easy to remember, while others are challenging to remember. However, a dream about money is not the type of dream that you can easily forget about in the morning. It is the wish of many people to have enough money, and therefore, individuals would love an interpretation of dreams about money. Let us explore some of the common dreams about money and its meaning.

Dream about money meaning: In the Islam, paper money, getting money, finding, receiving, losing, winning, stealing, counting.
Dream about money meaning: In the Islam, paper money, getting money, finding, receiving, losing, winning, stealing, counting.

In the Islam

In Islam, dreams about paper money have a lot of meanings. The common meaning of such a dream is material wellbeing. The Muslim dream book points out that a dream about money reflects the individual’s capability to receive or give money. When an individual dreams about giving money away, it means that they are dispelling difficulties, agony and other burdens. If the person receives money, it means that they would be entrusted with something big in real life. 

When a person receives money in their dream from a known person, it means that they will be stressed. If the source of the money is not known, the dream means the person would experience a calamity. If the money comes in the form of a coin from a diseased person, it means that the person would have a just trial. Therefore, the next time you dream about money, try your level best to remember every detail. These details will play a major role in the interpretation of your dream.  

Paper Money

When you dream about paper money, it means you are dreaming about money that is not real. In such a case, the dream means that you are likely to get deceived in real life. Paper money means fake, and the fakeness is expressed in real life through deception. 

Other people interpret paper dreams as a sign of a good omen. They could mean companionship, celebration, festivity, success or satisfaction. The dream also means that your hidden potential will be relieved, and it will guide you into achieving your goals in life. It shows that you are in the process of learning the steps to become the person you have always wished to become.

In other cases, the dream about money could remind us of bills that need to be paid. Therefore, when you dream about paper money, you need to be open about the occurrence of all these meanings. Keeping an open mind will make it easy for you to determine the exact interpretation of your dream. 

Getting Money

Getting money in a dream is very important because it symbolizes your confidence in achieving your planned goals. The dream means that you are highly capable of achieving such dreams, and you only need to boost your confidence about doing so. When people make goals, they fail to achieve them due to the lack of confidence or feeling that the goal is unachievable. However, with the right strategies guided by confidence, an individual would find it easy to achieve the set goals. 

Getting money represents your level of self-worth, and it shows that you can achieve anything that you put effort into. It means that you are getting the wisdom needed to become a better person. If you can become a better person, it means that you are more capable of achieving your dreams. Therefore, you need to watch for any energy surges because such energy is what you need to achieve your dreams.


A dream about finding money is considered a favorable sign in an individual’s life. It signifies that the things in your life will change for the better in the future. Therefore, if the person was undertaking certain projects to earn an income, it could mean that the project would be a success. If an individual had set certain career or educational goals, the dream would mean that they would easily achieve such goals.

The dream about finding money might also symbolize the removal of obstacles from your life. It would symbolize the emergence of new opportunities required to help you fulfil your goals in life. Therefore, when you dream about finding money, you need to be open-minded to note the opportunities to facilitate your goal achievement journey. If you are not open-minded, you might miss such opportunities, and the dream will not have helped you. 


A dream about receiving money from someone symbolizes the circumstances that boost your faith and confidence in achieving your desired success. The dream could also mean a change in your negative thought patterns. In most cases, people find it challenging to achieve their success due to the negative thoughts that hinder them from making reliable decisions. Therefore, if the negative thoughts are eliminated from individual life, they would find it easy to achieve the desired success. A dream about receiving money is an indication that you should get rid of the negative thoughts that have been hindering you from reaching your full potential. 

A dream about receiving money symbolizes power and the prosperity which is about to come your way. The prosperity could be in an immaterial or in a material way. It could also represent your relationship with the person who gives you the money in the dream. This only occurs where the source of the money is known. However, if you receive money from a stranger, it means prosperity. 


Losing something is never a desired factor in life. Therefore, if you lose money in your dreams, you do not expect it to mean anything positive about your life. The major meaning of this dream is that you lack ambition, self-esteem and power. The dream could also mean that you are experiencing setbacks and unhappiness in life. It might also show that you are about to feel weak, out of control and vulnerable in everything you do. 

The dream could also mean that you will lose something that means a lot to you. Therefore, you are likely to encounter problems related to your friends or family. When you dream of losing money, it is important to focus the dream’s interpretation on yourself. The dream is likely to affect you and not those around you. When you focus your energy on knowing the negativities meant by the dream, you will easily find a way to overcome them. 


A dream about winning money could mean the presence of great prosperity or potential within your reach. Money is a representation of success, confidence, self-worth, possibilities and potential. Therefore, if you win money in a dream, it means that you are capable of achieving all these factors. All you have to do is watch out for the opportunities or possibilities after the dream to ensure you don’t miss them.

A dream about winning money could also mean that your happiness comes from material items. Therefore, you have to work hard to achieve the material things that will, in turn, bring you happiness. It could also mean that you have faith that your dreams will come through. If you win money, it means you never expected to have much money in your presence, and it has come by luck. Therefore, your success is bound to happen by luck.


A dream about stealing money is made to let you know that you are in danger. The danger could come from any aspect of your life. Therefore, you need to stay alert after such a dream to ensure that you can protect yourself from danger whenever it happens. If you are not alert, the danger will catch you off-guard, and this could harm you. 

The positive side of dreaming about money is that you could be going for the things you have always wanted in life. These could be the things that you have never dared to chase. The dream shows you that you have what it takes to chase your dreams. 

The dream about stealing money could also mean that you lack love and are desperately looking for someone to love you. If you are not careful about your action to be loved, it might put you in the danger of heartbreak. 


Dreams about counting money symbolize your self-evaluation, power, or self-worth. If you are happy while counting the money, it is a symbol of happiness. It shows that money or material things will make you happy. It is a reflection of the happiness or prosperity you are about to account for in your life. If you run a business, it means that the business will succeed as you have always wished for. 

The dream could also have a negative meaning. It could mean that you do not control your expenditure and consider the money you have to be insufficient. If you do not control your expenditure, it means that you will enter into a state of economic imbalance. The dream is to let you know that you spent more than you earn.

The above interpretations are considered to be true when it comes to dreaming about money. Therefore, the next time you dream about money, you do not have to look for someone to interpret the dream. This will eliminate the burden that comes with the challenges of struggling with thoughts in an attempt to interpret a dream. 

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