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Capricorn woman characteristics

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Capricorn woman personality
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Capricorn woman characteristics, introduction, personality, famous. A leading, organized and determined woman. The Capricorn woman has a structured and very square mind, since she likes rules, principles, hierarchy and clear things that help to achieve goals.


She is a hard worker, patient, loyal and persistent, which helps her quench her great thirst for ambition. The latter is explained by the importance that she attributes to materialism, by her fear of losing herself and by her need to profit without ever depriving herself. She is highly intelligent, a perfectionist, and only has eyes for rigor, standards, precision, and accuracy.

Sometimes she can adopt a critical and rigid attitude that puts her in a position of discomfort and poor communication with people who do not think like her. On the other hand, the years that go by help you to be more flexible and to let things take care of themselves, without the need to intervene each time. But if the situation goes too far, she feels compelled to intervene and only manages to breathe when order is restored.

The Capricorn woman is used to having the traditional masculine role in a romantic relationship; this happens so for the house that governs this sign.


Her stoic nature, professional ambition, and voracious sexual appetite could intimidate many men.

Family values are important to this lady, and if her parents don’t approve of a relationship she may not go to the next level. She longs for security; she can be traditional, organized and responsible. Beneath her reserved exterior she hides a wonderful sense of humor.

This earth sign is homey. She can be very stubborn when proposing something. His independence and leadership skills are often the envy of the pack. Incredibly tough, weather any storm, disappointment, or tragedy in stride.

The Capricorn woman is a total powerhouse. A combination of old soul wisdom and inner resourcefulness, these strange creatures of which are often misunderstood by most people, due to the common perception that their difficult personalities stretch to their core.

Don’t be intimidated by their often stoic and even stern outward features: internally, these women are incredibly sensitive and emotional, even if they often don’t show it. They may not have their hearts on their sleeves, they may not give you any idea of how they really feel.

Learning to communicate clearly in the moment is always a boon for this stable and grounded earth sign, as it can often get stuck in its own way. There is a marked tendency to melancholic melancholy, and this Saturnine goat often lets it get a bit infected for centuries before it finally comes out and says what’s bothering it.

A consummate creature of habit, the Capricorn woman truly loves to keep everything in her world labeled like this, and she usually has a hard time moving from her carefully researched and well-thought-out Plan A into the uncharted territory of a sudden Plan B, even if Plan B it is, in fact, the best option.

Serious, focused and hardworking, it’s great when a Capricorn can lose a bit and find time to have fun, even though their outings and vacations are carefully planned in advance.

Known for her sarcastic personality and dry sense of humor, a generally taciturn demeanor can surprise you with her uproarious laugh when something amuses her. Often described as conventional and traditional, many Capricorns are the weirdos of the zodiac, with a penchant for art, music, and culture that can only be found far off the beaten path.

Capricorn qualities

Your friendships are precious and lasting. Faithful companion, you speak little but your very presence is comforting. They say that Capricorn will never run out of money. However, luck is not your main ally. You bravely sweat for success, and the titles you wear at the end of your life symbolize great focus and ingrained persistence.

Pride is a great quality for you, which allows you never to fall into excessive familiarity. Sign of inheritance, you live so that yours can gather sweeter fruits than those of your past.


Some famous Capricorns: Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Marlene Dietrich, and Janis Joplin.

She is very loyal to her friends and respectful of the needs of others. She socializes very easily with Scorpios and Pisces. She hardly falls in love with her at first sight of her, she would have to “catch” her off guard. She usually she doesn’t waste time on pointless flirtations.

In love

The distrustful side of the Capricorn woman pushes her to always remain cautious in love, even if she is very much in love. In fact, according to her, love is not just about feelings and romance; it is a matter not to be taken lightly. She cannot live with stories without tomorrow, because she hides a lot of shyness and vulnerability.

Entonces, para comenzar una relación, ella debe sentir una sensación de protección y seguridad proporcionada por el otro. Esta necesidad es tan fuerte que si no está segura de encontrarla en una pareja, prefiere estar sola.

Since the bar is very high for her suitors, it may be many years before she finds the one with whom she will feel good, her soul mate. On the other hand, once she grabs it, she only has eyes for the other half of her, and dedicates all her feelings and all her emotional energy to the romantic relationship to make it last, and this, never forgetting the importance that gives. loyalty .

What is your ideal partner?

A man who stays full and up to date in the bedroom, who likes to experiment between the sheets; a man who is not daunted by the professional success of the female in question or by his apparent external coldness.

Sexually speaking, you don’t need outlandish fantasies, just an intense emotional connection.

Capricorn women are compatible with many different signs as long as they are willing to work at this. However, as this damsel likes difficult things, she gravitates toward stormy matches or relationships like Scorpio, Aries, and Gemini.

Love, sex

As for love compatibility, you have to know how to respect your distrust and your rhythm by showing honesty, loyalty and patience. Those who are best able to satisfy their needs are the men of the signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo and Pisces.

Capricorn women are known for having difficult times with love, especially in their younger years.

Even when she was young, the maiden will have a hard time not seeing each of her lovers to last forever. On your first date, she might already be planning how the two of you will age together and sit on the front porch side by side, watching the sunset in their golden years.

Capricorn woman in love
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Capricorn woman in love

In general, dating tends to be confusing for the decidedly non-frivolous Capricorn who leans toward serial monogamy. He may also have a history of falling in love with good friends or people who have been in his life for a long time. Love at first sight doesn’t happen much here, and it may take a Capricorn a long time to realize that he likes you, and vice versa. Tired of waiting? Why not test his love compatibility with Capricorn?

Notoriously oblivious to the curious flirtations of suitors, a Goat woman may demand that you be extremely direct and simply ask her out. It is the only way for her to know, unequivocally, that you feel a certain way for her. Otherwise, she cannot pick up her subtle efforts.

It’s easy to forget that this strong, hard-working force of nature has a softer side and needs to hear praise from you to know how much you appreciate it. In the bedroom, get ready to see the wilder side of a Capricorn, known to lovers of him for being a total beast when it comes to sex.

Ravenous in her appetite and unafraid to indulge in her more earthy and animalistic side, you may find that this woman, who is a dominant boss in her everyday life, prefers to have a little time to not be the one in control.

Sex with a Capricorn may not be fascinating the first night you two do the play, but that’s only because this woman takes time to really open up. The longer you know her, the better and better she will be. She is very picky in the bedroom, so get used to it or go.

If you stay, their challenges will lead you to a sexual state that you never knew you could achieve with someone. It is difficult, but rewarding in every way. Your ruling planet Saturn is all about hard work, and then reaping the rewards; she is not sexually different. She likes to be met over and over again, so if she can help her achieve this feeling, the rewards will be endless.

In the bed

In general, he regards love as a carnal pleasure and can separate love from bodily pleasure. He probably likes passion just for the needs of his body and often doesn’t enjoy it in marriage. If she can combine those two, then she is definitely happy!

She can enjoy love in a relationship knowing that this may be temporary, but this relationship has to give her everything she needs as well.

To deepen the relationship, you must first understand how your partner has a very passionate interest in you and wants to make you feel very feminine. Immediately in this way she awakens her feminine self. She can be slow but receptive. She needs time to think about all aspects of the events of this relationship, to see how she will benefit from this relationship. If she finally accepts the touches from her partner, this means that he has won half the way to sleep with her!

How to act

It is advisable to be patient and condescending with her. The Capricorn woman will tell him exactly what he wants, what he should do and he does not hesitate to take the necessary steps if he believes that he has some difficulties. She thinks that the satisfaction of her partner is a primary duty! If that fails, she will send him to a doctor or s * x therapist because she believes something pathological is going on.

The Capricorn woman is a bit tight and restrained. She is puzzling and hides surprises. She likes yelling and scratching. She is resourceful and enjoys the pleasure of all the senses. The ideal partner must have intensity and passion! She likes to hug a lot. Vivid touches and passionate kisses should be the basic techniques of her partner. Sexual peculiarities are rare for the Capricorn woman and she is not willing to meet anyone unless she is her own. Don’t be mad at her and especially without her permission!

Intimate traits of the Capricorn woman

Capricorn women are very sensual and erotic in bed, they are born with seductive traits and pleasant abilities. These women are also very good at creating sexual tension with their partners to take them to bed.

These women love foreplay very much and she is not the one to believe in simple sex all the time. She definitely needs a lot of attention and pampering in bed if you want her to please you. She is the type of woman who is very quick to reach orgasms and they are very horny at times. She is the type of woman who falls in love at first sight and doesn’t waste too much time flirting and wants to “get down to business” right away.

If she is sexually attracted to you, she will definitely let you know by getting sensitive and making those slow conversations and pinching you over and over in front of your friends.

What’s new?

These women are also very good at experiencing new things in bed. So don’t be surprised if you find your Capricorn girl sometimes wearing special lingerie just for you or if she buys a sex toy to spice things up in the room.

These women are also very emotionally attached to someone once they get physical. They also start to develop affection and possessiveness for that particular guy after they get physical. She is also the type of woman who needs her own time and will never agree to have sex or intimacy on their first date.


These women need their own space and time to physically get hold of someone in bed. They are also temperamental at times and can seem totally disinterested in having sex, which can affect your partner’s confidence and affect your sex life as well.

She is also one of those girls who will always try to combine sex with emotions and that is the reason why she becomes attached to someone very quickly after going physical.

He also likes to give pleasure to his partner and believes in giving rather than taking. A Capricorn woman will also not enjoy sex until she fully understands her partner and her needs and fantasies in bed.

She will definitely like her man to compliment her in bed and this could also improve her confidence and sex drive.

These women are very adventurous and passionate in bed and will always be a game for something wild. However, being a Capricorn woman can be wild, but what affects you the most and what you want the most in life is the emotional bond with your partner while having sex, as it is your way of expressing your love towards your partner. . In general, with a Capricorn woman, you will surely have a lot of fun inside the room.

Capricorn and jealousy

Capricorn’s jealousy stems from his need for respect. He is a zodiacal subject who gives confidence to the couple and in return demands absolute fidelity! For this sign, it is not tolerable that once an emotional relationship has begun, a parallel love story can be lived.

For this reason, jealousy is not a consequence of possessiveness, but rather becomes the means to keep the couple’s love away from temptation. Capricorn is willing to fulfill the promise given, if he receives the same treatment in return: it is not allowed to deviate from the path traveled together if there has not been an effective detachment in the couple due to compatibility problems.

Even after an eventual separation, it will be a long time before Capricorn can accept that the couple starts a new relationship!

Capricorn sexuality

There is a phrase that describes Capricorn’s sexual behavior well: whether he is a man or a woman, he has “the fire under the ice.” The seemingly cold and distant demeanor becomes more apparent the greater the physical attraction to the partner. However, when he gains confidence and calms down emotionally, he explodes like a firework!

However, sexuality is never disconnected from love: on the contrary, generally, the stronger the feeling of affection, the greater the involvement. After the initial period of the relationship, Capricorn manages to tune into the partner, overcomes the limits of rationality and indulges in passion.

Eroticism and sensuality are very marked sexual attitudes in this sign. Then, you can surprise the partner with intense and intimidating behaviors that he had not demonstrated in the first part of the knowledge. The reason for this attitude lies in the fact that you can trust your partner more as the relationship grows stronger: the more time passes, the more, when it comes to sex, your inhibitions and fears decrease!

Capricorn’s erogenous zones

Capricorn’s weak points are the knees and the skin. Regarding the latter, home to one of the most important of the five senses, touch, makes us understand how important prolonged caresses are: they help you to trust and let yourself go! While the knees awaken in the native of the sign a curious fact: it would seem that he is pleased to see his kneeling partner …!

Capricorn woman is made to please you if

  • You want a woman who knows what she’s doing! .
  • Beauty matters relatively … at least for her! .
  • Every once in a while, you feel like being ordered around.
  • But avoid it like the plague if … you just can’t be faithful!

How to date a Capricorn woman?

Give her time to make up her mind, even if you only ask her if she prefers an Italian or Indian restaurant. You don’t want to regret your choice later, so let him carefully consider all of your options.

Don’t rush it. Always be a gentleman too. Being an Earth sign, the Capricorn woman will play traditional gender roles without hesitation. As a wife and mother, she is one of the best, so let her rule the house. Never take it for granted.

What not to do during a relationship with a Capricorn woman?

The Capricorn woman is insecure and afraid of losing you at any moment, so if she sees you engrossed in a conversation with another woman, even a waitress or colleague, she will be surprised.

She might take life and herself too seriously, but until you prove you’re not the cheating type, she’ll find reason to worry. And if you’re laughing at her, share your fun with her too, otherwise she’ll think you’re joking about her.

How is Capricorn in relationships?

By nature distrustful and lonely, the relationship they prefer to establish is a closed type, sanctioned first by a fairly long commitment period and then by marriage: cohabitation can only be accepted as a temporary condition. For Capricorn, the fundamental premise of love is fidelity.

In some cases, however, you can live a relationship out of ambition and economic interest, sharing the partner’s work. In situations of commitment, you prefer solitude but, in contrast to this, you may have exceptional stamina to perpetuate a difficult story even knowing that it causes you suffering. He is not interested in the modern couple: he prefers a traditionalist relationship.

Fortunately, the more time passes, the more confidence our Capricorn gains and is freed from obsession for making mistakes, becoming more and more tender, affectionate and in love. Considering that there are people in the Zodiac who take the opposite path, this is a point in his favor!

How to fall in love, seduce, conquer a Capricorn woman?

To win a Capricorn woman, you will have to be patient, because the earth sign that Capricorn refers to slowly converges with people. A Capricorn woman needs time to learn more about a person, to analyze and think a lot, and to begin to trust more. She is not one of those who loves love affairs and adventures.

She needs a permanent and serious relationship. Many demands can be made of the elect. Where is the most important of her ability to be responsible, trustworthy and serious? Also, she is serious about the relationship, why she can seem like she is unapproachable, cold.

When, on the one hand, she is really, in this way, protected from frivolous and empty relationships. She sometimes mistrusts beautiful words and attention, suspecting how it ends. She does not like idle conversations, excess of emotions, fantasizing about abstract subjects. Such words, rejection, not discussed, not discussed, she does not like to constantly argue the same. In many ways, rigor and laconia are manifested.

She can wear a mask of coldness and unapproachability to get rid of windy and unstable relationships. But on the other hand, and in a close relationship, she can be laconic. But this usually happens in the beginning, until she is completely trustworthy. Her feelings in her slowly mature.

Capricorn woman as a couple

She has a marked femininity that she can only show with a partner in whom she has total confidence. Passionate and faithful, she is undoubtedly an excellent partner who has a lot to give in the relationship. Often financially independent, she is a woman who can somehow intimidate the man with his confidence and determination. In general, under this strong aspect, she hides a considerable dose of fragility.

If you are not young, to defend yourself against emotional disappointments, you have probably worn an iron armor that makes you take prudent attitudes in relationships with the other sex. Her worst defect continues to be that of dominating others and her choices: it would be advisable for her to exercise an independent activity where she can “vent” the tendency to command her so as not to spill it into her private life!

How to marry a Capricorn

Never like in any other sign of the zodiac, marriage is lived as an “investment”: to make such an important decision there must be logical reasons why the feeling has nothing to do with it!

It’s not that you don’t love your partner: he just needs to see the usefulness of this “step” that will have to last the rest of his life! Convince him by comparing marriage to an annuity: show him that he will split the costs, that he will be able to buy a more spacious house, that he will combine their wages in unison! … seeing the practical benefits, you won’t be able to refuse

Capricorn woman and marriage

The Capricorn woman tends to marriage because she does not like uncertain situations and needs stability to express herself. However, marriage does not fulfill its nature of need for affirmation and autonomy.

For this reason, the Capricorn woman knows how to perfectly reconcile career and family: the fact of doing external work helps her to be more serene and less authoritative with her children. Therefore, she becomes an invaluable companion because of the seriousness of her feelings and behavior, because of the frugality and efficiency of the organization of the house.

The only flaw is the tendency to want to orient the relationship according to your criteria and this could generate friction, especially with strong and authoritarian partners. Astrologically, she is often defined as the woman furthest removed from the concept of “motherhood”:


Yes, this woman is traditional in every way along the way, but her stamina and libido is hard to beat. She can go for hours without getting tired. The Capricorn woman likes to go out and “sleep”. She likes to be with someone who can complete her high-level empire. She won’t let feelings get in the way of her success, unless she finds someone who breaks her strong barriers. They love security in all aspects; including sex. She needs a strong man, because she is a strong woman.

She is not an external persecutor, she likes to be persecuted. Even if she seems cold to you, she looks for subtle clues that she is interested. This woman is patient in every aspect of the word. Things in her world take time and hard work. She likes to have a plan and a safe posture before jumping into anything.

Even though it may not look like it, it wants to be swept away. She is a difficult woman to please sexually, and if you are incompetent, you will have to see the way out. This woman is a person who knows exactly what she wants and she will always find a way to get it.


It may be a month before she laughs, two months for the first kiss, and maybe even more time to make love to her, but I promise it will all be worth it in the end. This woman is always climbing to new heights in her life and sexually. If you can keep up with her, you will reach her peak with her. You will see that underneath her hard shell is a bright, warm young woman who can satisfy all her whims. She be patient.

Home and family

Home is a Capricorn’s happy place.

You tend to prefer to linger and entertain yourself around the kitchen table, where you can control every aspect of the experience. When a Capricorn woman entertains guests in her own space and can dictate the music, lighting, temperature, and overall ambience, she can relax and be herself, if she can calm down to adjust every detail of the environment. Going out tends to be a calculated occasion for the Capricorn woman – think networking or some kind of obligation rather than a night on the town to play games.

A sea goat lady can be extremely territorial with her belongings, and she doesn’t like things getting out of place or having her sense of order affected. You may notice that she always sits in the same chair, or she has other funny little traits that show that she is a creature of habit.

Capricorns are drawn to the past and fascinated by history, so their homes are often crammed with antiques and bizarre pieces from bygone eras – the crustier and older the better. Dirt and dust don’t seem to bother these earth-ruled creatures, and you might find yourself sneezing while looking at their collections.

There is a tendency to hoard and let clutter and trash accumulate in sedimentary layers, as a Capricorn woman’s material objects often feel like extensions of herself. She doesn’t always realize it, but when her house starts to get dirty, she will often feel heavier and sadder herself. Moving things around regularly, tidying them up, and getting rid of them will help a Capricorn feel healthier and happier in her home.

A Capricorn mother is devoted to her little ones and takes her discipline very seriously. She may have a more fatherly air than is typical, as her form of motherly love involves respect, protection, and following the rules.


Capricorns are well known for having the strongest work ethic in the entire zodiac, focusing their efforts intensely on climbing the mountain of their ambitions, like the Goat that symbolizes their sign.

The choice of a Capricorn woman tends to be closely tied to the characteristics of her identity, which can be emotionally painful or confusing if she is doing a job that feels beneath her, or if she loses her job.

A Capricorn lawyer, writer, or cook might feel defined by her occupation, at all times. The daily tasks required to do that job are an essential part of who they are and how they walk the world. But it can be difficult, and even very distressing, for a Capricorn to do menial work, pay little, or be considered a job with no future.

Saving money comes naturally to these practical and pragmatic women. Even before meeting the legal age requirements for hire, Capricorns will find a way to earn money from kids doing housework, babysitting, or selling lemonade. They will grow up to make more logical and sensible career decisions than creatively satisfying, which can lead to dissatisfaction later on.

Capricorns take their work extremely seriously and hurt themselves when their efforts are not applauded or recognized by their employers. Owning her own businesses is often the best option for a Capricorn woman, who has a reputation for being bossy and somewhat tyrannical when it comes to getting her way.


Buying from a Capricorn woman can be easy and fun, as long as you are willing to follow certain guidelines.

The antiques and beautiful treasures of yesteryear always appeal to this old soul, who loves to delve into history and preserve the wonders of times gone by. Books will always be a hit with a sea goat, who usually has a prodigious library and believes that you can never have enough books.

Useful and consumable items like organic beauty products or beautifully made candles or delicious things to eat will please a female of this sign, but don’t be upset if all you can find are the cheaper versions. You will be turned off (and possibly even offended) by receiving something boring, widely available, or not of good quality.

This is often the case with loved ones who forget that this common-sense girl has a romantic side that not everyone can see, so don’t give her a bottle of unscented toothpaste or lotion. She would rather she put something on her wish list, and she definitely keeps one of these somewhere, so it would be safer to ask her what she’s saving for.

Usually, a Capricorn woman just finds a way to buy what she wants. But, even though she may seem like the woman who already has everything she could want, she loves receiving gifts.

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