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What is a Mormon?

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What is a Mormon: mission, church, person, ward, temple, pastor called. Introduction. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or LDS. Members are also known as Mormons, Latter Day Saints, or LDS Church members. It was originally derived from the book by Joseph Smith titled The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ in 1830 which tells how God created the world and how all mankind turned away from him and embraced false religions in order to escape his righteous judgement.

What is a Mormon: mission, church, person, ward, temple, pastor called
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What is a Mormon: mission, church, person, ward, temple, pastor called

It tells how a prophet named Lehi was commanded to take his family and flee Jerusalem before the Babylonian army destroyed the city. His family eventually travelled across the Atlantic Ocean until they came to the Americas. They were accompanied by the voice of Jesus Christ which continued to speak to them on a regular basis and guide them throughout their journey. They arrived in America and built a temple where they could worship God in truth. Later other people came with more of their stories which are recorded in The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

In 1823 Joseph Smith, a boy of 14 years old, claimed to have found golden plates which contained a record of the teachings of Jesus. He stated that an angel named Moroni appeared to him and told him they were sacred ancient documents which should not be destroyed or used just for entertainment but should be used by all people in the right way.

Smith was tried for being a disorderly person and was banished from society until he repented his ways. As soon as he believed in God again, God appointed him to be Joseph’s interpreter and translator. He translated The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ through the use of a stone and other instruments. God then called him to be his prophet and restore the true church back to earth which had been lost for centuries.

On April 6, 1830 the Church was organised in Fayette, New York by six men including Joseph Smith and his friend Oliver Cowdery who had been warned by an angel with a drawn sword not to deny the testimony they had just heard. The Church is still governed by its current Prophet, Thomas S Monson as confirmed by Acts 1:16-20 and fulfilled in Revelation 21:6. Mormonism is not just a church but also a worldwide community of people who share their beliefs and values. It is made up of the members, the leaders, and the followers.


The mission of Mormons is to invite everyone to come unto Christ through faith in Jesus Christ, repentance and baptism by immersion. The Church is governed by its President and his Apostles including its Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. The President is considered to be a prophet who receives revelations directly from God, which are then received and voted on by the members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. The President and his counsellors in the First Presidency, together with two members of the Quorum of the Twelve, form what is called the church’s high council.

The members consist of those in good standing either by baptism or relative to their willingness to participate in good works like missionary work, donating to charity and humanitarian aid, contributing time or materials to building churches and other temples around the world and upholding standards of cleanliness as well as standards of personal morality as established by God’s commandments. Members are called Mormons because they believe that they have been called by God to preach his gospel message. It is also its mission to be a kingdom of priests in the eyes of God.


Many members of this church live in the United States and are of predominantly European descent. The church encourages members to be baptised into the Mormon faith as soon as possible after birth given that only those born into a Mormon family can become a member of the Mormon Church since one must profess faith at age 8 to receive baptism. The church also encourages members to learn the gospel and receive a mission call at 18 years of age. Members are expected to be married in the temple and bear witness to God’s goodness by abstaining from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, illegal drugs, coffee and tea.

Mormons also believe that other religions have some truth in them but that their religion is the only true one given by God. They do not teach that theirs is a higher truth than other religions but simply a different one that is not complete without Jesus Christ. The LDS believe that theirs is the only Church upon the face of the earth which has been set up by Jesus Christ himself with his Apostles.


The members of this church are divided into different organisations which include: the Church, the Full Gospel Missionary Association, the Relief Society, the Primary, Young Men’s and Young Women’s Organisations as well as various auxiliaries. There are also various auxiliary organisations that are organised by their own local leaders within the church including: administrative boards, welfare boards, public health boards and even women’s organisations.

Some of these auxiliary organisations perform a service to members of other backgrounds such as the Hemet-Corona Council on Aging which serves non-whites in California and gives a monthly meal to non-whites in need yet they are not bound together under one umbrella. The Young Men programs include Boy Scouts and Scouting Explorer posts. As part of the sister program, Young Women; girls may be involved in the Personal Progress program, or Young Women cohorts or circles along with several other activities.


The Church of Jesus Christ is the largest membership organisation and is organised into wards or local congregations, stakes or districts and finally missions. Wards are typically made up of 800 to 1,200 members arranged into five to six smaller branches. Each ward has a bishop who oversees day-to-day affairs, with two counsellors. A stake will have five to 15 bishops, each presiding over his own ward. Members also gather together in multi use buildings called chapels.

Wards and stakes have male priesthood leaders called “bishops” who have responsibility for overseeing the ward’s spiritual and temporal affairs. Stakes also have female priesthood leaders called “sisters” who run women’s auxiliaries, among other things. Wards and stakes are led by clergy with administrative, pastoral, and teaching responsibilities. Within each congregation there is a group of elders and a group of high priests, which are the lay priesthood. The elders form the executive council of the congregation; each member of the high council is called to serve for a period of two to three years.

Within each ward are quorums (pronounced “coreums”) of priesthood leaders. All males above age 12 belong to the Elders Quorum, while all men ages 18 to 30 belong to the Priests Quorum. The Relief Society, a women’s organisation, is typically divided into four organisations which include the Relief Society itself for women ages 18 and above. Young men and women ages 14–17 belong to the Deacons Quorum, while the Teachers Quorum includes those between 12 and 17. A separate but similar Young Women organisation includes those from ages 12 to 18.


Members spend most of their time in the church’s temples. The temples are considered to be holy places which also include statues and idols, but are places where all Latter Day Saints can gather together to worship God and renew their covenants with him which make them worthy to serve him with all their hearts. Temples have been built throughout the world and more are currently being built.

Recent changes in the church have also been made. In 1936 the LDS church ended its policy of polygamy, although they continued to practice it privately until recently and still do so in Utah where it is allowed by law. A temple has also just recently been built in Chile so Mormons can perform their rites of marriage, divorce, ordination for priests, and apostasy for those who renounce or leave the church.

Pastor called

The pastor of this church is known as a bishop. Those that are considered “missionaries” work on a volunteer basis and travel throughout the country. The church also has paid clergy, who are commonly referred to as General Authorities or “GA’s”, which are at the head of the church.

A President and two counsellors comprise a First Presidency which is the highest leadership or presiding body in the church that oversees all other areas of responsibility in the church. The Quorums of Twelve Apostles make up the next presidency level below this and are also led by three apostles who serve as Presiding Patriarch over this quorum, who is considered to be a prophet and serves in a supporting role to lead and assist members.

Conclusion: What is a Mormon

A Mormon is one who has accepted this church as a whole. Their beliefs and culture are usually based on their lifestyle, but they also base their lifestyle on these beliefs. Mormons have been active in politics, largely because of their political philosophies and adherence to the core principle of free agency. Historically, Mormons have played an important role in Republican Party politics.

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