Why my ex hug me so tight?

Introduction: Why my ex hug me so tight? Your ex is not your boyfriend now; he might be your friend or something else. One’s ex is always an ex. If he hugs you so tight, it means he misses you.

He wants to be your friend again. He may also feel it was his big mistake to hurt you. He wants to heels your heart. He feels alive when he is with you.

He wants to live with you. When your ex hugs you so tight, it means he misses you and wants to feel peace in your arms.

Why my ex hug me so tight?
Why my ex hug me so tight?

You also get overwhelmed and can’t control your emotion and hug him tight. When such a hug comes from your loved ones who you never forget, you become happier than him.

When your ex hugs you so tight, he misses you and wants to stay with you. He wants to be your friend again and feel alive.

He can’t move on and finds himself guilty. He is in a vulnerable condition because his first love is his world. He breakup you in anger, but he regrets it and blames himself. Let’s know the reasons Why my ex hug me so tight?

Why did my ex hug me so tight?

Why did my ex hug me so tight
Why did my ex hug me so tight?

Below are some Reasons why your ex hugs you so tight 

He misses you

The best possible reason is he misses you and feels guilty about his acts. He feels it was his big mistake to leave you. When you love for the first, you never forget him.

There is a unique bond between love birds. They share everything about day and night. They remain together as much as it is possible.

He may want to be your boyfriend again when he hugs you, and a hug is the first step. It is not easy to leave your first love.

It might be possible he listens to some sad song and misses you. It is also possible he reads love poetry and thinks about you.

He hasn’t moved in life

It shows that he could not forget you. He can’t move in his life. He stands at the place where you both left.

A hug may be a last attempt to tell you to come back into his life. He is nothing without you. He feels alone and disheartened.

No one can replace you

When he saw you, he could stop himself and hug you and cry about his mistake. He can’t move in his life.

No one can take your place in his heart; It was you and still your own. He wants you to come back and feel him alive and happy. 

He can’t live without you

He can’t imagine his life without you. He thinks there will be a patch, but it is impossible now. You are now committed to someone; this is for last time to hug and kiss her.

It is a very hard moment to say goodbye to your loved one. Be strong, say goodbye, and. Find your love in your new partner.

He wants to make your partner jealous. 

It is possible that he hugs you because he wants your new boyfriend to get jealous of him. He wants to know whether your partner trusts you or not, is he not jealous of your hug? Will he not ask who he is? Is your new bond will not affect you? 

He wishes to see your response

Your ex hugs you because he wants to see your reaction. He wants to see that you are missing him. Are you feeling his absence? Are you happy in your life or not?

He wants to know if your hug brings some change in her body and face or if she remains cool and ineffective. He wants to see that his touch makes you uncomfortable or his essences give you a feel of your life. 

He feels guilty 

It is a chance that he finds himself guilty, and now he wants you back in his life. He hugs you because he knows that after losing you, he is nothing. He wants to live his life with you.

He still loves you

A breakup doesn’t reduce your ex’s love for you. He loves you with heart and soul. He wants to love you throughout his whole life. He is trying his best to bring you back to his life. That is why he hugs you.

Ticket of goodbye 

It is possible that hugging you may be a token of your farewell. Your ex hugs you for the last time because it is the last chance to be close to you. He hugs you and stays a few minutes to feel your presence in his arms.

He wants to feel you, and he also knows that after this, you will be in the arms of some other person. He starts crying and loving and holding you tight.

Satisfaction of his ego

Sometimes these people do this to please their ego because they can accept the reception. They are our spoiled generation and were born with silver spoons in their mouth. They want to reject, not to be rejected.

Hug him back 

Hugging someone is not mean that you diverted to the wrong intention. It is a sign of sympathy for a broken person.

When he hugs you with love, you will hug him in return. It is a sign of good character that you forget the past and live in the present.

Don’t act rude

You won’t be rude; talk to him with love and care. It would be best if you told him why you got separated, and it is impossible to be friends again. He should move to his life.


Your ex hugs you so tight because he still loves you. He would not forget you; he wants you back in his life. He regrets his acts and feels guilt about losing you in his life. 

He is incomplete without you. He did this to beg you to come back to his life. He knows you also love him and can trap you again. 

Sometimes, He is jealous of your new partner. He can’t bear him with you. He thinks that it is his place. You should encourage and console him, nothing more than that one who left once can leave again, don’t trust him again. 

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