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Wind Chimes Feng Shui

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Wind chimes feng shui : placement, front door, clay wind chimes, glass wind chimes, good luck. Feng shui modifications often incorporate wind chimes into their design, which is perplexing to most people. Many different purposes can be fulfilled by wind chimes, such as to generate sound energy and to bring in the metal element.

Wind chimes feng shui : placement, front door, clay wind chimes, glass wind chimes, good luck
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Wind chimes feng shui : placement, front door, clay wind chimes, glass wind chimes, good luck

The use of sound in Feng Shui is one of the first ways to change the energy of a place. Wind chimes can also be used to welcome in positive energy and cleanse the space. Try imagining the difference between being in a silent room, a room with a vacuum running, or the same space as there is soothing music playing.

Wind chimes send their sound waves through rooms and objects, shifting energy. In Chinese medicine, wind chimes made of metal are very effective at breaking up stagnant qi.

It is for this second reason that the metal element is introduced. An elegant way to incorporate metal into your decor is by using wind chimes made of metal. Symbolic of clarity, efficiency, and joy, metal represents all these things. If you wish to summon the metal element’s attributes, look for a wind chime made of metal. It’s known that metal is linked with communication and having the ability to express oneself well. Therefore, a metal wind chime can help you generate an intention to express yourself or communicate better.


As a source of enlightenment, chimes enliven a garden, an entrance, or an indoor room or passage by enhancing an auspicious area of your house or office, repelling harmful energies like poison arrows directed at your home, and establishing a pleasing oasis of sound and art in an interior space. It is best to have the wind trigger the chimes, which is why they should be placed outside where they may be blown by the wind. In contrast, teasing the clapper as you pass interior chimes releases the sound and can be equally effective in activating their healing energy.

  • Wind chimes near your front door can let you know when visitors arrive (or intruders are in) as well as distribute more energy in the “mouth of chi.” This good energy disruption is comparable to what a modest water feature, such as a fountain, will accomplish.
  • The metal wind chime above the foot of the staircase facing the front entrance will keep positive energy from flowing down the stairs and out of the front door.
  • If you strung one or more yang wind chimes (odd number) outside your home, you can deflect the destructive energy from poison arrows (oncoming traffic, sharp corners) that threaten your house.
  • By placing a wind chime at the doorway or passage between the kitchen and the bathroom, or aligning the front door with the back door, you are keeping your good luck from rushing away.
  • Always place a wind chime away from work areas, dining tables, seating areas, and beds. It could result in mental disorientation, disease, or headaches if you have excessive energy.
  • By using a wind chime, you can break the sticky energy of a clutter-catcher, which is a site where clutter is constantly accumulating. The clutter is less likely to grasp onto the space, making it easier to maintain a clean environment.

How to Hang the Chimes

No matter what the cap and sail look like, or whether the rods and strings are colored, be careful when hanging the chimes. Make use of the attached or enclosed O ring or hook when hanging the chimes. In addition to the chain or the string that hangs from the O ring, the balance of the chimes is thrown off. Because of this destabilization, the chimes become unstable and jangly.

It should always be the clapper striking the rods that produce the action and sound, which is activated by the movement of the sail or wind catcher. You may not have selected the right wind chime for your needs if the wind chime you want does not “fit” where you want it to hang.

If possible, hang the chime where it will be exposed to all directions of the wind. An open corner makes a good place to hang the chime from a building. Experiment with different heights for your chime.

Ensure that your wind chimes are at least two feet from a wall and away from any plants, furniture, or anything else that could interfere with the airflow. You may not hear your chime if you have a screened-in porch because the screens prevent the breeze from blowing across the screens.

If you hang your chime differently during different seasons, you’ll get a better sound. As the wind patterns shift with the seasons, your chime will sound better. By owning a collection of wind chimes, you can create your own sound environment.

Feel free to experiment with your chimes. My chimes are hung on the lake side of the house. A wind vane also serves as a warning system for changing wind directions and impending weather!

Front door 

A wind chime improves the auspiciousness of your home or office. As an additional benefit, it can help remove bad, dangerous energies.

Install the wind chime outside your front door to create a beautiful oasis of sound and art that will light up your garden, entrance, or indoor corridor.

For visitors to know they are welcome at the front door of the house, a door wind chime should be installed.

The sound also distributes more energy in all directions at this mouth of chi, as the rhythmic vibrations of the sound circulate more energy around.

Clay wind chimes

A clay wind chime is an ornamental item of great significance in the worlds of feng shui and Vastu. Feng shui and Vastu doshas are regarded as bad luck or tragic remedies. They are thought to remove negative feng shui or dosha, so they can be effective. Further, Vastu and Feng Shui highlight the great potential of wind chimes to capture and distribute positive energies in every corner of a house, while at the same time warding off negative energy. Despite their great potential and magical properties, magical bells are sometimes called such.

Glass wind chimes 

The decorative aspects and colors of ceramic, glass, and seashell wind chimes tend to be chosen over their sounds, which can range from a gentle tinkling to a loud clanging.  


Wind chimes are said to mitigate the negative consequences of Vastu dosha, according to Vastu Shastra. Their use helps a home’s occupants overcome bad luck and bring abundance and success into their lives. The Feng Shui concept believes that wind chimes are conducive to bringing humans into harmony with the five elements, which are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Wind chimes contain great amounts of good luck.

The sweeter their sound, the better luck they can bring. In addition to attracting money, health, and prosperity, wind chimes made of appropriate materials set in the right positions in the house can assist in increasing their value.

To aid in the fighting of diseases and disasters, wind chimes counteract negative energy by turning it into positive energy. The wind chime’s placement is believed to disperse negative energy emanating from various points and angles of furniture and walls. It is important to note that the color of the wind chime, as well as the number of chimes, tubes, or bells, is an important consideration when deciding the purpose of the wind chime.

A wind chime that features six or eight rods is said to attract positive energy; a wind chime with five rods is said to prevent bad energy. In the same way, although the red wind chime is associated with luck and prosperity, the green wind chime in the east represents good health.

Good luck: Wind Chimes Feng Shui

Feng shui wind chimes have an association with luck in the end. Those with six or eight rods are considered lucky and popular when it comes to choosing the right number.

The six-rod wind chimes are beneficial for attracting positive energy. As for wind chimes, five metal rods are considered lucky and provide protection from negative energies.

Wrapping Up

There is something delightful about feng shui remedies and improvements, such as wind chimes. As ancient Chinese chimes and bells have been used for thousands of years, they are tapped into the ancient deification of sound, which allowed only the royal family and visiting dignitaries to experience the heavenly luxury of musical performances. This mystical force translates to a chime’s unsaid capacity to harness the wind and use it to enable you to be happier, more successful, and financially successful.

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