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Tiger-Snake compatibility

Tiger-Snake compatibility. Relationships at some point go through differences and difficulties and the union between the Tiger-Snake signs is no exception. The tiger with its fierceness, wanting to be in control, its need to be the center of attention and the snake with its relative passivity and preferring privacy, are very contrary.

Although they say that opposites attract, in this article you will see how much is the compatibility of a tiger man with a snake woman in love, sex and marriage.

In addition, you will be able to find out that such would be the compatibility in the case of being a woman of the tiger sign with a man of the serpent sign, in love, sexuality and once married.

Tiger man with snake woman

Tiger-Snake compatibility. If the couple is made up of a man of the tiger sign and a woman of the serpent sign, it will become complicated, this because they are signs that will not ignore the defects of one or the other, since they are very suspicious and distrustful. To start a relationship between these two signs can be difficult, since trust will take a long time to grow.

One of the most outstanding qualities of the tiger man is that he is brave, careless, impulsive, explosive and a little arrogant, being able to collide with the snake woman who is very intelligent, calm, cunning and capricious. The same impulsiveness of the tiger man can come to disappoint the snake woman who is calculating.

Tiger-Snake compatibility
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Tiger-Snake compatibility


Tiger-Snake compatibility. Despite being opposites, the famous phrase is true: “Opposites attract” because it is almost impossible for this pair of signs not to feel attracted to each other, but that is not enough to establish a relationship.

The tiger man will be intimidated because the snake woman is very independent and will want her wishes to be fulfilled.

Although, in the beginning, the snake woman may fall at the feet of the charming and charismatic tiger man, once their love affair has begun it can be full of arguments over their differences in perspectives and points of view.

In addition to the fact that both will be hermetic with their private lives, which can generate differences and misunderstandings.

They may not be on the same page when it comes to love, because the tiger man will look for a partner who is resourceful, creative, someone to let off steam, who provides his space and share new adventures and experiences.

While the snake woman is extremely possessive at times and very intense with her emotions; This is why the tiger man may feel suffocated or the snake woman may seem too detached.

As both expect things other than love, the relationship is likely to end shortly after starting it. However, if this duo manages to understand and commit to each other there will not be so many problems with the passage of time, which will allow the growth of the union.


When it comes to intimacy, the tiger man and the snake woman need certain changes in their perspectives, because tigers in bed can be too aggressive for the sensual and slow snake woman.

They both like experiments in intimacy, which take them to the maximum point of pleasure, but they do not have the same rhythm.

Inside the bedroom, the experiences between the snake woman and the tiger man will be full of sparks, and passion at first. Over time, it will be up to them to keep that flame burning for the rest of the relationship, so that there are no misunderstandings or the fearsome routine.


The marriage relationship between these two signs can be full of dislikes. Both the tiger man and the snake woman are very careful and need their private space, they must have talked and agreed on what that relative freedom of each would be.

Once a family is formed and full of understanding, this couple can last for a long time, because they are a duo that will help strengthen their home through the bravery of the male tiger. Your ambition can be a positive point, as it will help you achieve everything you set out for the well-being of your family.

On the other hand, the snake woman is cunning and intelligent, therefore, with her clear objectives and a cool mind, she will be able to lead her family along the best path.

But beware of the excessive dominance of the tiger man! since that attitude can tire the cunning snake woman or with the exaggerated coldness of the snake woman who can cool things with the tiger man.

Tiger-Snake compatibility
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Tiger-Snake compatibility

Tiger woman with snake man

This couple is a bit unsuitable, both suspicious and demanding. It will be a bit difficult for them to get along with each other. The trust between them will be a debatable topic, because to reach a deep trust it will be necessary to put aside the defects of the other and it is quite difficult for these two signs.

The key to a successful union between a tiger man and a snake woman is in being able to reach the understanding and serenity to speak and let certain things pass.


Both the snake woman and the tiger man are capable of long-lasting and stable relationships with other horoscope signs. Both are in their own way full of affection.

The tiger woman will be drawn to the snakeman’s insight and he in turn will be struck with her beauty and charisma. Although mistrust will be present from the beginning, it will be up to the couple to eradicate it, with understanding and sincerity.

If they manage to consolidate their relationship, they will build it on solid foundations, both intellectual and emotional, which gives this duo great potential to create their home.

They must be on the lookout for the snakeman’s jealousy and possessiveness. To avoid that, the tiger woman must give her unconditional support and good emotional, family support.


The tiger woman will be the one who wants to take the lead in the intimate relationship, which can be funny at first for the snake man, who will find a way to surprise her and also give himself the command in bed.

Both of you will have quite a bit of sexual chemistry in the beginning and while the tiger woman is quite creative, the snake man may tire of his need for leadership and over time the excitement wears off and the relationship becomes monotonous.


To achieve a married life between these two signs you must identify what makes you weak and strong at the same time, to work on your differences and begin to complement each other.

The snake man should be more trusting and less jealous of his partner, and the tiger woman show sincere affection only to him to help heal his insecurities.

It is possible that in the financial sphere it is the snake man who manages the money, because the tiger woman takes many risks, which can be compromising for her marital or family finances if that is the case.

In this way they will be able to stick together through the good times and the bad, and will overcome all the forecasts in a satisfactory way, to generate something fruitful.

Understanding one another is very important, since this will be decisive for the achievement of your happiness as a couple or family.

But do not be discouraged, really in relationships there is no manual or rules to follow to achieve success, other than respecting, understanding, supporting and forgiving each other. So hopefully this article has been your guide. Until next time!

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