Color meaning in the Bible

Color meaning in the Bible: red, black, white, orange, green, yellow, brown, blue, purple, silver, scarlet.

If you ask someone proficient in the field of psychology, they will tell you every color has a meaning in life. The meanings of these colors vary depending on where their meaning has been derived from. For instance, the meaning of color in art might be different from the meaning of the same color in the Bible. In this article, we will explore the meanings of certain colors according to the Bible.

Color meaning in the Bible: red, black, white, orange, green, yellow, brown, blue, purple, silver, scarlet.
Color meaning in the Bible: red, black, white, orange, green, yellow, brown, blue, purple, silver, scarlet.


According to the Bible, the color red is associated with mankind. Oudem is a Hebrew word that means red clay. This word sounds familiar to Adam, the first man to be created from dust. 

The red color in the Bible is also associated with blood. Such blood was used in various ritual sacrifices in the Bible. The red blood was made to cleanse people of their sins in most cases. An example is red blood that was smeared on the doors of the Israelites during the plagues in Egypt. Therefore, the blood was meant to protect the Israelites from the angel of death, which shows it was a way of redeeming people from sin.


Black is a color that has always been used to symbolize death and evil. According to the Bible, a heart filled with sin created a black stain that human beings cannot redeem on their own. It only takes the power of God to redeem people from such sin.  The color is a symbol of the darkness of death whereby people would be separated from the glory of God not unless they repent their sins and accept God’s gift of salvation.

The color black is also used in the Bible to represent mourning and judgment. A black day is considered a time when God has removed His favor from the people. An example is a darkness that occurred during the crucification of Jesus Christ. The whole world became dark, and this was a show that God had removed His favor from the people that crucified his son. 


White in the Bible is a color used to symbolize purity, righteousness, and holiness. The color also describes an individual’s heart after their sins have been cleansed. When the blood of Jesus was used to clean people’s sins, the Bible points that people’s hearts became as white as snow. 

In the Bible, white garments refer to as a sign of holiness. An example is a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years but was healed when he touched Jesus’s white garment. This situation shows the holiness and power of a white garment. 


Orange color in the Bible is considered the color of fire and the presence of God. For instance, when Moses saw a burning bush, the fire was orange. In the burning bush, Moses had an encounter with God and was commanded to rescue the children of Israel from Egypt. Therefore, the orange color represents power and how God can appear to man. 

Given that orange is the color of fire, it can also mean hell. According to the Bible, hell will be full of huge flames that burn continuously. Therefore, when an individual is thinking about hell, they have to picture a hole filled with orange flames. 


According to the Bible, green is a symbol of nature and plants. Therefore, it is a representation of life, renewal and restoration. Most of the prophecies in the Bible spoke of life in plants as a metaphor to represent God’s presence in the hearts of human beings.

Prophecies that used dead vegetation showed that God had departed from an individual’s heart. Dead vegetation is no longer green, and its life has departed. Decay in the Bible was related to the consequent loss of life, and in such a case, God’s presence was no longer a factor. 

An example of green in the Bible is the tree outlined in Psalms. The Bible compares a blessed person to a tree that has been planted next to a river. Such a tree is always green because it has all the resources required to keep it green. Therefore, if an individual is filled with Gods’ presence, their life would be free from challenges. The individual would be filled with abundance in everything they do in life.


The color yellow can be related to the color of Gold mentioned in many areas of the Bible. Gold was considered one of the most precious metals and the most valued currency. Huge amounts of Gold were given in exchange for protection during war. Therefore, the color symbolizes God’s chosen people and purity. If God chose an individual, they would win battles.  

The color yellow is also used to show God’s holiness and deity. Most of the items made of Gold were set aside to be used for the service of God. An example is the Ark of the Covenant and Solomons’s temple. The items used in the tabernacles were also made from pure Gold. Another example is that the streets of heaven will be covered with Gold. Gold is yellow, which shows that yellow is the color of holiness. 


The color brown in the Bible refers to the end of seasons, people, weariness, pride, and rags. The color is a symbol of the hearth. During the creation period, the universe was black and void. Therefore, God created the heavens and the earth. The dry brown land was separated from one another by the oceans. Therefore, the brown color could symbolize God’s power of creation. 

The color brown was also the color of a monk’s robe. Therefore, the color symbolized God’s humility and his connections with ordinary people and things. When Solomon danced for God, he was wearing a brown sack. This shows that the color brown is a color of honor and humility because Solomon was rich. However, he chose to be humble before the eyes of God by wearing a brown sack. 


The color blue has a huge connection with the heavens and God. The sky is considered the gateway to heaven, and therefore, the color blue is a sign of hope and God’s faithfulness. It also represents God’s grace and truth. Light shades of the color blue have been used to depict various biblical figures such as Mary, the mother of Jesus. 

The color blue in the Bible also represents royalty. On many occasions, the color was used to make royal garments. The color was also used in weaving attires for priests and the tents for the tabernacles. This shows that blue was also a color of honor to God.


Purple was considered one of the most valuable colors in ancient times. The color was only reserved for the priesthood and the royals, given its value. The people who wore garments meant of the purple color were highly honored in society. These people were amongst the wealthy and received special merit in society. When worn by the priests, the garments were only to be worn during special occasions when in communication with God. Therefore, the color purple was also used to represent honor to God.


Silver was one of the most precious metals used in various settings in the Bible. Silver might not have been as valuable as gold, but it still held a substantial level of value. Silver was used in making special weapons or instruments and as a form of currency. Therefore, the color meant God’s refinement. The metal was used to remove impurities, which can be compared to God’s ability to remove impurities in people’s lives. In this case, the impurities meant sins. 

The color silver is symbolic of how God would refine people’s hearts and make them devoted to serving him. If an individual repents their sins, it means that God would accept the repentance and make the people use it for his purpose. His purpose is for people to worship him and live a righteous life. Such can only be achieved through repentance, the forgiveness of sin, and salvation.


Scarlet has different meanings in the Bible depending on the context in which it has been used. The color can be paired with red in interpreting impurities and sin. In most cases, the Bible refers to sins as scarlets. They are considered an impurity that Jesus’s blood can wash. 

Scarlet has also been used to refer to holiness or royalty in other contexts. A scarlet yarn was used in making the garments of priests. The priests wore the garments when serving God, which makes scarlet a color of holiness. Then color was also used in making royal garments.

The colors had different meanings in the Bible. A particular color could have more than two meanings, depending on the context in which it was used. However, most colors are meant to honor God and show purity and righteousness. Some of these meanings are also applicable in today’s lives and give people more meaning. The next time you seek the meaning of particular color, you should also consider its biblical meaning.

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