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What does the color blue mean in a dream?

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What does the color blue mean in a dream: biblically, navy blue, baby blue, sky blue. Introduction. Blue is a complex and interesting color. It can symbolize many things, including “a fresh start”, “growing up”, or “new opportunities”. 

What does the color blue mean in a dream?
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What does the color blue mean in a dream?

Some naturopaths believe that blue foods help with depression, while others feel it encourages success. One of the most important meanings of the color blue is when it appears in dreams. When the colour blue is seen in your dreams, it could symbolize a lot of things. The meaning would also depend on the shade of blue encountered in the dream. 

Blue may also be used to symbolize mental health, or a person’s tendency to think critically or analytically. Another meaning for the color blue is associated with individuality and creativity. It’s also associated with understanding, justice and knowledge. Blue can mean “peace” in many languages and religions (e.g.: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam).

On the other hand, it can symbolize depression in different cultures as well. It’s all dependent on culture, personal history and associations that are attached to the blue color dream meaning. It should be noted that while some cultures associate the color blue with fear or loneliness, other cultures see it as a sign of security and trustworthiness.

Let’s explore some of the meanings of the color blue in a dream. We will focus on factors such as biblically, navy blue, baby blue, sky blue.


The biblical meaning of the blue color dream is caution. The dreamer may be in need of more caution in daily life.

Blue is the color of faith, dependability and security. In the bible, blue is commonly associated with maturity and trustworthiness. A dream about blue may mean that you are feeling dependent on other people, as well as trustworthy to them. The biblical meaning of the blue color dream is healing. Blue has traditionally been associated with well-being, growth and fertility. In the Bible, blue is also associated with healing and rebirth. A dream about this color may mean that you are in need of healing, but can feel confident about healthier times ahead. 

Navy blue

Dreaming of navy blue symbolizes a person who is ready to make some changes in his or her life. That’s why when you see it in your dreams, it could mean that your attitude needs to change and you need to take action immediately.

Growing up is prominent amongst the meaning of navy blue dreams. The main meaning is new opportunities. The color navy blue can represent a new mindset and a willingness to take on new responsibilities as well. In addition, it can also indicate that you have overcome many obstacles already, and now have the power or resources needed for success.

Dreaming of a navy blue room can mean that there is a new person who will soon enter your life. Navy blue can also be associated with the loyalty theme, especially when you are wearing navy blue in your dream.

Dreaming of navy blue lollipops could symbolize that there are some people who wish to push you away from them, but they will not succeed in their plans.

Dreaming of navy blue cupcakes means that there is something unexpected and surprising waiting for you around the corner. You may get a promotion or a raise at work or someone may love you back and you may get close to your dream man/woman. Dreaming about navy blue painting and carpet covering can also be a symbol for love.

When you see navy blue in your dream, it usually means that you have been given an opportunity to make a change or start over, but there is still some time and preparation needed before you can take the next step.

In this situation, you will be able to gain the trust of someone very important in your life and things are going to change for the better. Things are going to go much easier than it has so far for you. The color could represent a resistance that might prevent something from happening sooner, but in general things will get better soon enough.

Baby blue: What does the color blue mean in a dream?

Dreaming of baby blue symbolizes a person who is feeling overwhelmed and confused. In addition, it can also mean that you have some sort of fear. The baby blue dream is not a positive one, so in the case you had a baby blue dream, then it could mean that you are scared of new experiences or going through major changes in your life.

Dreaming of seeing a baby blue horse standing near you indicates that someone is trying to make contact with you to communicate something important. Perhaps they need to let out their feelings or they want to talk about something important with you so don’t ignore them.

Sky blue

In dreams with sky blue color, both literal and metaphorical meanings exist. The meaning is closely related to the personal experiences of the dreamer. The literal meaning of sky blue is change; the color in dream symbolizes a desire for change in your life. When in the sky blue dream, it could be about growth, new hope for the future, or a new direction in life. In addition, it can also mean that you have made a decision to grow as you are ready to face new challenges and opportunities.


In conclusion, the color blue is associated with stability and honesty as well as intelligence and trustworthiness. The color has powerful psychological effects on people’s moods and behaviors, primarily because blue is the color of tranquillity and serenity. When people are sad, they also speak in “blue words” because sadness can be associated with blue colors.

Some people believe that emotions expressed in dreams is directly related to how the dreamer’s brain has responded during the night, hence why so many colors are used to represent different emotions and feelings. Some people even have strong beliefs that colors are directly linked to the organs of our bodies. Therefore, when a person sees his/her color while they sleep they refer to it as their “id”.Read Also: The meaning of color red in dreams: Royal blue meaning in dreams; Blue butterfly meaning; Blue dress in a dream

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