Capricorn women compatibility

Introduction: Capricorn women compatibility. Capricorn starts from 21 December to 20 January and is the 10th zodiac sign. A sea-goat shape represents it. Here you will understand its personality traits and compatibility.

Capricorn people are high-level achievers and business oriented and known as workhorses. They resemble the sea goat. Goats are active, and some are capable of climbing to large heights.

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Capricorn Decan 3

Capricorn decan 3: love, personality, compatibility. Introduction. The planet Mercury governs the third and ultimate Capricorn decan, so it shares characteristics with the earth sign Virgo. Mercury controls communication, so those born below the third decan are usual correspondents and instructors. They’re also very logical and logical philosophers who can size up any condition at a glance.

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