Walgreen pregnancy test

Introduction: Walgreen pregnancy test. Sometimes you think or feel you are pregnant and want accurate and perfect news that you will soon become a parent. It is because early care is very important for healthy pregnancy and baby. 

With the Walgreen pregnancy test, you can check the accurate results of your pregnancy confirmation at home. You don’t need to go outside to visit a doctor’s clinic and get news of your pregnancy.

Walgreen pregnancy test
Walgreen pregnancy test 2

Walgreen pregnancy test is an easy way to detect pregnancy at home. When a pregnancy stick has dipped into the urine, it produces a positive and faint or fine line due to an increased level of pregnancy hormone (HCG). False-negative results occur when you test too early if your pregnancy. 

Walgreen pregnancy test positive 

Pregnancy tests detect the level of the hormone chorionic gonadotropic or HCG. When the egg gets fertilized, and pregnancy has taken place, then the level of HCG hormone increases. Some of these hormones enter the urine, and pregnancy tests can detect their level. In this way, you can learn about your pregnancy at home.

How you perform depends upon the type of pregnancy test, but the most at-home pregnancy test is Walgreen. In this test, you urinate into a cup, dip the stick into the urine, and leave it for some time. In some cases, you can put a dipstick into your urine stream.

The dipstick changes the color sign or forms the plus sign, which indicates that you are pregnant. Sometimes it becomes difficult to interpret the simple pregnancy test because it only forms the plus, minus, or color changes.

The good time to take a pregnancy test is morning because urine is more concentrated and HCG level is easy to predict. Too dilute urine may likely give false results in some women. Home pregnancy tests are easy and convenient.

Walgreen tests provide the assortment of fertility and pregnancy of your every need. When your test is positive, visit your doctor so that you can take care of your health and your baby.

Walgreen pregnancy test fine line 

When you have a suspicion about your pregnancy, and after a home pregnancy test, you know you are pregnant. After the pregnancy confirmation, you are still confused because the test shows a fine or faint line. You wish to know whether you are pregnant or not. 

HCG is a pregnancy hormone and detects the early stages of pregnancy. It is only present in the urine when pregnant, no matter how many thin lines you have spotted on your stick. Any positive, faint, or fine line you look at means you are pregnant.

The level of HCG increases throughout your pregnancy. You can get more confirmation but using the digital screen test early in the morning. Before the test, take care that you don’t drink water or any dilute liquids. 

When you use a Walgreen pregnancy test, you see a control line over the dipstick, which control the pregnancy confirmation. When you dip it into urine and another fine line appears with it, it means you or pregnant, whether it is a faint, fine, or dark line.

Sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to believe that you are pregnant. But remain relaxed and be sure that any positive line, faint or fine, indicates that you have pregnancy. 

The fine or faint line appears on the stick because you are doing a very early pregnancy test almost 4-6 days before your period’s date. So you observe the fine line on your stick. To avoid this, you should test after 10-15 days and get confirmation. 

Walgreen pregnancy test HCG level 

HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropic hormone, is in large quantities during pregnancy. The level of HCG may increase because of two reasons. 

The first reason is that after 10 days of pregnancy, fertilized egg gets attached to the uterus lining, and your body starts making HCG. With time level goes on increasing. 

The second reason is that after four weeks, when your fertilized egg has converted into an embryo then, the level of HCG increases very fast. HCG increased production triggers the release of progesterone and estrogen hormone in women. 

Together these three enzymes build up the uterus lining and send the message to the uterus to stop the release of eggs that stops your period. 

  • A urine pregnancy test at home requires a higher level of HCG for pregnancy detection. 
  • A blood test is more accurate in detecting the presence of HCG levels in pregnant women. A pregnancy blood test can detect a low quantity of HCG and confirm the pregnancy. Blood has more HCG hormone than urine so it can detect pregnancy at very early stages. 

Walgreen pregnancy test falsely negative 

False negative pregnancy tests occur when you check your pregnancy too early and your body has not produced a detectable quantity of HCG. So you get false negative test results.

It could also occur when you don’t wait after intercourse and want to know about the pregnancy. So you must take the test when you miss your first period to avoid a false negative pregnancy test. 

False pregnancy tests occur when urine has diluted, and the HCG level is insufficient to detect the pregnancy. Do a pregnancy test in the morning to avoid a false negative result. 

A false pregnancy test may also occur due to too much HCG hormone or a test capturing the fragmented form of the hormone. Which tend to increase as one’s pregnancy increases. Too much HCG in urine overwhelmed the test and produced false negative results.

The Degraded hormone instead of the intact hormone, then the test signal antibody does not produce the result against it, and you get false results. 

Final words 

To have a pregnancy is a very sweet blessing, and people are too excited about it and want to know its confirmation. Walgreen pregnancy test detects the confirmation of pregnancy.

When you dip a stick into the urine with enough HCG hormone, producing the double line with the control line, it means you are pregnant. The pregnancy line may be fine or faint, but pregnancy occurs no matter what type of line.

But sometimes, you get confused when you test too early in your pregnancy and get a false negative test. So be patient and do a test after a week of your miss periods. After confirmation, visit your doctor and keep you and your baby healthy and protected.

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