Virgo decan 2

Introduction: Virgo Decan 2 is ruled by Venus and Saturn (Trine Capricorn). From September 3 to September 12, the Sun moves through the constellations of Leo, the Great Ship, the Great Bear, and the Predators. Most of the stars here are Saturn/Venus in nature, which will make them all bitter. Virgo decan 2 run from 10º to 20º Virgo.

Saturn gives Venus a bleeding heart but can also make the person somewhat rude. Virgo decan 2 can push people away and make them wonder why they sometimes stay away. They need to test their partner’s spine and cause them to the limit.

Virgo decan 2
Virgo decan 2

Important sub-effects of this Saturn decan can create many exciting differences. Capricorn is the innate ruler of the tenth house of career, profession, business, honors, and recognition. So, have a personal hunger for success in whatever you do.

You are never satisfied with the status quo whenever there is a remote possibility of improvement. With Virgo as your ascendant, you’re willing to work hard to get to the top. But your Capricorn sub-influence often forces you to face frequent and unpleasant setbacks and delays.

This article will explain Virgo’s decan 2 love, personality, and compatibility. Let’s get started;

Virgo decan 2 love

When Virgo decant 2 finds love, they have a soft and compassionate nature and do everything they can to make themselves happy. People best suited for Virgo’s 2nd decan are active, outgoing types, who are a good foil for their thoughtful and sometimes withdrawn personalities. Virgo-Capricorn often has a taste for the unusual in intimate relationships.

They can send silent messages about this to their loved ones, which can be very satisfying if you think about it. Many Virgo-Capricorns have no real need to be around others, but if family life proves inviting, they can fit in well, as long as they have plenty of time and space for themselves.

You expect and demand the same level of perfection in others. So when others disappoint you, you get disappointed. You are fully committed to your commitments and obligations. Also, you have the mental capacity to push through the pain to reach your highest goals. You are willing to do more than just hard work for material wealth and professional success.

Falling in love isn’t easy, but love with a Virgo decan 2 is worth your time! The right partner will love a Virgo for their intelligence, subtlety, unusual interest, and more. And if you’re currently falling for one, you might wonder if Virgo is in love with you.

Virgos approaches love with a checklist. They have already chosen the excellent eye color for their partner, the ideal wedding terminus, and what their child might glance like with someone. But, despite planning a romantic getaway, Virgo is open to staying if a lover shows real potential.

Virgo decan 2 is available to compromise for the right person! And if a Virgo decan 2 is spending time with you and showing that they care about helping you become your best self, there’s a good chance they’re falling for you.

Virgo decan 2 personality

The second decan Virgo personality is based on excellent organizational skills, strong willpower, and resourcefulness. You could organize even the most chaotic situations if born under this influence. You are unbeatable, practical, and disciplined and will not stop until you finish the job. In addition, you have excellent organizational skills and can direct others well with motivation, delegation, and assertiveness. This makes you a great boss and a great manager.

You are okay with compromising your relationships for professional interests. You aspire to be at the top of the corporate sector. Some natives are found using all means and tactics to oust their rivals. You are selfish at times. You achieve a strong financial position only through sheer commitment over a long period.

You are strong-willed and determined to improve everything – including yourself. You don’t like things that are less than perfect. All Virgos are perfectionists, but you are especially so. You expect and demand perfection from others and become frustrated when others disappoint you. You are very diplomatic and tactful and possess discretion. The secrets and confidences given to you are protected.

Saturn is the personal planet of Virgos born during this period. They are very patient, thoughtful, and thrifty. They do not need to be supervised or guided by other people. Instead, they will move forward to achieve their goals.

No matter how complicated things are, they will become much more manageable when Virgos start handling and solving the complexity. What they need to improve and strengthen is their relationship with their partners. However, apart from being good to their colleagues, they should not get used to their colleagues depending on them.

Virgo decan 2 compatibility

Virgos have a strong natural sense of beauty and the ability to create and express. As the thinking process progress, the mind becomes increasingly powerful, overcoming initial impotence. Thus, the developed Mercury type shows true sophistication and refinement on the first stream. Artistic and aesthetic sensibility has now reached its highest level. Mercury bestows many gifts, including fighting or sporting spirit, musical talent, literary abilities, spontaneity, refinement, and the capacity for fun and joy.

Taurus and Virgo decan 2 are earth signs with similar tastes and temperaments. Both Taurus and Virgo decant 2 like things to look and feel “just right” to make an excellent team to create a sophisticated, traditional home. Both are old-fashioned, and they’ll feel safe knowing they’re standing on solid ground where values are concerned.

Virgo’s wiser sensibilities can keep Taurus’ lust for luxury in check, and Taurus always helps to lighten Virgo’s boat without rocking it too much. These two signs are exceptionally compatible when it comes to raising a family. Their caring nature – combined with their stability and persistence – makes children feel secure. Finally, Taurus and Virgo decan 2 make a steadfast couple who can lean on each other for the long haul.


Natives of this decan make good administrators but don’t see the big picture well. Nevertheless, they struggle to adapt to the changes in life. They are after material help and are very thrifty. Saturn, your ruling planet, gives you the strength to stand the test of adversity.

You are patient and slow, hardworking and slowly moving towards your destination in life. Natives born in the second decade of Virgo have an analytical mind and good speaking abilities. You can convince anyone under the Sun to do anything you want. You also have a strong sense of instinct. Forgive and forget is not in your vocabulary.

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