Twin flame married

Twin flame married: and running, with kids, someone else, to karmic, to another woman.Introduction. If one of the twin flames is married, both are already dating someone else and meet each other when they are in Karmic relationships; this situation becomes complicated because someone else is already present in their life.

Twin flame married: and running, with kids, someone else, to karmic, to another woman
Twin flame married: and running, with kids, someone else, to karmic, to another woman

When you complete your twin flame for the first time, relief comes to your mind, and suddenly, your life becomes so simple, and you start loving yourself. Most times, people try their best to avoid their twin flame, but they remain unsuccessful because the love that twin flame provides keeps growing inside and nothing can stop twin flames from running out to that connection.

First, your twin flame partner will meet you when both or one is already married, but the bond of tin flame will catch both, and they become surprised. It usually happens when both twin flames are already struggling in their lives, and they don’t know what to do next. But, when they meet, they feel that everything is easy now, and a great peace makes them relaxed. This is a confusing situation for both twin flames.

When your twin flame met, already living a happy marriage, and may have kids, you feel discouraged. But, if that person is your twin flame, they are already suffering from the situation you are suffering. If you think tortured every day that your twin flame is not with you, but rather someone else is living with your soulmate, your twin flame suffers from the same situation and feels like you.

But, it is the rule of today’s society to stay in a marriage, even if you are not happy with that unfulfilling one but live in that at all cost. Twin flames who are married look so glad, but they hide under a mask and pretend to be satisfied in a useless relationship. As you want to be with your twin flame, your twin flame is also filled with the thought that you are together.

You may feel confused and sad that if that person is your twin flame and you are feeling intense about that, then why your destination is living with another, and why she is married to another. The separation of the twin flame is more common worldwide, even more than your thoughts. However, a marriage with a non-twin flame does not mean that person is your destination. Instead, another marriage is a phase of struggle that will not last forever because your final destination is your twin flame.

The divorce rate in the world is surprising. In the US, divorce is the result of 50% of marriages. If your twin flame is already married to someone else, it does not mean they will live together throughout life. This marriage may merely be a lesson for both of you to learn something from life. Then what will you do while seeing your twin flame living a married life with others? Here are a few tips for your twin flame and for you to follow.

Is that person your actual twin flame?

First of all, find whether that person is a twin flame or not. Before taking any step, ensure 100% that the person you see is genuinely able to be with you. It is straightforward to know because the moment you will meet, a strong connection will catch you.

You may have known that person for years or just met, but love applies to both of you at first sight. A twin flame is part of our life and soul, and you know that when you meet that, it was part of your soul, and you met just with them.

Once you find an actual twin flame, the second step is to wait and wait until nature itself sends your twin flame to you. Though it is painful and even agonizing to wait for twin flames, nothing can stop you from getting together if your feelings are valid. The temporary relationship of your twin flame will end soon.

The happiness of your twin flame will create a crack in that marriage, and sooner or later, that marriage will end. Waiting is probably the worst option in this situation, but if you want to prevent your soulmate from trouble, then waiting is the safest option. If you are already waiting for many years, it may be more painful, then try the next step and spend more time with your twin flame or ask her partner to allow you to live happily with your soul partner.

Twin flame married and running

Twin flame relationships are not about bodies; it is about souls that can never be separated. There are many cases where both or one twin flame are married and are running together. Both twin flames know that they can live in any situation except living away from each other. You can be married to your twin flame if her partner leaves her, so wait for it.

 If you are running behind your twin flame and they are avoiding you, it does not mean that nothing feels her. Instead, they avoid you because of your partner and situation. But, their thoughts are also filled with you and your emotions. If your twin flame is running from you, it means she is scared of the connection, scared of the intensity, both have inner work to do, and you met her at the wrong time.

Twin flame married with kids

It is a complicated situation when you or your twin flame have children from your old relationship, which is a case for many people. If parents are happy, their children will also be satisfied, and it is the rule of nature. The extraneous matters did not impact childes, and marriage should not look in particular ways outside. If the parents feel people are happy, children will always be satisfied.

Children will remain happier in a new home rather than in a broken home. When you will accept your twin flame with children and merge two families, it will be an ideal relationship because both families know difficulties. 

You and your twin flame are born to be together, and you both will live happily in this relationship. This greatly benefits the family. You will make your twin flame happy to any extent, and it will automatically create a unique bond with children.

Most people feel defeated if their twin flame is already married and has children. Still, you can do much good for yourself and your soulmate. It’s time to focus on your love, not anything else. In this situation, you need to bring perfect harmony, so adopt a healthy lifestyle to maintain a relationship between mind and body.

An active social life will make your mind fresh and feel better. When you are good with yourself, it will bring a vibrational frequency inside you that will take your twin flame near to you. You can live as a friend with your soul partner until getting divorced. In this way, you can prepare them for a new relationship with children. 

Many people fail to create a healthy bond with children of the twin flame and think they can’t handle the children of others. But, if your love is confirmed, you will also love your new family. Maybe the universe is putting you on the exam that you can handle two families together or not.

Twin flame married someone else

It is not necessary that when your twin flame meets you, both will be ready for marriage. Sometimes, it happens that both or one are already married. It does not mean your love is not true; however, the time you met is incorrect. Instead, it is a bit. The twin flame came to make our life pure and helped us to face challenges in life.

 If we find our soulmates late, it does not mean we are hopeless. Still, we have the opportunity to live with him. If one or both twin flames are already married to someone else, give your soulmate a chance to live with you. If your twin flame is not happy with someone else, today or later, that temporary relationship will end, and then your wait will be blessed, and you will live happily with your soulmate.

Twin flame married to karmic

If your twin flame is married to a karmic person and still he is showing love to you, it may be true or not, but a third person with whom your twin flame is living also has sentiments and emotions. A twin flame relationship does not mean that you physically live together; it is much more than bodies. It is a connection of souls. However, in that deep and pure love, you cannot destroy the lives of others. If your twin flame is already living a good life with someone else, then don’t destroy the peace of others.

Twin flame married to another woman

It may be a myth or valid, but it is believed that everyone once met his twin flame once in life. This union may be physically or emotionally. If a twin flame man is married to other women, he can also make a marriage bond with you in a polygamy relationship. The agreement between a twin flame and other women is necessary in this case to make everyone happy.

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