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Parrot spiritual, esoteric meaning

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Parrot spiritual, esoteric meaning, cultural and also in art.In ancient Indian mythology, the parrot was a symbol of the moon. Parrots in ancient times were kept by kings, poets sang. Like birds in flocks, they sought close contact with humans. When strangers appeared, they let it be known with loud screams, so the free-living parrots were kept as watchdogs.

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Dreaming of a woman taking off her bra

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Dreaming of a woman taking off her bra, the brassiere, implies several symbols to take into account; Much of what was expressed in the previous post is directly related to this, of course, I recommend reading it. Dreaming of a bra or bra meaning.

For many people, the act of a woman removing her bra is extremely sexy. In the dream, it indicates that it is time to analyze her satisfaction with sex.

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