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Where To Put a Wall Clock

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Where to put a wall clock: In the living room,in bedroom, in kitchen, in dining room, in feng shui. When it comes to the placement of a feng shui clock, it should address the need for balance so as to attract positive energy. The placement of a feng shui clock follows the basic principles and principles of feng shui.

Where to put a wall clock: In the living room,in bedroom, in kitchen, in dining room, in feng shui
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Where to put a wall clock: In the living room,in bedroom, in kitchen, in dining room, in feng shui

A classical feng shui proponent believes that clocks had more power over the lives of ancient people. Feng shui practitioners have long considered clocks as symbols of time passing, or more accurately, of time ebbing away. 

For decades, clocks have often been used as a countdown clock for tasks, achievements, and even lifespans.

Clocks are becoming valuable tools in our modern culture that are perceived as valuable tools for staying on schedule as opposed to the traditional attitude towards them. A clock helps you organize your day and maintain momentum by keeping track of time.

The world’s most effective feng shui practices are still governed by the feng shui clock placement rules. By following these feng shui regulations, you can make full use of the auspiciousness that clocks bring into your house or office. A basic feng shui clock placement principle states that only one clock should reside in each room. There is a tendency for feng shui experts to believe that this rule encourages the use of too many clocks. With any element of feng shui, make sure that what you do makes you feel comfortable in your home.

In Living room

In your living room, your main clock can be placed for convenience because it generates the most activity in your home. It has the most continuous yang energy since it is where your family congregates.

A round-faced clock with minute, hour, and second hands will be most beneficial; an old-fashioned clock with a circular face will generate the greatest chi energy. As the hands of the clock move, the yang energy is created. Rather than becoming static, the round design of the clock allows the chi energy to circulate around it.

Make sure that the size of the clock in your living room is proportional to the room size. A large grandfather clock wouldn’t be appropriate in the living room of a small house, for example. It was inevitable that the clock would dominate the space as a result of the disparity. A clock with a clicking and chiming sound will generate negative energy in a small space. Too much yang energy generated by a swinging pendulum will cause an imbalance.

Above a couch

You can place a clock over a couch because it’s the easiest and best place.

In terms of aesthetics, this conceals what would otherwise be an obvious blank space above the couch and completes the overall feel.

Choosing the right clock for the living room requires that it complements the rest of the decor.

Above the mental

Another excellent place to display a clock is above the mantel or fireplace.

A clock of any size or style will be an excellent accent to this space. It’s also practical and practical to hang here because you won’t need anything else to go with it.

Next to a window

The display of clocks near windows is certainly possible. The curtain will still help draw attention if there is enough space between it and the clock.

The time is displayed here in an area that isn’t immediately obvious or in your face, but it is still useful when checking the time.

In the corner of the room

An option like this is perfect for filling up an empty corner or wall space in your room that seems empty. Adding a stylish clock will give this area of the room its own personality. 

Opposite a window

A clock across from the window could be hung if there isn’t enough room next to it to hang one.

A clock can be displayed in a living room along with another wall decor using this method.

On feature wall

The use of clocks on feature walls is definitely a good idea. The clever detail adds a small touch to a feature wall, creating the focal point that will instantly catch the eye.

In Bedroom

It is most commonly placed on a bedside table when you place a clock in the bedroom. The clock should never be placed above the bed. If you are placed in this position, you will feel rushed, nervous, uneasy when you sleep, and will suffer insomnia.

Above the bed

Above a bed, a clock can add a touch of elegance. However, many clocks create a ticking sound that can be irritating or make it difficult for one to fall asleep.

Make sure you take into consideration how loud or soft your clock will be if you decide to hang it over your bed.

Otherwise, you may be forced to go with a digital clock or find a different location to hang a clock in order to solve this issue.

Across the bed

In addition, a clock on the wall beside the bed would be useful.

The wall will then appear more interesting to look at, and the room will be more appealing.

It can be very effective for drawing attention to the small details of a room when you have a detailed, attractive wall clock.

On the wall above a desk

Make it easier for you to keep track of time by placing the clock above your desk. You will be able to keep track of time while you work with this display, and it will also fill the empty wall space, making the area visually appealing.

Above a dresser

You can always stay aware of the time when getting ready by keeping a clock above your dresser.

Even the furniture and decor may find a more balanced look if you do this.

In Kitchen

There are a few options you have for organizing the kitchen that are quite useful and handy if you want to be organized:

Above mounted shelves

Place a tiny clock on the wall to fill the vacant area above any hanging shelves.

This minor element is a terrific addition to shelves, and based on the type of shelf you have, you may choose the size and height.

By the doors

The second option is to hang a clock at the kitchen’s entryway. You can put a clock right next to the door so that it is simple to see.

This is the ideal option if you want to utilise the clock for something more than cosmetic purposes.

Above the door

Since you won’t have to get out your phone to check the time, an eye-level or higher clock is easier to glance at, especially if it is close to the sink or stove.

Placing a clock directly above the door is a good alternative if there isn’t enough space in front of it.

On feature wall

In addition to being attractive and functional, next to or above a counter is an excellent place for a clock.

It is an excellent countertop if you cook or prepare breakfast, dinner, or if you prepare lunch or dinner. With this countertop, you can easily keep track of the time.

A clock can be placed on the wall where your kitchen accessories are located to establish a consistent theme and style throughout the room.

The size of the clock can also be increased instead of using only small or medium-sized clocks.

In Dining Room 

It is not a wise idea to place a clock in your dining room or dining area. In the dining room, a clock indicates that food is limited and that there is a limited amount of abundance.

In Feng Shui

Keep auspicious energy flowing through feng shui clock placement by following a few simple tips. Feng shui rules state that any clocks in your home or office should be placed properly according to those rules.

  • Make sure you always have the accurate time displayed on your clock. A slow pace will make it difficult to keep up with work and home duties.
  • There is no adverse impact from a clock that runs several minutes fast.
  • All clocks should work well and should not be off every once in a while.
  • You should immediately remove a broken clock and have it repaired so the chi energy surrounding it doesn’t stagnate.
  • Stopping or breaking a clock indicates that you are out of time, and should never be displayed.
  • You should make sure that your clocks run correctly.

Conclusion: Where To Put a Wall Clock

There are a number of places in your home where you can hang a clock, especially if you don’t believe in superstitions.

You can make a clock into an attractive part of your interior design in many different ways that will appeal to those who appreciate such a feature.

Regardless, most (if not all) of these clock placements will make a bold statement, add character, and even add an element of intrigue.

A clock with a grand presence and a strong statement will certainly attract attention.

Finding a wall and placing these clocks in a way that makes them stand out and assists in creating a cohesive design for the entire area is my best recommendation.

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