The houses, those places where people reside, have internal and external energies, part of our tranquility or happiness depends on their balance.

Tv feng shui

Tv feng shui: Bedroom, direction, element, mirror facing,clock above, placement, in the west, living room, under the stairs

There’s a new flat screen in your house, but you’re not sure where to hang it. Could it be over the fireplace? What other pictures do you have besides your family portraits? Perhaps on the other side of the couch? There is a possibility that you will follow your gut and hammer the first nail, ruining your costly paint work forever. As an alternative, you can allow the professionals to handle the design details. Here you can get ideas for tv feng shui.

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How to set the clock for good feng shui

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How to set the clock for good feng shui? Whenever we talk about clocks and feng shui, we must remember that they must be working. No stopped or wrong clock (no matter the type: wrist, wall, kitchen, alarm clock, clock radio, cell phone, electronics, car, computer, analog or digital).

Get it fixed, set the time and the hands so that your life flows better ;-) One of the best guides for the decorative or wall clock is the work guide that indicates the movement of everyday tasks. On the office desk or in the home office, the wall or desk clock can also be on the desk in the room or on the table (in this case, right next to the computer).

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