Twin flames meaning

Twin flames menaing; what does it mean? Symptoms, signs, stages, separation, etc. You have undoubtedly heard of the concept of twin flames and perhaps you have even daydreamed of finding your own. However, you may also have dismissed the concept and think it is an implausible fantasy and have decided on a relationship in which you are simply comfortable.

The flames are memories that we have inside and that are present in us with a very strong action potential but that it is not necessarily possible to exploit it.

Dyad – Twin Flame

A dyad is a soul that is divided into two bodies, into two parts. Everything then passes from an alchemical process to unite. This involves inner work to find the twin flame. It is one and the same soul in two bodies. So there is a powerful resonance that then initiates an energetic process …

At the service of reunification, of the merger of entities. The soul often has a religious connotation, it gets bad press. We forget the entire origin resulting from human ontology. Therefore, it is a deep structure in the human being, it is the very deep nature of the human being beyond the Ego.

The latter builds ideals, concepts, but the soul is the deep nature of the individual that prevails, it is the quintessence of the Being. We often go from the Ego to the soul, when we meet its twin flame, the soul takes over. There is a dismantling of the structures of the self.

What are they?

Sometimes referred to in terms of a “mirror soul” or “soul connection”, the other half of your soul is a twin flame. It is theorized that a soul can split in two after going up to a high frequency. Subsequently, the soul lands in two different bodies.

When comparing twin flames to soulmates, it is important to note that a soulmate is someone who vibrates with the same type of energy as you, but has never existed in fusion with you. So while soulmate connections are hugely important, meeting a twin flame is on another level entirely. Usually this will lead to romance.

However, it can also manifest itself in the form of intense friendship.

The reality is that not only do soulmates exist, but it is possible to form even deeper connections. Experts call these combinations twin flames. While relationships with twin flames still face difficulties and do not last forever, they still represent an important opportunity for happiness and growth. Two twin flames are born as separate “Siamese” souls for evolutionary reasons.

And so it goes without saying that there is only one soulmate flame, they part ways to learn some lessons, work in the shadows, and pass various tests. They were created simultaneously and when they meet again in incarnation and look at each other, it is as if they are looking at themselves.

Your soul’s intention is to re-sync only after mutual liberation. When they meet they have a very strong attraction on a spiritual level, not always sexual.

Being together they feel fullness, fullness, unless they are at the exact moment, that is, when they are not mature enough from an evolutionary point of view. It is a gift to physically meet a twin flame, but at the same time it is also very impetuous.

With a flame you know that you meet that part of you that you love and fear and that only you know. That hidden and dark part that you avoid showing to others. That bright part that you want so much that others know about you. And when you find him in front of you, it is not you who falls in love with him, but your Soul unites in Love with his Flame and cannot help it.

It is not a crush between soulmates or companions, but it is something much more intense. You love and hate your flame. You listen to what he feels, you think what he thinks, and you know exactly when he thinks of you, what he thinks, and how he thinks of you.

You share skills, projects, dreams, but unfortunately, depending on how much you have accepted and integrated your shadow, you can build or destroy if you agree to cooperate with your twin flame. And I am not referring to material or philosophical projects. I speak of projects of the soul.

One of the tricks to be able to accept that a twin flame has physically entered our life, is to accept that part identical to me looking at it with Love at three hundred and sixty degrees. With a twin flame you share the same energy field, especially the electromagnetic field of the heart.

For this reason it is not possible to co-create a healthy relationship with a twin flame if we have not accepted to recognize that part of ourselves that we hide. And by relationship I do not mean a romantic relationship, but any relationship (even friends or work) in which they only need to look into each other’s eyes and know what the other is co-creating with us.

Twin flames, what are they
Twin flames, what are they

So that?

They live with the activation of the memory of unconditional love, with the potential to remain connected to the heart despite pain and suffering, despite separation, because they come from there, like everyone else, but this reconnection is what them. wear first for themselves and then for others.

However, they have a greater responsibility than others because through the flame the individual pain but also the collective is burned. It is a service that is done and the effort is much greater. It is a true journey of transformation. They generally have very painful lives or situations that have brought them to an end because by solving them in themselves, they are solving the collective and everything is amplified.

Remember, however, They are voluntary souls who come to transform themselves and everything they touch with more or less force. They are Souls that have their polarities united within them, although in a frequency that does not correspond to the terrestrial one with which they have to deal.

That is why they are twin flames and that is why they are connected to the heart: the only real and persistent transformation in life is the one that the space of the heart allows you to do, in other words, unite the parts within you, without judging, with total acceptance. of what experiences and their characters are, say and do.

So, in this space everything becomes one again, because everything has always been united, that is, they are only aspects of the same and it is understood deeply within oneself that there are no losers, no winners, no victims and executioners. , nothing good and bad and not even good or bad.

Everything is functional for something bigger. This is the only healing that can take place in the human being, the healing that everyone seeks without being willing to follow the transforming force of the heart that asks you to let the structures die, making you go to your inner hell to come out like the phoenix, totally possessed by this force, fully regenerated.

Symptoms, Signs of the universe

The most common signs of twin flames are as follows:

  • Know intuitively what the other person is doing, feeling or thinking. Plus, you discover that they can detect the same things about you.
  • Sharing many of the same interests, values, hobbies, and preferences. For example, your twin flame probably has many books in your favorite genre. Likewise, you are probably drawn to the same tastes in food as well.
  • You often have the same thoughts or emotions at the same times, even when the twin flames are in different places. When you’re together in person, you can get them to say the same thing at almost the exact same time.
  • Feel a strong physical attraction of contact and closeness, both in a romantic and platonic setting. Have the same dreams at night and appear frequently in each other’s dreams. Sometimes your dreams will only overlap in content, but the core message and sentiment will be similar.
  • Feeling of being able to communicate easily without speaking out loud. Between twin flames, a simple glance will often be enough to tell what the other person thinks of what is happening.
  • Understanding of complex or hidden parts of each other. This can be uncomfortable when confronted, but it can also be deeply liberating and comforting.
  • Sharing some of the same vulnerabilities and weaknesses. You may see some of his old flaws in your twin flame or that some of his current difficulties are highlighted by the way this person behaves.
  • Feel that it is safe and natural to be your authentic self with this person. For example, even if you are normally shy, a twin flame will make you feel comfortable enough to be yourself.

Stages, phases

The 7 Phases of Twin Flames Meeting a Twin Flame is a special life-changing moment! However, that’s just the beginning of what awaits us both.

The meeting of the twin flames opens up a new dynamic part of life: it will facilitate growth, inspire change, and challenge you to accept yourself fully. Think of meeting your twin flame as the first step on a journey. We will explore each of the twin flame stages and see the connection between them and the various telltale signs.

Some stages are primarily associated with wonderful experiences, while others can be emotionally demanding. But they are all necessary parts to know the other half of yourself. There are seven main stages in the Twin Flame reunion process. However, keep in mind that you may go through them at a slower or faster pace than other people.


The search phase involves a strong sense of longing and a keen awareness that something is missing in your life. Even if you’ve never thought about soulmates and twin flames before, this is the stage where you start to believe that there really is a perfect connection for you.

In all likelihood, you will initially doubt this feeling; You may not be sure what to do with it, but, at the deepest level, you will find it impossible to shake off the belief that you will find the other half. The investigation phase is also partly about preparing his life for the arrival of his twin flame, although he may not know why he is doing it.

For example, you can start a journal, participate in therapy, or work to put past relationships aside permanently. On a subconscious level, you know that all of these things are necessary to welcome your twin flame.


As mentioned above, you tend to intensely acknowledge the encounter with your twin flame. This second phase of awakening is where you are physically and the awareness of your compatibility hits you head-on. Often this will be a chance encounter filled with coincidences and small signs that the twin flame reconnection is developing.

Sometimes they won’t be together for long, but a brief contact is enough to let you know that something special is going on. It is also worth noting that awakening can occur in a dream, meaning that you “meet” your twin flame in the dream landscape before crossing over in real life.

Regardless of how you feel, the intensity of the bond you feel will move you. You may feel intoxicated and find that all your waking moments are occupied with thoughts for this person.

The proof

The testing phase of a twin flame experience is defined by trying to understand your relationship with this other person. It’s about setting limits, testing your limits, and getting over the purely happy experience of the initial crush. This phase will only take place when you have had enough time to enjoy a “honeymoon” period.

Also, this stage is crucial if you want to have a more meaningful long-term relationship. For example, it is at this point that you will negotiate what your future will be like and begin to notice what could be an obstacle to that future.

Although twin flames are meant to know and love each other, they will still be involved in conflict (in the same way that before meeting your twin flame, you were involved in conflict with other parts of yourself). If they resolve these conflicts and how they will do it, it will define whether they can be together.

The crisis

While twin flame love can be euphoric, it inevitably comes with a crisis phase as well. While this is often unfortunate, the good news is that it can also catalyze a deeper and more stable bond in the long run.

This stage involves significant anxiety and concerns about your bond with your twin flame, and the crisis can be pretty much anything. It can be related to pain, betrayal, struggles with self-love, or anything else that puts pressure on your connection to your twin flame.

Despite the supernatural compatibility of twin flames, this is often a point where the two people decide to separate (a process that is extremely painful as it involves giving up a part of yourself). However, if you manage to follow these steps, you will come out stronger than ever.

The run or chase phase

Regardless of the form, the crisis phase is always followed by an execution or persecution phase. You can find yourself in both roles, and both you and your twin flame can alternate between the two roles.

This phase revolves around a twin flame receding, often out of fear of facing the level of intimacy that the two of you can experience. The twin in this role will suffer and feel very defensive and resilient. Meanwhile, the other twin flame will chase, believing the bond is worth fighting and working on.

This stage can only end when the running twin stops searching and running and the pursuing twin stops applying pressure. Often times, the end of this stage is marked by both twin flames realizing that there are forces at work beyond their control.


In the surrender phase, both twin flames will abandon a previous need to control the relationship. In this context, giving up doesn’t mean giving up your connection, but accepting that none of you can escape fate.

This can be a positive realization that frees you from past anxieties and allows you to live better in the moment, trusting that the universe will take you where you need to go.

Note that progress through the surrender phase is only possible if you are both working on the issues that led to the crisis and the execution / prosecution phases. For many people, the main problem here is that the twin flames are reflected.

So often the things that you will have to deal with are the negative feelings you have about yourself, which are reflected in the eyes of your twin flame.

The meeting

When the twin flames pass through the meeting stage, they will have a sense of relief that balance is restored. By going through the earlier and challenging stages, you will have learned a great deal about yourself and the potential associated with the unique type of love you have found.

For some twin flames, this reconnection will be physical in nature. For example, the two of you may eventually return to the same place, agree to share a home, or eventually physically consume your bond. Regardless of the particular form the meeting takes, it brings with it a sense of peace, acceptance and mutual understanding.

If you can endure the more tumultuous parts of your journey, twin flame energy inevitably carries both sides to this stage of unity. After the meeting, the hard work is done; all you need to do now is live, enjoy the sense of fulfillment that can only be found in each other’s company.

Negative vibes

Your karma and negative energy blocks may be the only thing standing in your way in your relationship with your twin flame. What if you could end separation and suffering forever and join your Twin Flame?

I know how intense, even overwhelming, it can be to find or reconnect with your twin flame. Many newcomers to this journey have no one to turn to for help and often spend years researching and developing ways to address the many challenges that come along the way.

The most important thing to know is that you and your twin flame are meant to be together; it’s about clearing the blocks that get in the way of this reconnection.

As you connect with your twin flame, your energies are activated to clear whatever has kept you out of vibrational alignment between the two of you, so that you can find yourself together. This means that any past resentment, fear, jealousy, and shame will be relieved forever.

The problem is that many Twin Flames do not realize what is happening and allow these negative energies to get stuck in an endless loop instead of eliminating them, thus causing a vicious cycle of back and forth, separations, tensions and misunderstandings.

Union, reunion

This can happen between friends, family, or travel companions and colleagues. The flames, however, know that everything is changing and, therefore, it is not certain that the path is always united, but that there may be many variations along the way.

The flames reach this consciousness over time. They have a path to travel in their life that is just that, learning to exploit their potential. Remember that this transmutative force is not easy to handle: in the first years of life it is usually very self-destructive, it affects the person because you cannot tame it, you do not know how to channel it where it needs to go or what it is for.

The risk in this phase is getting lost and hurting yourself, remaining tied to suffering instead of transforming the potential in your favor, understanding what it requires. The other aspect is illusion and we will talk more about it in the next chapter. These souls may search for something in separation that they will never find and will suffer even more than necessary.

These Souls could stay looking for their whole life or settle for something that alleviates the feeling of strong abandonment that they have inside and thus, sabotage their evolution.

Remember, however, that nothing is right and nothing is wrong. What we have to follow always resounds within us, they are called clear from within and, as for the Soul there is no time but an eternal present, it is not in a hurry.

Each one of us here is within a greater plan that is not made known to us perfectly and to which we must entrust our path. Moment by moment we have the power to choose and each choice, if dictated by sentiment, is undoubtedly the best for you and for each experience.

If the choice were not for the feelings but for the mind, it would certainly be fine, because that is the path you choose to take. Respect it, knowing how the changing flow works and that the smoother you are and follow it, the more chances you will have of being protected on the journey and in the steps to follow. Soul, the choice is always yours.

Sacred function of the meeting

  • To love unconditionally: this requires that both flames know how to live individually, without having to merge in the projects they have established before incarnating. Even if they choose to separate, their union is stronger than any other union. They can communicate even thousands of miles apart.
  • Unconditional love: Two twin flames are not tasked with knowing each other as two soul mates or companions. Two llamas must love themselves without the need for the other flame, totally nullifying the illusion that your flame loves you as no one has ever loved you.
  • Recognize your soul plane: Two twin flames have the exact same soul plane, but in incarnation they also have different abilities. Therefore, when they meet physically, they can compete. They know that the other’s ways of carrying out their project are the same, but they don’t understand why the other llama does different things. And here you just have to observe and understand the way our flame operates differently from us, even if it fulfills the same project.
  • Recognize the difference in Soul intentions: two twin flames have the same soul project but are animated by different intentions. For this reason, at the material level in the incarnation they bring into play different attitudes that one flame cannot share with the other.
  • You realize that you are in front of your twin flame if you are in a deep awakening and you want it as much as you want to separate from it. When the day comes when you no longer want to merge or separate from him, you will have healed the posthumous wounds of separation from your soul.
  • The twin flame relationship is the path to enlightenment. What your twin flame develops in you, no one else can. Time is not of the essence in these relationships. They are aligned with universal time. Give yourself time. Give it time.
  • If the pain has been unbearable in a few days, your flame may have known a lot about that suffering in your own soul. They both traveled the same path. To get out of that suffering, acknowledge your worth and acknowledge your worth, even away from yourself. The flame can incarnate in a person of the same sex as you (as with some soulmates).


A question that my clients often ask me with concern is: “Can a definitive separation between twin flames occur?” Where we definitely understand a separation in which the twins never meet again, not even in future reincarnations.

Well, I would like to reassure readers and my friends by immediately making it clear that the answer to this question is absolutely NO! Twin flame separations are ALWAYS temporary and never final.

This is because the separation has a very specific purpose. This purpose is to allow a deeper spiritual maturation of both twins to prepare the ground for a more intense and serene reunion.

Only when both twin flames have understood, assimilated and embodied the concepts of unconditional love and love for oneself, the ghost of separation, although temporary, disappears forever from the horizon. This does not mean that twin flame separations, although not final, should be taken lightly.

In fact, I had the opportunity to follow many clients who, before turning to my help, trusted self-described “healers” who promised shortcuts and easy solutions to speed up the meeting. Unfortunately, in spiritual matters, trying to cheat is totally useless: you have to follow the rules and any concrete result can only be obtained with work and commitment.

Vs soulmates

Twin flames are two identical souls that split at the time of the birth of a single flame, to unite two different physical bodies. A soul mate to ours means, therefore, that the other constitutes our true half, that is, the one that completes our puzzle.

It is possible to have multiple soulmates, but you only have one twin flame. In addition, the encounter with your twin flame is usually unique and intense, crossing the path of the latter can upset, even change a life.

Unlike soulmates who are born separately, twin flames are born together and then split in two. Furthermore, they do not necessarily and directly imply love. In fact, when we talk about twin flames, we are talking more about spiritual growth.

This twin flame can take on the characteristics of a romantic partner, but also a friend or mentor, and we only meet her very rarely at the beginning of a life.

Like a wine that improves with time, the soul must first feed on experiences, enrich itself with the world, and experience what there is to experience before it is ready to meet its lazy twin.

Because yes, crossing the path of the latter changes a life and leads to merging with its half. Of course, as long as you believe in this concept. It all depends on your relationship with spirituality.

Toxic relationships

Be careful not to confuse an abusive / toxic relationship with the twin flame relationship. The latter is often described as “difficult” or intense, but does not require physical or psychological violence. In the twin flame relationship, the main danger may be to become emotionally dependent.

One can speak of “false twin flames”. It’s emotional dependency, saving / saving relationships, or toxic relationships with a narcissistic pervert. A twin flame relationship, emotionally disturbing as it may be, should bring no more pain than comfort. If any doubts persist about the toxic nature of your relationship, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a loved one and a therapist.

Are twin flames always romantically involved?

¿Las llamas gemelas siempre están involucradas románticamente? Amor

Although twin flames are generally considered romantic relationships, they can also be platonic.

The emphasis in a twin flame relationship is a spiritual connection in which you feel a familiarity and polarity with a person. This can take the form of a friend or even an acquaintance. In most cases, however, romance appears to be more common.

Can you have only one twin flame?

Following the commonly accepted idea that twin flames are two halves of the same whole, yes, you can only have one. However, this is up for debate, and it really depends on how the twin flame is defined.

Does everyone have a twin flame?

No. It is a rare connection and not everyone has one.
Ultimately, not everyone feels that pull towards the other part of their soul because they have not had this division.

Can Twin Flames Go Toxic?

¿Pueden las llamas gemelas volverse tóxicas?

Yes, twin flame relationships can turn toxic. In a twin flame relationship, your twin flame may reflect your own problems, unhealthy habits, or imbalances. Also, when twin flames are separated, they can have a hard time functioning. You can also end up defining your self-worth by the relationship. These aspects of the twin flame relationship can result in an unhealthy codependent relationship.

There is also a tendency to give your twin flame unconditional love, that is, to let it slide too far. Twin flame relationships are often romanticized and we tend to overlook some of the negative attributes of the relationship. Twin flames are known to be tumultuous if not handled carefully. If we don’t have self-esteem and conscience, they can become even more painful. “


The souls that we can define as twin flames have nothing to do with romantic fairytale relationships and not even with those that define themselves as “sacred.” Surely they can arrive at a highly evolved type of encounter based on a love of this type, but it is not the purpose for which they come here, nor the purpose of activating these memories. It is also important to define that love itself has nothing to do with romance or even feelings.

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