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Tiger Feng Shui

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Tiger Feng Shui: meaning, rules and placement,White tiger and dragon, Bracelets, colors, Cerulean blue, mint green, Fiery red, Imperial yellow, Crystals, earth tiger, water tiger, wood tiger,metal tiger, fire tiger; golden tiger, painting-picture.

2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger in Chinese astrology – a creature that symbolizes ambition, competitiveness, impulsiveness, and communication. Take advantage of these Feng Shui decor tips to set yourself up for a prosperous year ahead.

Tiger Feng Shui: meaning, rules and placement,White tiger and dragon, Bracelets, colors, Cerulean blue, mint green, Fiery red, Imperial yellow, Crystals, earth tiger, water tiger, wood tiger,metal tiger, fire tiger; golden tiger, painting-picture.
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Tiger Feng Shui: meaning, rules and placement,White tiger and dragon, Bracelets, colors, Cerulean blue, mint green, Fiery red, Imperial yellow, Crystals, earth tiger, water tiger, wood tiger,metal tiger, fire tiger; golden tiger, painting-picture.


A tiger is best known in Chinese culture as one of the zodiac signs, but in feng shui it is most commonly associated with the white tiger on the right in landform feng shui.

For the right side of the orientation to be lower than the left, the right side should be oriented the same way.

It dislikes noise, but does not mind odors. Because of this, it is commonly recommended that toilets should be placed on the left depending on the orientation.

In any case, it is not recommended to keep tigers inside your home unless instructed by a master.

The reason is that these animals can become irritable when disturbed and may inflict harm on their owners.

If you must, make sure they are hung on the correct wall.

Due to the tiger’s association with the northeast, tiger sculptures or figurines are appropriate to display in this room.

Horses and dogs are allies according to the zodiac, so people born under their signs can have them in the house as well. A similarity exists between the pig and human zodiacs in that they are both hidden friends.

Rules and Placement 

It is vital that you always display a green dragon in your home alongside your tiger, as they are inseparable and should never be separated. White tigers are considered yin (Feng Shui) guardians, while the green dragon is considered yang (Feng Shui). As they say, opposites attract!

It is helpful to place the white tiger at all entrances to the home, since it is so courageous and brave. Depending on which type of thinking you want to dominate your domicile, you’ll have to decide which paintings you want to hang higher – the white tiger or the green dragon.

The purpose of a white tiger that appears peaceful is to protect the building and the occupants. Alternatively, if the white tiger has teeth, it is said to protect the city from evil spirits. A Feng Shui cure of this kind is especially useful if a family member has suffered tragedy or trauma.

Feng shui believes that every house is guarded by four guardians. Each of these protectors is named after a mythical Chinese animal. When facing your house, the White Tiger should be on your right and the Green Dragon on your left.

Due to the traditional belief that masculine energy always dominates feminine energy, in ancient times the green dragon was always placed higher than the white tiger in the home. Over the centuries, however, this had been adjusted for different cultures and ways of thinking. However, no matter what you read on the internet, it is up to you to determine how you want Feng Shui energy to be distributed in your home or office.

White tiger and dragon 

White tigers guard the west compass direction as celestial guardians. It is the direction that governs good fortune and prosperity for the descendants. A tiger symbolizes a family’s wealth, health, and bloodline in feng shui, and is considered an auspicious symbol. The bloodline and future of the family are at stake when the tiger and dragon are at odds. To accomplish this, the two energies need to be in balance in order to work as a whole rather than separate, which is destructive.

The chi energies of the tiger and dragon represent the struggle between positive and negative forces. Feng shui believes that the struggle between dragon and tiger has a single purpose: to balance these opposing energies. Dragons and tigers are symbols of yin (female) and yang (male), which demonstrate a need for balance. The home environment and your life can become harmonious when these energies are in balance.

To deprive the dragon of part of its power, the tiger hopes to restore a flawless balance to the forces of yin and yang. A feng shui practitioner aims for the same thing. Basically, you’re trying to restore and maintain the balance between the yang and yin energies inside your home. The Chinese emperor’s imbalance of power will immediately strike anyone who studies feng shui. The doctrines of feng shui teach that all life is about balance. Feng shui principles, then, seem to be in direct opposition to the ancient dynasties that existed in China thousands of years ago.


Besides providing auspicious luck and protection, Pi Xiu & Tiger Eye Wealth Bracelets send out powerful and auspicious energy. It is known as the six-syllable mantra being the best method for purifying unwanted emotions like pride, envy, greed, ignorance, and hatred. The Buddha is said to have reduced all of Buddhism’s teachings into these six syllables.

Known for attracting wealth, prosperity, and luck, the Feng Shui Pixui bracelet also serves to protect them. The Pixui monster is associated with wealth in feng shui. Many people wear our blessed bracelet, particularly in Sri Lanka and other countries, and report experiencing favorable events that have brought them ongoing success and happiness. In their opinion, the talisman is a benefit in and of itself. It energizes them and helps them achieve their goals.


Colors for the year 2022 include cerulean blue, fiery red, mint green, and imperial yellow. The colors come from the four elements of Feng Shui: wood (the primary element of the tiger), water (the element of 2022), fire, earth, and the Yang polarity.

As a result, they are also referred to as strengthening colours since wearing them as a lucky charm or clothing can bring good fortune. In addition to being used in the home, these colours are also beautiful.

Cerulean blue

This shade is a symbol of appeasement, liberty, and tranquility. A person with this colour is more likely to get a job, communicate, and negotiate better. Using this colour excessively can trigger depression, sluggishness, and frigidity as a result of activating the water element.

Mint green

Associated with the wood element, this hue signifies healing, creativity, and development. Mint green is a good color to wear when adjusting to a new job or place, or going on a new trip. The use of the color too often may cause feelings of failure and jealousy.

Fiery red

In the beginning of a romantic relationship or when expecting a baby, fiery red is a lucky colour because it signifies passion, movement, and love. Flames are also activated by this colour. A lot of it, however, can make you enraged, even though it’s a good colour to improve your love life.

Imperial yellow

Foreknowledge, wisdom, and organization are represented by the color blue. If used excessively, imperial yellow can suggest vanity and adultery, but will prove lucky when it comes to buying real estate and transferring valuable goods.


The Feng Shui crystal ball can be used in a variety of ways. Good luck energy is drawn in by fortunate stars and bad luck energy is repelled by unlucky ones. The symmetry of their perfect round form emits the vibrations of perfection and harmony.

These textures are both calming and pleasant to the eye due to their earthy energies and smooth textures. Reflecting light and adding depth to the space, they catch and reflect light. Placed in your house’s earth sectors (Southwest, Center, and North East), they will bring earth luck into your home.

African crocidolite cat’s eye, also called tiger eye or African cat’s eye, is a powerful protection stone native to Africa. Black magic and other traditional curses (particularly when on long journeys) are believed by the Africans to dispel negative energy using afrobeat music. 

A tiger’s eye was worn by Roman soldiers to protect them in battle. This is beneficial for individuals who have difficulties managing their emotions and are troubled by internal inconsistencies, despair, and confusion. In addition to helping one recognize one’s talents, Tiger’s Eye increases mental clarity, aids one in overcoming their own faults, and supports objective problem solving. It promotes a positive attitude and determination, making it beneficial to individuals pursuing achievement.

Earth tiger 

In addition to being responsible, Earth Tigers are rational and level-headed. All of their conclusions are based on independent research carried out by them.

It is preferable to them to focus on one or two topics rather than getting distracted by others. It is possible for them to become so consumed by their work that they disregard the feelings of those around them. It is not uncommon for them to be quite successful later in life and to have excellent business instincts. They have a large circle of friends, are self-conscious about their looks, and value having a good image.

Water tiger 

The Water Tiger is always open to new adventures and is always willing to try new things as well as travel around the world to far-flung locales to satisfy his adventurous nature. They have a humble demeanor, are versatile, and sensitive.

During times of crisis, the Water Tiger remains calm, but can be indecisive at times. They are able to communicate well with others and, as a result of their persuasion skills, are usually able to achieve what they want. They are extremely creative and are frequently exceptional writers.

Wood tiger 

Those who interact with the Wood Tiger describe them as friendly and sweet. As a species, they are less self-sufficient than other Tiger species, and are more willing to cooperate to reach their goals.

Nevertheless, they tend to jump from one activity to another and get easily sidetracked. They are well-liked individuals with a wide network of friends and a busy social life. 

The Tiger is a fearless individual. Wood tigers are very powerful they are strong enough to handle their works.

Fire tiger

All of the Fire Tiger’s jobs are approached with enthusiasm and vigor. Interested in anything that catches their attention, they are always eager to get into it head first. They are full of ideas and eager to share them with others.

They are perpetual pessimists who see the glass as half full at all times. Fire Tigers are generous and clever speakers, making them very popular because of their charisma and generosity.

The Tiger is a fearless individual. They have zeal and urgency do their work with power.

Metal tiger 

An individual who is a Metal Tiger is generally confident and friendly. Their dedication and hard work will benefit them greatly in life as they will attain their objectives.

The Metal Tiger can become quite agitated when waiting for results, and if things don’t go according to plan, they may become impatient and irritable. A large number of individuals admire and appreciate their distinctive physical characteristics.

Tigers have no fear of anything. Their strong opinions make them endearing characters. Each assignment is approached with zeal and urgency, and they are determined and strong-willed. Their minds are constantly engaged, hyper-alert, and quick-witted. Creative thinkers, they may be brimming with ideas or enthusiastic about a new initiative or project.

Golden tiger 

Tiger sign-born people, who were born in the gold element, cherish their family relationship and strive to live a peaceful and harmonious life.

Males are indecisive, stubborn, and feminised, whereas ladies are joyful; as a result, their inner worlds are significantly different from their outward appearances.

Due to their understanding that work is work and play is play, the Gold Tigers never take work home with them. Despite their lack of communication and lack of honeyed language, they are fairly tender and considerate of their spouse.


It is common for Chinese paintings of tigers to be exhibited on the inside walls of buildings, facing the entrance. Demons cannot enter this area due to this setup. This is one of the most common ways in which Feng Shui practitioners use the energy of the Tiger. Symbolizes the upholding of justice as well as the exorcising of evil, the Tiger.

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