Tiger man characteristics, personality, love

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Let’s expand a little more on these felines, with their cunning and great energy.


Few people are likely to have as much willpower, courage, and optimism as the male Tiger. Once he has set a goal, no one can dissuade him from his chosen course of action and no force can lessen his stubborn determination to move on. By no means does he withdraw; negative thinking is in no way allowed. Aided by his quick decision-making power, he only trusts his own judgment, refusing to be advised or directed in any way. He must reach his goal, whatever happens, or he will die because it is impossible for him to accept failure, to give himself a loophole or a setback.

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Spontaneous, whole-souled, thirsty for the absolute, this character vigorously rejects mediocrity in all forms and half measures of any description. He likes to fight. He loves difficulties. Whatever the odds, his powerful dynamism makes him an overwhelming fanatic and an aggressive pioneer in all fields of activity. But despite his motivation and enthusiasm, success is not always due to him, as he is somewhat narrow and ignorant of his limitations. He never wants to acknowledge that no one can succeed on all fronts all the time with just blind faith and courage.


He needs a great and noble ideal to strive for, an ideal that would allow him to write his name in the history book, so to speak, since it would be difficult for him to function properly without a goal in life. Although his high dedication may bring you honors and celebrities, these are the last things that worry you; He is only interested in victory. His favorite battlefields are politics, unions, and the cause of widows and orphans.

Due to his nonconformity and iconoclasm, he is always at odds with the established order or higher authority. Champion of change and innovation, he uses all his strength to carry out a revolution in every possible field. His motivation is so compelling and his dedication so contagious that he can convert large numbers of indifferent people to his crusades.

tiger man characteristics
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This man is an adventurer in every sense of the word. Contemplating those who play it safe, he likes to play with his life, plunging into every possible undertaking, oblivious to the dangers and flirting with death. He hates marked tracks, abhors routine, and never does anything the same way the second time around. If he failed in any of his endeavors, he would immediately rise up and start over with unshakable faith.

He believes that existence is a tremendous challenge, a fascinating adventure and means living it fully, even if you have to burn the candle at both ends. His enthusiasm for living is unmatched. His fate is generally exceptional, stormy, full of surprises and setbacks, and sometimes ends with a sudden and violent death.

Although tall and provocatively stubborn, the Tiger Man is likable in many ways. His best qualities are undoubtedly his absolute sincerity and honesty. He is incapable of speaking twice, making mental reservations, cheating, injustice, or the like. These same qualities, however, are his Achilles heel, making him naive, unsuspecting, and therefore vulnerable.

In fact, it is quite easy to fool him, fool him, betray him. He is defenseless against the bad faith of others. But when he realizes that he has been misled, he can react violently, dangerously, devastatingly, going so far as to commit criminal acts. One would be well inspired never to play with confidence from him.

Despite his boundless ambition, he commands the respect of all who know him well, even though they are his bitterest adversaries. There is not a single streak of selfishness or pettiness in his nature. His generosity and chivalry are unmatched. He is capable of great sympathy and devotion to those whom he loves. His friends are all to him, and he is always willing to do whatever he can for them. One can count on his loyalty under any circumstance.

A tiger man in love

A distinctive characteristic of a Tiger man is delaying the moment of making a decision until the end. But, it is true that he sometimes thinks too late. El Tigre is not conservative and always tries to change something: in society, in his workplace, in his relationship. This type of man acts with energy, sometimes even aggressive and violent.

Very often he has a conflict with someone: it was his element, and he always finds it. This zodiac sign will fight someone or something, he just can’t live without it. The ideas for which he fights, as a rule, are high and conscientious. But when dealing with small details, a Tiger man can be selfish and stubborn.


The sign of the Tiger is undoubtedly the most “masculine” in the entire Chinese duodecimal zodiac. This explains why their native males tend to exalt their machismo every two minutes. They are very sensitive to his virility; Any insignificant comment can be interpreted by them as a great insult to your personal dignity.

It never occurs to them that their sexual bravery is unnecessary for a happy love life, and it doesn’t have the effect on women in any case.

The male Tiger is a fervent adept of love at the first breath and disdains the kind of love that takes time to crystallize. Once his gaze falls on a woman, he can fall in love with her right away, seriously, with all his heart, as if she were the only woman he could love in the entire course of her existence.

He will immediately want you to associate yourself with your projects, hopes, dreams, problems, in short, with your whole life, and will demand an immediate response. You will find it disconcerting if the object of your passion rejects your proposals or shows some hesitation; in fact, few women resist his frank ardor and transparent sincerity and refuse to be carried away by this man.

tiger man in love
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Impulsive as ever, he specializes in reckless confrontations and reckless unions, even if it means having a lot of trouble and sadness as a consequence. It is probable that he will marry several times in his life and that he will enter each marriage with an always intact capital of enthusiasm and recklessness. Given his brash nature, only a marriage in his middle age could bring him emotional satisfaction and sexual stability.

Few men would be as misogynistic as this one. He doesn’t subscribe to the idea that every woman has her price. He makes it clear to every woman he deigns to love that he is doing her a favor, that he takes her for granted.

He never bothers to hide his contempt for good sex as a whole, disparaging his members as frivolous, irresponsible, stupid, wayward, lazy, evil, and so on. He just couldn’t accept that a woman was superior or equal to him in any way.

This guy invariably wants to dominate the women he loves, make decisions in their stead, impose his own views, ideas, tastes, preferences, aversions, whims, and ways of life on them. He believes in good faith that his patronizing behavior can only please them and he never sees the need to behave differently.

If these women want to get rid of their yoke, they must proceed with great tact and diplomacy, perhaps even flattery and cunning, as it is naive and conceited. To openly rebel against him would be to unleash a war that he will surely win and lose.

The surest way for a partner to get rid of this passionate lover would be to wait for him with his hands and feet, attend to his needs, help him solve all his problems.

Too much attention to yourself could only irritate you, as you want to show your self-reliance and pride. But if she wants to cling to him, a certain indifference on the part of her would have her magical power to prevent this wild animal from returning to the jungle from her.

Disdainful, elusive, and even dangerous women have a distinct advantage over their more innocent sisters in their competition for the heart of the Tiger man. Nothing fascinates you more than mystery, difficulty, and challenge. If you ladies want to keep him for a period of time, it is in your interest that you never fully reveal or surrender to him. As long as he has yet to discover and woo you, he will cling to you like a life preserver.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a cuddly lover, it is better that you do not choose a Tiger man, although his magnetism is overwhelming. This wildcat is not prone to enjoying anything sweet or purring by the fireplace; he is also not effusive and feels embarrassed to give or receive verbal expressions of love.


The amorous nature of the Tiger man has two inescapable characteristics: he is carried away by his passion and his jealousy is as intense as his love of independence. His love must always be a total offense; He loves with every fiber of his being, without any restraint.

A woman involved with him may have a difficult time adjusting to this whirlpool, unless she is of exceptional moral and physical stamina. When it comes to lovemaking, he’s pretty raw and basic, charging roughly like a hussar. He will insist that the satisfaction of her erotic needs be done at any time, even at odd hours during the day.

While he hates possessive women, he is intensely jealous of his bird of the moment. He will not make a problem of her desire to wander the world or stay home to sweep the home, but will demand that she belong to him entirely, making a clean sweep of everything that has preceded her involvement in it. . He will never sympathize, for example, with her nostalgia for past romances or heartbreak.

If you have practically no problem joining a union, many difficulties await you once the first step has been taken. Her stubborn misogyny is critical to turning her home into a permanent battlefield: few if any women could endure her humiliating attitude indefinitely.

You can consistently fail to wake up your peers as you are unable to create a romantic atmosphere and provide enough mental stimulation before each hug. Finally, her performances in bed are generally too brief for any woman’s taste.


Curiously, the native, who can take pride in the number of his conquests and in his ability to have sex, is not inclined to infidelity. It seems that when he belongs to a woman, he really means fulfilling his obligation, certainly not out of moral considerations, but rather out of self-respect.

However, he will easily accept the divorce, he will be happy to regain his freedom and he will be in a position to go hunting again, until he falls in love once more!

Since he is not sentimental, the male Tiger is always on good terms with his children. He loves them and understands them perfectly. And he communicates his enthusiasm, his impetuosity, his passion for life.

Water tiger man

Men born in the year of the water tiger often choose creative professions. Extremely gifted people know the art of reincarnation perfectly.

Among the men of this sign there are many talented actors. The charming and sociable aquatic tigers make friends easily and try to find useful acquaintances. They have a sharp mind, flexibility, resourcefulness, so they happily avoid failure. But if they find themselves in a difficult situation, they do not lose their presence of spirit.

Bravely and courageously defend their own interests. Thanks to their benevolent nature, they escape difficult moments and maintain good relationships even with irreconcilable opponents.

This irresistible handsome man always attracts attention, he is surrounded by many fans. Women admire not only his handsome appearance, but also his good manners. He knows how to care, arranges romantic dates, tries to impress the imagination of the chosen one.

The water tiger man is bright, interesting, so he has no problem choosing a girlfriend. Although failure on the love front can deprive you of self-confidence. However, it is quite difficult to imagine such a situation. Usually the Water Tigers are happily married, in family life, they show themselves as loyal partners, they do not seek adventures next door. With great love for his children.

Wood Tiger Man 1974-2034

A charming and interesting man from the outside who evokes sympathy from the first few minutes of dating. He knows how to be placed for himself, he knows how to like him, especially women are not indifferent to him.

A peace-loving and good-natured person is not associated with the sign of the Tiger at all. However, he has courage and strength, he is capable of defending his interests. This man is open to communication, it is easy to contact him, with him you can agree on any matter.

Showing no anger and aggression, the Wood Tiger is a man willing to compromise. True impulsiveness, characteristic of all representatives of this sign, prevents you from concentrating on one thing. He often he does not understand what to spend his time on and begins to sprinkle on little things.

Women do not ignore these interesting men. Excellent manners, excellent sense of humor, easy-going character – all this distinguishes the wooden tigers in the context of the other suitors. For them, there are no obstacles to personal happiness. A man in love can think of a thousand ways to win the heart of a chosen one.

The good nature of the wood tiger should not be deceptive, when solving important problems it demonstrates the strengths of one’s character: perseverance, firmness, resourcefulness. If his plans include a strong marriage to this woman, so be it. In family life, the man of this sign manifests himself from the best side: he loves his wife and adores children.

Virgo tiger man

The combination of these two signs gives the Virgo-Tiger man a unique quality: determination, practicality, impulsiveness. He is capable of achieving much, and only through his work and diligence.

Conquer the disposition of the surrounding people with a peaceful disposition, the willingness to help. Try to behave in moderation, do not resort to dishonest methods, avoid disputes and intrigues, only achieve the goal persistently. In a love relationship, show a Virgo prudence.

A long look at the couple, trying to get to know them better, does not come to hasty conclusions. A woman will have to provoke him to understand how serious he is with her. The Virgo Tiger man will reveal the true feelings and emotions of her.

Tiger man- rat woman

The relationship between the Tiger man and the Rat woman can be very happy or a complete disaster. These two signs are not compatible at all, but this does not mean that they cannot build something great together. She is very domestic and tends to jump from one idea to another, while he does not care about anything, does not mind changing jobs and doing whatever her mood dictates.

Tiger man woman ox- buffalo

The relationship between the Tiger man and the Ox woman is even more challenging because he is very stubborn, while she always calculates what he is doing. When it comes to making love, the way they approach things is very different.

Tiger man-Tiger woman

Tiger man and Tiger woman in love are very passionate. They are both also attractive and highly intelligent, adventurous, and entertaining. The affection you have for each other can be tremendous, especially while on your first dates.

Tiger man woman rabbit

In the relationship between the Tiger man and the Rabbit woman, the dynamics often change, and both partners can depend on each other, at key moments. During courtship, the Rabbit woman appreciates the Tiger man for being romantic and taking things easy.

Tiger man-dragon woman

The Tiger man and the Dragon woman as a couple can have a very harmonious life, as they are both ambitious and daring. However, they may have some problems when one of them tries to dominate. The good thing is knowing that the Dragon woman will make concessions if the Tiger man does the same. They will both do their best to make things work for each other, especially after the first stage of their relationship is through.

Man tiger woman snake

In the couple between the Tiger man and the Serpent woman, communication between partners can be very difficult, but not necessarily impossible. She is very independent, which means that he will be frustrated to see that she only does what she wants. A great intellectual and sentimental, the Snake woman usually starts fights out of nowhere, even when she is at the beginning of the relationship.

Man tiger woman horse

If a Tiger man is in a relationship with a Horse woman, he is a true gentleman because she allows him to be masculine and take on his role. He also won’t mind when she plays and plays with him. They will get along perfectly, regardless of whether they are owning a business together or just having fun romantically.

Man tiger woman goat

In a relationship between the Tiger man and the Goat woman, things may be more difficult, but this does not mean that the two cannot be a good match. The Goat woman loves the Tiger man for having a special magnetism and being attractive.

In return, he appreciates her creativity and how sensitive she can be. However, he does not appreciate the fact that she is possessive and dependent on him.

Man tiger woman monkey

In the romantic relationship between the Tiger man of the Chinese zodiac and the Monkey woman, she will manage to overcome any tense situation with her unique sense of humor. If the two of you are ready to function as a couple and make some commitments, you can be very happy together for a long time.

Man tiger woman rooster

In the couple between the Tiger man and the Gallo woman, both partners are very passionate and even aggressive, also unable to see the other’s points of view. The Tiger man can be very arrogant, while she, aware that she does not have her brilliance, may try too hard to adapt to him, which can lead to conflict. Also, they are both too self-centered to focus on each other.

Man tiger woman dog

The relationship between the Tiger man and the Dog woman can be very beneficial to both of them. He will always help her to be strong and generous. More than this, they seem to communicate very well and have conversation starters no matter what.

Man tiger woman pig-pig pig

In the relationship between the Tiger man and the Pig woman, the two partners really enjoy each other’s company and charm. There are little things that get in her way, like her thinking that he is too fidgety and he finds her too moody, but if they get over them, her union can be very happy.

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