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Twin flame meaning platonic

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Twin flame meaning platonic. Plato’s twin flame – have you heard of it? Are you wondering what it is and how it differs from a romantic relationship?  You’ve heard so many times about what twin flames are and how they are the most sacred of all bonds. However, what if you believe that your twin flame relationship is just a very close friendship?

Twin flame meaning platonic
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Twin flame meaning platonic

We cannot dismiss platonic feelings simply because they aren’t discussed as much as romantic love. When this kind of connection occurs, you are left guessing what’s happening because nothing feels right.

It is for this reason that there are too many people in the world who have twin souls and wonder if they should not be more than pals. It is difficult to contemplate this when everyone is always talking about the toxic love that comes with this relationship.

You may have a very unique twin flame journey, however. Now that we know what’s going on, it’s time to begin getting answers.

Platonism and twin flames: Are they real?

The first thing to keep in mind is that everyone’s path is unique. There are a variety of experiences people have with their karmic links, so they must view the topic from different perspectives.

Truth be told, platonic connections between twin spirits are only a temporary solution. Because one of you is not ready for the upcoming twin flame union, you choose the safer option.

As long as the two are still friends, it is safer to remain friends for the time being. Regardless, you both might be head over heels in love with each other. It is the cosmos that sends those feelings, so your relationship is built on something much bigger than you.

People who attest to this spiritual connection say that physical pleasure is not necessary. It does not have to involve two partners.

People tend to prefer more comprehensive relationships. It’s not necessary for everyone’s orientation for a couple to be physically intimate just because it’s common. 

Their romantic feelings are still valid regardless of physical attraction.

Despite the fact that soulmates are uncommon, they can exist in every area of life. For example, soulmates can exist between friends, family, and even romantic partners.

You know that your souls have known each other since a long time ago when someone is just so right for you. Before your souls already knew each other, so now you’ve found your way home. 

Twin flames and soulmates are two different things. This mirror soul of yours is literally part of you that was separated from you millennia ago. Many different reincarnations have been able to establish a deep connection between you. There is no joke about this karmic relationship. 

It is thought that you can’t keep your twin flame as a platonic friend because of this. Regardless of what you do, your compatibility is simply too great to ignore.

You’ll realize that meeting them at this point in your life wasn’t a chance encounter when you realize that not every twin flame relationship is toxic and heartbreaking. It is valid and necessary for a successful partnership for you to desire platonic companionship at that time in your life.

So, to summarize: You can still be friends with your twin flame even if you’re not together. But there is a good chance that one of you will start to feel something at some point and it won’t go away.

Is your twin flame a platonic love?

Platonism and romanticism are two different types of love. In both situations, you feel as if you can tell that person everything and they will understand you. 

The similarity lies in the fact that you feel as though you can be yourself with them in every situation. The feeling of closeness with your twin flame can sometimes blur the line between romantic and platonic feelings. 

All of us seek someone who understands us completely and stands by our side in every aspect of our lives. While we might think we can only experience this with a romantic partner, we can also experience it in platonic relationships. 

As soon as you thought about love for the first time, you were filled with insecurities. There was a time when you thought no one could ever love you – until you met your twin flame.

Once you comprehend that love can have many facets, you may also be able to find a platonic twin flame. Even if you don’t feel any physical attraction towards them, that doesn’t mean you met a false twin flame. 

You could very well be best friends with your twin flame. There is something special about this connection and you’ll know if you’re just platonically attracted to them. 

Then you will know you can never be in a romantic relationship with them, but you will still feel the strong connection between the two of you. There’s no way you could touch them in a way that’s anything less than innocent. 

Your twin flame connection does not require physical contact, and you can imagine living in a platonic union with them for the rest of your life. Seeing them with other partners does not even make you feel jealous. 

It’s perfectly normal for twin flames to experience these feelings, so don’t be scared of them. If they do arise, it does not mean that you have a romantic interest in them, but rather that you are afraid of losing this soulmate relationship.

There may come a time when you feel it would be wrong to get physically involved with them. Some of the time it can even be repulsive since you don’t want to ruin your wonderful thing. 

There is nothing romantic about the unconditional love you have for them, since it could just as easily be an amazing friendship you’ve nurtured. There is nothing more brewing inside you, you can sense it deep within.

Final thoughts: Twin flame meaning platonic

You shouldn’t be put off by the prospect of a platonic twin flame relationship if it feels right for you both.

You will be able to get through this difficult time only if you communicate these things. Although your twin flame is acutely aware of all of your feelings, they will not be able to read your mind.

Do not share anything with them that is not necessary. Do not allow a silly mistake to ruin your relationship.

If you want this relationship to be more about friendship than anything else, you have the right to communicate that desire and erect that barrier.

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