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What Chinese year is 2022?

Coming Soon - New Year 2022
Coming Soon - New Year 2022

What Chinese year is 2022? The Chinese New Year is coming. People wonder: what is the year 2022 according to the Chinese zodiac? Considering Chinese mythology, according to the Chinese calendar, each year is celebrated under the patronage of one of the 12 animals chosen by Buddha. Therefore, on the eve of the next year, everyone will seek to know what the New Year 2022 will be like in the Eastern calendar.

According to many, the future owner will depend on the nature of the year, success in professional growth, personal relationships and more. Let’s try to understand what to expect from the new totem in 2022.

What will be the animal for the next twelve months?

2022 will be the third in the twelve-year cycle of the Chinese horoscope. This means that the patron saint of the year, the sign will be the Tiger. It is a strong, strong-willed animal that has a capricious nature.

What will be the element in 2022, according to the Chinese horoscope?

In the Chinese zodiac, the element changes once every two years. If the previous two targets were earth, the next two years will be spent in the water element. The totem element itself is a tree. Thus, in 2022 there will be an interaction of two elements: wood and water.

Experts say this is a good combination. Water to feed the tree. The tree also provides stability to a water element. Overall, the two elements provide a favorable context for the next 12 months.

The elements affect the nature of the year. The tree strengthens the sense of empathy, helps to better self-expression. In pairs, two elements bring clarity and stability to all processes.

In the Chinese horoscope, the water element corresponds to black. It is a symbol of purity, wisdom and success. That is why the host of 2022 will be the Black Water Tiger. It should be noted that such a rare combination was last seen 60 years ago.

What Chinese Year is 2022, water tiger
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What Chinese Year is 2022, water tiger

When will the year of the Tiger arrive according to the Chinese calendar?

The Chinese calendar is based on the lunar calendar. In it, each month begins with the new moon. This means that the New Year in the East does not coincide with the date of our vacations.

In China, “Chun Jie” (analogous to the New Year) is celebrated after the winter solstice during the second new moon. Usually, the New Year vacations take place between January 10 and February 20.

In 2022, the Chinese New Year will arrive on February 1. The Year of the Tiger will last until January 21, 2023.

Color and decoration

It is better to use discreet colors to decorate the home. Suitable shades close to nature. The happiest in 2022 will be green. You will also like totem orange color and shades close to it. You can please the tiger and decorate with a tiger print. It can be bright striped pillows or a similar plaid. In a prominent place you can put a wooden or metal figure of the totem and striped candles.

The tiger is recognized as the king of beasts. Therefore, the totem should be received as a royal person. There should be order in the house. It is best to cover the New Year’s table with a snow-white cotton tablecloth. The utensils should be exquisite and of good quality.

What should be the New Year’s table?

The tiger is a predator. Therefore, it prefers meat. Housewives can show their culinary talent and prepare the most complex dishes to surprise the future feline patroness of the year.

You can put sliced meat of different types of meat on the table. It can be dried, smoked, etc. You can also cook sausages, jellies, jellies, pâtés, etc.

Hot dishes can be prepared not only in the oven, frying pan, pan, pan, but also on the grill or campfire. Kebabs, ham and ribs are suitable.

When preparing salads and sandwiches, you should also concentrate on sausages, various meats and smoked meats.

Although fish is not one of Tiger’s favorite foods, in China it is believed to bring good luck. Fish dishes can be prepared with river or sea fish.

It will not refuse the owner of the year and dairy products, especially cheese, cheese, cream, etc. They can be widely used not only for salads, snacks, but also for desserts.

As for alcohol, it is necessary to limit its presence at the holiday table. Too much spirit can lead to the fact that some people will not be able to control their behavior and will look like primates. The Tiger does not tolerate them.

On the table will attract the attention of the totem bright wines, citrus juices, orange and yellow fruits: bananas, oranges and tangerines. In China, tangerines are generally considered a symbol of prosperity.


Favorites of the year will be gold jewelry. They are a symbol of luxury and will help to attract wealth.

Silver jewelry will emphasize the flavor and make any image more concise.

It is good to wear blue accessories. They will fully comply with the elements, which will also positively affect the fate.

Products made of pearls and beads will look perfect with flying fabrics.

Orange jewelry will accentuate the owner’s optimism and zest for life. This will surely please the future host of the year.

Styles and materials

At a meeting of the Tiger it is necessary to refuse whimsical and pompous things. It is better to stop at traditional and sober styles.

It is necessary to work on a way of fashion that is laconic and beautiful.

As for materials, it is better to prefer products made of silk, velvet, cashmere, satin, lace. It is better not to use leather and fur in New Year’s attire.

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