Venus in Aquarius woman

Introduction: Venus in Aquarius women are the architects of any social group. They will come up with great ideas that no one can wrap their head around. Thus his thinking is unorthodox and unorthodox.

Venus in Aquarius woman
Venus in Aquarius woman

Romantically, these natives will ever look for partners who recognize their penchant for such outside-the-box thinking. With Venus in Aquarius woman, they want relationships based on mutual respect, understanding, stability, and permanent security for their partners.

She is a social butterfly, always very talkative. She may find a romantic partner in his circle of friends. Remember that Aquarius is not only related to communication but also technology. Therefore, this woman may have great luck finding a partner through the Internet or phone.

The Aquarian Venus woman strongly believes in universal brotherly love. It is closely connected to the history of women’s career romantic relationships. He does not like to hold grudges. She believes in forgiving and forgetting. So her partner must accept that some of her exes are good friends.

Her dream lover is rough and tough. He is not affected by emotions. He is independent enough to solve his problems and does not depend on any relationship to run his life. He is willing to behave like a friend among friends but can attract attention with great humor and wit. She is social and has no problem with group dates.

Let’s start to talk about Venus in Aquarius woman’s appearance, fashion, compatibility, clothing, love, and attraction.

Venus Aquarius woman’s appearance

Unique is the best way to describe the beauty of Venus in Aquarius people. Thanks to their air sign principle, they are delicate in appearance. People in this place have unique and beautiful hair, which can be cut in a quirky style or long and shiny, like Rapunzel. Quirky and bold colors look great on them; think a wild black lip, an electric blue glittery eye, or an of-the-moment aquamarine eyeliner. 

When you’re born under Venus in Aquarius, you’re naturally very confident in your appearance and maybe even a little arrogant. Friends think you’re always trying to “punch above your weight” in the looks department.

Venus in Aquarius woman’s fashion

You gravitate toward a sharp, attention-grabbing style. Oddly, you can pull off any new trend with unwavering confidence and have at least one major statement piece in your wardrobe. 

To style for an Aries Venus, something red is a must. But your style can be very modern and make a statement. You should have statement pieces, bright colors, mix-match patterns, and unique jewelry. It would be best to have variety, or you may become bored and unmotivated. A famous Aries Venus is none other than Rihanna, who has been notorious for making ‘ugly’ outfits look fabulous.

Venus in Aquarius woman’s compatibility

The best compatible matches for Venus in Aquarius are those with Venus in Sagittarius and Venus in Aries. These natives are passionate about their creative ideas, and their fiery element is ready to work to make their fantasies come true.

The second best compatible match is Gemini and Venus in Libra. Venus in Libra is a charming and romantic ideal, but Venus in Aquarius is more dogmatic than ideal. On the other hand, Venus in Libra gets tired of daydreaming alone and prefers living through Venus in Aquarius to convince others to share their goals.

The third best compatible match is Venus in Taurus and Venus in Scorpio. However, the natives are incompatible with those who have Venus in Capricorn and Venus in Pisces.

Venus in Aquarius woman’s clothing

This is the most diverse, original, and ingenious position for Venus! When in the air sign of Aquarius, Style and beauty are expressed uniquely. The tendencies of Venus in this sign also mean nothing to you.

When it comes to wearables, you gravitate towards innovative and forward-thinking designs. The similarity isn’t your concern, and it’s about your statement. How can Venus appear in Aquarius? The bright aqua will catch your eye.

Venus in Aquarius woman in love

When you are born under Venus in Aquarius, you take an unconventional approach to love. This applies to the people you choose to bring into your life and how you build your relationships.

She is looking for a man who knows what he wants out of his life and has no problem doing what is necessary to get it. Aquarius in love (Venus) brings an original, completely independent approach to relationships. There’s a good chance you’ll make surprising choices in love.

You don’t have anything approaching a traditional “wish list” regarding potential partners. Looks, career, these are not the things you look for. For you, it’s about a person with whom you feel mentally stimulated and spiritually connected. Because you find the status quo boring, you are often attracted to unconventional people.

You want a partner with whom you can discuss the deepest and most philosophical issues, but you can be a little reserved when discussing your feelings. These are the things you often prefer to work on yourself. A partner who forces you to share too much can lead to frustration.

Venus in Aquarius woman’s attracted to

If your Venus is in Aquarius, you attract others through your mind. You are progressive, open, and radical in some ways, and people who want that kind of thing gravitate to you.

In social situations (especially romantic situations), you can be a little aloof. This attracts those who enjoy the pursuit, although this loneliness can be difficult later when you are truly in a relationship, and your partner wants more emotional intimacy.

In general, you attract partners and platonic friends simply by being interesting. Such folks are always one step ahead of others with their mental processes. You are attracted to people who are quirky in themselves. Above all, you are looking for an intellectual connection, someone with whom you can travel the mind. The background is unimportant, and you may come from a very different culture.

You’ll thrive with a partner who lets you go out with all your friends. You are looking for a partner who will be your number-one friend among many. You don’t want a conventional life and may avoid marriage later.


The Venus Aquarius woman defies convention. The Venus-Aquarius man respects independent thinkers and women who let their crazy flag fly! In same-sex relationships, it represents Venus, femininity, creativity, and love of life.

Even if Venus-Aquarius are outwardly mixed, there is likely to be something unusual about their mentality. It can drive you crazy when you’re in crusader mode, with a bit of egotism.

Social labels on them, be they race, class, or religion, are as temporary to you as the color of one’s hair. It makes your love life unconventional, and you might shock people in the process!

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