Tauro decan 2

Introduction: Tauro decan 2 is ruled by Moon and Mercury (Virgo triplicity). From May 1 to 10, the Sun moves through the constellations of the River, the Queen, the Princess in Chains, the Triangle, the Sea Monster, and the Clock, and these bulls are strong and passionate.

They reach the top through sheer determination, patience, and perseverance. Taurus decan 2 is temperamental, ace seducer, and highly persuasive. Taurus rules the throat so that these people can be powerful speakers or singers.

Tauro Decan 2
Tauro Decan 2

The Moon and Mercury may seem like two completely different planets, but they represent the inner, subjective world. The Moon represents a person’s emotions, while Mercury represents a person’s thoughts.

A combination of emotional and logical intelligence or communication skills can also help them socially. They can be natural psychologists, instinctively knowing how other people work and what makes them tick. If their intentions are not pure, this can potentially lead them to manipulation.

A combination of lunar and mercurial influences can lead to neurotic behaviour and obsessive problems. Mostly, however, they are attracted to social groups and deeply curious about other people. They are interested in politics and, perhaps, desire to influence the world around them.

This article will explain Tauro decan 2 love, personality, and compatibility. Let’s get started;

Tauro Decan 2 in Love

These people can suffocate with love, literally suffocating someone to death in extremely negative expressions (Brady strangled his victim). Taurus decan 2 hates breaking commitments and won’t back down even when the going gets tough. 

Ambivalence in their nature sometimes turns them away from solving straightforward problems. Because ideas are restrained, the most intelligent of other Deacons can sometimes be puzzling. Taurus Decan 2 depends on their state of mind at the moment. They are good with practical and philosophical studies and research. In their relationships, they like to go deep and build strong bonds. They are the most honest and committed partners to be with.

They can serve as a rock or a pillar of stability for others. They are nurturing, always wanting to make others feel comfortable. They have a lot of patience and are usually very good listeners. They can be motherly but can also be poor or stale at times.

They can be control freaks, unable to tolerate anything threatening their sense of comfort or predictability. They want peace, happiness, and stability. They are probably a bit more emotional Taurus, determined to meet all their basic needs. They may feel most pleased being part of a family or having a stable home.

Tauro Decade 2 Personality

 Taurus Decan 2 is ruled by the planet Mercury. The second decan Taurus personality is indicated by prudence, focus, and practicality. If you are born in the second decan of Taurus, strategy, and diplomacy are desirable attributes. Be sure to gather all the facts before taking action or speaking. You understand the feelings of others and take care not to hurt anyone unknowingly.

You have great charm and charisma and have a wonderful way of communicating your ideas and perspectives to others. People find you pleasant to be around. Although you connect pleasingly with many people, you have few friends. But the ones you have are trustworthy and loyal friends. You set a great store by being sincere and unpretentious with friends and lovers.

You have a very practical procedure to life, and instead of thinking or dreaming about what you want out of life, you go out and get it. If something requires to be done, you do it. And you’re happy to work behind the scenes without fanfare or applause as long as the job gets done. If something is worth doing for you, does it well.

People of this Decan are very energetic and love to grow in life. You try your best to reach the top of the social ladder. And your patience and hard work will get you there one day. However, natives are stubborn and prefer to remain stable, hating environmental changes. Sometimes you even lose your temper, especially when provoked by wrong gestures.

Tauro Decan 2 compatibility

The second decan of Taurus is endowed with the ability to adapt to any situation, improving their abilities. They like to work more behind the scenes and want to get the job done.

Taurus born during the second decan may differ from a normal Taurus because their sub-ruler is also the curious and red-headed Mercury (Virgo decan). They may be more focused on researching, note-taking, and working on a perfectionist front than their First Deacon neighbors, who appear as traditional Tauruses.

Taurus values loyalty and stability. They are romantics whose best dates include both fine dining and snuggling hookups. They want a partner to claim them and shower them with love (and expensive gifts). Overall compatibility with Taurus brings nothing but happiness, like two cows grazing in green pastures.

Regarding relationships, Taureans prefer their partners to be direct, deeply committed, honest, and romantic. Being a Virgo, your makeup is also a perfectionist. You criticize stupid things and criticize others. If you stop picking on others, life will become heaven.

Seeking attention and affection is not the game’s name here, at least not. If it’s something they like in a person, it’s self-respect and strong will. Frankness describes Taurus very well, especially when talking about things they don’t like. Their ability to adapt to any situation enhances their analytical capability, which speaks volumes for their great potential.

Conclusion: Tauro decan 2

I acknowledge you will enjoy this reading. For Tauro, born between May 1 and May 10, their instincts and subconscious often form a powerful spiritual force that dominates their desires, feelings, emotions, and actions. Appreciable dedication and hardworking spirit in fulfilling their career ambition will provide them with opportunities for success in material aspects.

Generally, they will get involved when their important interests are involved. Their ruling planet is Mercury which represents knowledge. Therefore, Taurus, born during this period, is very good at expressing themselves and can clearly express what they want and think. The only thing they have to overcome is often the problem of thinness.

Sometimes even if they know how to speak and express themselves, they give up because of their thin temper and fear of failure. If they can make the most of eloquence, their career, interpersonal relationships, and other aspects will improve greatly.

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