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Tiger-rat compatibility

Tiger-rat compatibility. In the Chinese horoscope, the compatibility between the rat and the tiger is difficult to predict, since the tiger is characterized by being impulsive and does not plan its actions in advance and tends to solve its problems as they arrive.

What’s more; Another aspect of the tiger that stands out is its excellent mental acuity and speed of reaction, which allows it to act decisively and quickly. On the other hand, the rat is not against expanding the scope of interaction, but it does not like it when the future is unknown. Due to the difference with respect to future planning, the compatibility of these two signs is very low.

Tiger man rat woman

Tiger-rat compatibility. A union between a rat woman and a tiger man can be solid if the two learn to accept each other’s shortcomings; each one should stop pulling to the side of her.

The tiger man is powerful and his desire will be to lead, while the rat woman will be able to fulfill the tiger’s ambitions if she carefully guides her partner’s energy in the direction it needs.

The most important thing for the rat woman will be to act in a discreet way. In the event of a dispute between the two, the one who steps back and resigns from her position will win.

Tiger-rat compatibility
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Tiger-rat compatibility


The rat woman will always be on a different wavelength than the tiger man. For her, her family will be the most important thing and she will do anything to make her partner and her children feel comfortable. These women consider themselves social climbers and their aspirations can be undermined by their authority.

On the other hand, the tiger man will need comfort and sympathy and the rat woman will be willing to give it to him, but she cannot always be on his side. When a rat woman’s feelings are hurt, she will not for the world to pretend that the tiger man did not participate in his own downfall.

The tiger man will not always be emotionally available to a stressed or anxious rat woman in need of his support. This aspect can make the woman upset and nervous, they have a keen sense of danger and it is best to heed their warnings, but it is very likely that the tiger man will not do it and when you do not listen to her, she will feel resentful and despised.


The tiger man and the rat woman have a very variable compatibility in bed, everything will depend on the mood of the relationship and at the precise moment. These two signs when it comes to having sex are considered quite natural, as in other aspects of their lives, so their behavior in intimacy is not different from their routine habits.

The tiger man loves to experiment and do new things, in this way he demonstrates his dominant behavior in sex. On the other hand, the ratwoman does not make much effort to satisfy her desires and sometimes she will not miss the moment to step aside.

Compatibility, rat
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Compatibility, rat


According to the Chinese horoscope, this couple united as a marriage is stable and strong, as long as they easily achieve a compromise with each other and with what surrounds them.

Because they develop a good sense of humor, it will be impossible to embarrass them or take them unexpectedly in ridiculous situations, the little problems of this couple go unnoticed.

The rat woman will make an excellent role as a housewife and will be a very caring and loving mother. But the tiger man over time, can become a jealous man, although this is an obstacle that will not be an impediment to his happiness.

The charm and warmth of the rat woman will easily calm the emotion and temper of the tiger man.

Tiger woman rat man

In this specific case, the compatibility between a rat man and a tiger woman is worse. At first the tiger woman will be flattered by the attention and unusual generosity of the ratman, who will give her gifts, spend money on her, but then take a toll on her.

Later, the tiger woman will not like the stinginess and selfishness of the rat man, she will even be very annoyed when he thinks only of himself and his interests, sometimes without paying attention to what she may need.

The result will be a situation where she will get what she wants, but on the sidelines, and later the relationship will gradually fade, since each one will notice that their communication does not offer the expected pleasure.

In love

The rat man will be on a different wavelength than the tiger woman, because the tiger finds it difficult to make friends. Sometimes the tiger woman is usually magnetic and intense and can have many admirers, but she does not always impress the right people.

She will only worry about doing what she thinks is right, even if it makes people in high places angry. Her passion knows no limits and even if she loses everything, she will fight to the end.

It will be difficult for the rat man to understand the personality of the tiger woman, these women tend to be very intense for the rat man, who are beings who prefer stability and comfort, while the tiger woman will never be happy unless she drags her with her. admirers.

Due to the fierce independence of a female tiger, the ratman will wander away, but on many occasions he will need her support and companionship. If a female tiger is injured by a ratman, she will need a shoulder to lean on no matter what, as reason will abandon her.

These circumstances may become difficult for her, because sometimes she will be at fault and simply cannot ignore the facts.


When an intimate relationship between a rat man and a tiger woman begins, the compatibility will be much greater, because each of them will be concerned about the pleasure of their partner. But as time passes, this initiative will disappear, even selfish inclinations will prevail in sex.

If the couple cannot achieve simultaneous understanding in spiritual relationships, this will quickly affect the intimate side of their lives; resulting in the likelihood of betrayal, due to the hot natures of the tiger woman and the rat man.

It should be noted that the development of these types of events can lead to the complete collapse of your relationship.


For a couple made up of a rat man and a tiger woman to be solid and prosperous, what they must do is clearly distribute their responsibilities in the family group. In this case, the tiger woman is somewhat romantic, airy and far from petty and everyday life.

On the other hand, the ratman loves to disappear at work for a long time and forgets that his beloved woman is waiting for him at home. Despite all these differences and difficulties, the tiger calmly and easily refers to the original behavior of a beloved man.

The tiger woman will be inclined to forgive and understand the ratman’s interests. Only that the tough character of this man can damage the relationship, but he will be saved thanks to the wisdom and calm of the tiger woman, where in most cases a great conflict does not happen.

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