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Virgo sign meaning. The astrological sign of Virgo corresponds to the natives of the end of summer, until September 23: the sign of re-entry, therefore. Under the control of the Earth element and associated with the planet Mercury, Virgo personalities are pragmatic and reserved; rich in human qualities, but not available to everyone. Her favorite gemstone is opal.

This sign represented by a virgin has as strengths its kind treatment, they are very practical, hard-working, loyal, analytical people. Weaknesses: shyness, worry, works very hard at work and does not play games.

Virgo likes: nature, cleanliness, animals, books, healthy food, books.

Virgo doesn’t like: asking for help and not taking center stage either.

Virgos are always paying attention to the smallest details and their deep sense of humanity makes them one of the most careful signs of the zodiac. Their methodical approach to life ensures that nothing should be left to chance, and while they are often cuddly, their hearts may be closed to the outside world.

This is a sign that is often misunderstood, not because they lack the ability to express themselves, but because they will not accept their feelings as valid, true, or even relevant when opposed to reason.

Virgo characteristics

Virgo children are elusive and difficult to hold on to. They have an open mind, but with great shyness they tend to hide their letters jealously. It is very difficult to discover what a Virgo thinks because her thoughts are well guarded and mysterious.

Those born under this sign are very intelligent and imaginative, they usually spend many hours philosophizing about topics that other people would think for a moment. Virgos tend to be very down to earth and extremely organized. They prefer minimalism and simplicity to avoid complex situations.

They have a psychological vision that allows them to feel and observe many things that others cannot. With a perfectionist nature to the extreme, it can even become a double-edged sword, since sometimes they take a long time on a project that they will never complete due to the small details.

Sometimes the great desire for perfection of this sign can play a trick on them. They have the need for everything to work like a clock. They do not like to receive favors, they have a vocation for service and they really enjoy the duty accomplished.

They can also be irritable and thorough, exact and precise, usually concerned with being clean and meticulous. Virgos are good friends who are willing to help, they are excellent counselors and they really know how to solve problems, due to their clinical eye to recognize the nitty-gritty of the situation.

With a highly developed sense of responsibility, it is for this reason that they hate frivolity and improvisation, in addition to being able to fully develop they will need to feel safe.

Virgo is very loving and affectionate, faithful and dedicated, his strength is romanticism and not passion and he is very attentive, detailed, shows tenderness, in this way they are surprising people who make up to a certain extent the lack of decision. In the same way, Virgos are dedicated to the family, as father or mother is the most dedicated sign that exists in the zodiac, and as a couple as well; they are the first to run when a family member requires help or care.

Virgo starting date

The sign of Virgo begins after the sign of Leo and runs from August 24 to September 23.

Virgo in love

Those born under the sign of Virgo have an ideal of love and follow it to the letter. From a very young age, they imagine what they want in their love life and when they find it, they cling to that desire. With the water signs, Virgo can form couples that can complement each other.

Virgos go after what they want and encourage them to be challenging. No problems, no excesses in terms of sentimentality or those emotions that rise and fall that other signs possess. Virgo people seek stability and consider themselves the most charming people in the world and the coldest enemy.

When Virgo really falls in love, he can transform into a shy person, expectant of everything his partner shows, attentive to details and circumstances; in short, when falling in love, this virtue is multiplied by a thousand. Those of this sign almost always show more deeds than words, but their deeds are worth a lot or are worth more than nothing.

When they fall in love, no demonstrations will be needed, because their bodies will always reveal what their hearts feel and what their mouths don’t dare to say.

Also, they pay a lot of attention to appearances, they place a lot of importance on honesty. On the other hand, excessive displays of personality make them look pretentious, and they also like their partners to be organized and punctual.

Virgo sign in love
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Virgo sign in love

Virgo woman

In almost all situations, women of this sign have a lot of logic and conscientiously observe everything before making a decision, in a very practical way. Virgo ladies love to learn new things and also solve problems, they use analysis and intuition and all perspectives to solve such problems, even if it takes them much longer.

They are perfectionists and conscientious, which causes bad and good times with those around them. Sometimes it borders on obsession and that attitude is good when it leads them to achieve their goals, but they suffer a very great disappointment if they cannot meet them.

Women of this sign have a lot of pride, dignity and charm, they are very focused and do not allow themselves to be carried away by dreams and illusions, because they cling to reality, a characteristic that makes them very good advisers, faithful friends and a shoulder to trust. , thanks to your common sense.

A Virgo can be counted on as a friend, as she will always be there when needed. As for work, women of this sign develop excellently, although their perfectionism plays tricks on them.

Occupying leadership positions is not their priority, this sign prefers to organize and direct in the shadows, without others noticing. Due to their great sense of justice and duty, they often demand a lot from their peers.

The most frequent jobs that Virgo women do are nurse, secretary, administrator, lawyer, accountant or with subjects related to languages and music where in some exceptions they delve into their most artistic vein. Virgo girls in terms of love are very romantic, they also like pampering and feeling loved.

Sometimes they tend to be somewhat possessive and demanding with their partners, when they get upset it is not easy to satisfy them and live up to their expectations. As for sex, they are not considered the most passionate, because their rationality prevails, which does not allow them to completely surrender to unbridled passion.

Virgo man

The men of this sign are usually orderly, neat and are very attentive to the small details, which can establish their world. With clear priorities in all aspects of his life.

Virgos have a totally rational and conventional personality as to whether something works, it should not be changed or touched. They are perfectionists, which makes them show rigidity in their relationships, but with well-founded criticisms, managing to solve any type of problem.

The Virgo man brings well-being and order, since he is helpful and simple. They enjoy helping other people, they do not require many luxuries, that does not mean that they do not know how to value them.

Virgo gentlemen with their friends are very reliable, since they are not treacherous, they are those loyal friends that you must have in life.

They in friendship provide stability and prudence and usually advise when a decision is necessary. They are the ones who say what you do not want to hear, considering what is best for their friends.

In love, men of this sign are prudent and conventional, they do not like to take risks, since they need to be sure of making the right decision.

It is a bit difficult for them to open their hearts, they are reserved men and it is not so easy to show their vulnerabilities. When a Virgo is conquered, he will give himself thoroughly and without any qualms will reveal the deepest part of him.

It is a sign not at all unfaithful, since they do not start any relationship, until they have finished the current one. Those born under this sign like things clear, if they notice something very complicated, they will not insist, and with some exceptions, they will not allow feelings to rule over their heads.

Virgos love that they are conquered and that there is previous seduction, here their favoritism for small details is also presented. The men of this sign make love based on caresses, tenderness and a lot of affection; But they can also unleash the wild animal within them.

What are Virgos like?

People of the Virgo sign are dominated by shyness that sometimes prevents them from expressing all their analytical capacity, the kindness and practicality that they carry internally.

Virgos love order, cleanliness, animals, but at the same time they detest vulgarities and being the center of attention. They tend to excel in business, since they are perfectionists and entrepreneurs.

Due to their shy nature and because they do not hurt the sensibilities of other people, they do not feel comfortable with respect to the treatment of others when they are in the position of directors or entrepreneurs.

But despite this they manage to make the right decisions regardless of these aspects. Additionally, Virgos are detailed and forward-thinking and never try to leave anything to chance.

To be happy they need a lot of love and feel desired by their partners, in bed they are very good lovers, although generally they do not openly show their feelings, but through gestures and attentions.

Their needs are very deep and sensual, when you want or love a Virgo, you will have to look beyond the surface. They are ideal as friends, excellent counselors, and often show great sensitivity towards their friends.

What stands out most in the life of Virgos is health and well-being, they will even take it into account for their loved ones. They are perfect beings as parents, although they do not express it, but they will always be attentive to any requirement of their children.

Thanks to its organization and the rest of the capabilities that this sign possesses, it manages to approach any task with great success. A great achievement for the natives of Virgo is to overcome their excessive shyness, so that it allows them to access various options in life.

Virgo lucky number

The lucky numbers of the Virgo sign are: 10, 15 and 27.

Tarot for Virgo

House I: Personality

Arcane: Knight of Wands (Sticks)

Advice: they must have audacity, a spirit of adventure and avoid impatience. It will be the time to evolve, put plans in motion and connect with personal power.

HOUSE II: Material possessions

Arcane: 9 of Cups

Tip: With much joy and indulgence you will get many material benefits and it will be necessary to share those achievements with friends and family.

CASA III: Communication and thought

Arcane: The Priestess

Tip: Through wisdom and sensitivity, positive self-talk will be cultivated. It will be necessary to participate in workshops and courses in order to update knowledge.

HOUSE IV: Home and family

Arcane: King of Wands (suits)

Advice: it is possible to assume the leadership of the family group in the face of a new challenge with great maturity, inspiration and generosity. Above all, rely on skills.

HOUSE V: Romance and creativity

Arcane: Knight of Pentacles (Gold)

Tip: emotional stability this time is more important than fleeting romantic adventures.


Arcane: 7 of Wands (suits)

Advice: prudence and determination to resolve certain conflicts in the workplace. As far as possible, you should avoid discussing plans with people in the work environment. In addition, it will be necessary to respect rest and feeding schedules.

HOUSE VII: Personal relationships

Arcane: 5 of Pentacles (Gold)

Tip: share with your partner the issues that cause concern. Avoid feelings of abandonment.

HOUSE VIII: Sexuality

Arcane: Queen of Swords

Tip: communicating openly will promote an understanding with family, partner or partner. Practicality in relationships.

HOUSE IX: Philosophy

Arcane: The Lovers

Tip: They may find themselves with more than one alternative on their hands, so decisions related to international contracts, academic life or publications and the different alternatives must be carefully analyzed before taking action.

HOUSE X: Friends and groups

Arcane: The Magician

Tip: There is no fear in assuming team leadership. Experience prepares this sign for these situations and they have a lot of potential to materialize dreams, thanks to creative visualization.

HOUSE XI: Mysticism and Karma

Arcane: 3 of Pentacles (Gold)

Advice: spiritual openness and initiation. Receiving the help of other people is part of the process of evolution and growth of being.

Virgo compatibility with other signs

Virgo and Aries

These two signs will initially be observed and will not be understood, the impulsiveness of Aries does not fit very well with the rigor of Virgo. However, as soon as the dialogue begins, they realize that they share the same demands and the same desire for ideal love.

Virgo and Taurus

Few obstacles will get in the way of Taurus and Virgo. With great practicality, they will be able to manage their day to day wonderfully and will be able to combine efforts to build a solid relationship based on stability and trust.

Virgo and Gemini

Gemini gives Virgo a good dose of recklessness, while Virgo teaches Gemini to better manage their routine affairs. In short, both complement each other. In the affective part, the two have the same needs and emotional outbursts make them run away from each other.

Virgo and Cancer

This time we will talk about two very shy signs, they both share the same taste for discretion. Virgo may sometimes miss the romanticism from Cancer and may even notice it somewhat lunatic, but as a couple they can function well.

Virgo and Leo

In public, Virgo can struggle to compete with Leo and the innate security that characterizes this sign. But when both are in private, the situation is reversed, it is Virgo who controls everything. They love being pampered.

Virgo and Virgo

At first glance they look like the perfect couple, however, in real life it can be different, since sometimes each in their own way will be trying to organize their life as a couple. With regards to the emotional, they will lack depth and will not always open up to each other.

Virgo and Libra

These two signs share the same standards of moral and aesthetic perfection. Together they manage to create a harmonious mix of trust and mutual respect. But motivated that they do not like conflicts, sometimes there is a lot of lack of communication.

Virgo and Scorpio

They will be contrary in various aspects. Virgo’s coldness drives Scorpios away, while Scorpios’ intensity scares Virgos as they fear getting caught up in its power. But when love takes them by surprise, they can live a very fertile union.

Virgo and Sagittarius

These two signs do not have the same lifestyle, but they share the same ideals. Between them there will be no love at first sight. Your relationship will build over time, obtaining a healthy and strong relationship, because you both have the same standards and adequate communication skills.

Virgo and Capricorn

Both understand each other wonderfully, together they share the same sense of morality and rigor. They are modest and reserved and manage to build a lasting relationship that is based on loyalty and trust. They are more homebody than adventurer and run the risk of closing in on their relationship.

Virgo and Aquarius

The first meeting of these two signs is at the intellectual level. The feelings will come later. Together they manage to find an excellent balance and can even start professional projects together. The only thing that they should work harder is the affection of their partner, a feeling that they may need little by little.

Virgo and Pisces

Communication between these two signs can be difficult. Pisces will feel locked into the daily routine of Virgo, while Virgo will feel like they lose their balance in the fantasy world of Pisces. When they are able to interpenetrate, the union acquires a spiritually intense dimension.

Virgo qualities

Among the qualities of the Virgo sign are that they are hardworking, perfectionists, practical, methodical and orderly; They are analytical people who do not stop until they understand the nuances that surround them.

Those born under the sign of Virgo are sincere and calm. They transmit calm to other people and therefore they become people who can be trusted and are very efficient when solving any problem.

Virgo in bed

Virgos to be in bed with another person must first receive many details, they will need an impulse that leads them to have sex. And of course feel comfortable and at ease.

You cannot insist too much on doing things that you do not want, as the flame will soon go out.

Right up to the moment of surrendering, Virgo is shy and modest, it is difficult for him to express his desire towards his partner and he does not open his soul completely. The moment all this happens, and he is in a state of comfort, he will give it his all, perhaps the couple will hallucinate seeing that he will receive a full Virgo service.

Virgos know very well that hard and violent sex can be enjoyed in a certain way, but that they can also climax with gradual and gentle sex, the latter method being one of their specialties,

In bed those of this sign start slowly until their body is filled with passion and they become more wild, but little by little, resulting in an enjoyment of sexual intercourse with great pleasure.

It should be noted that Virgos give great importance to love in sex and that they have doubly fun when these aspects are mixed. When they have a night of sex, they do not like it, they manage to vent, but few people will know it thoroughly in a single day.

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