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Meanings and concepts

Meanings and concepts of astrology, chinese horoscope, numerology, feng shui, buddhism, oriental religions, esotericism.

0202 Angel Number

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0202 Angel Number: meaning, twin flame, in love, mirror,symbolism,Secret Influence of 0202 Number. It is no secret that numbers can provide a lot of insight into our lives and futures. Numerology is often believed to explain our fate, especially when we talk about angel numbers. We can receive important messages from our guardian angels when they send us these numbers.

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Green color feng shui

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Green color feng shui: Wallet, car, bedroom, Good color. Introduction.In the feng shui, the green color shows regeneration, fresh energy, and renewal. If you want to use the green color in the feng shui room, make sure that various colors are mixed with green to maximize the powerful energy effects of green. The feng shui Bagua map’s family area strongly connects with the green color. You can decorate your home with a living green houseplant, paints on walls, decoration pieces, etc.

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