Spider Web Tattoo Meaning

Spider Web Tattoo Meaning: prision, on neck, on knee, in jail, white supremacy, under the eye, on face, on breast, on hand, navy.

You’ve undoubtedly wondered what the meaning behind spider web tattoos is if you’ve seen one, which you almost certainly have. In addition to their positive and negative implications, these tattoos offer a variety of symbolic meanings. Here you can review some of the meanings associated with spider web tattoos, as well as some designs that people enjoy getting.

Spider Web Tattoo Meaning: prision, on neck, on knee, in jail, white supremacy, under the eye, on face, on breast, on hand, navy
Spider Web Tattoo Meaning: prision, on neck, on knee, in jail, white supremacy, under the eye, on face, on breast, on hand, navy

Despite being viewed negatively on occasion; spider web tattoos remain a common tattoo choice. The design is considered an old-school tattoo design, and while some of its attributes can be negative, many of its attributes can also be positive. Tattoo designs with spider webs are ubiquitous among men, and are featured in many themed tattoos. Their elbows are the most popular place for getting tattooed.


Despite the fact that this tattoo was once seen as a symbol of imprisonment and racism, it is no longer considered to be so in modern times. In fact, the tattoo has a variety of positive connotations. When you take the time to look at the artwork, you will notice that it is truly a work of art. It’s almost as if the web was designed by an engineer. Then we’ll be able to decipher the true meaning of the spider web tattoo’s negative connotations.

In prisons, spider web tattoos are often seen as a symbol of imprisonment. Prisons have stood there as symbols of imprisonment for decades. With more and more prisoners getting tattoos to mark their time behind bars in the 1970s and 1980s, tattoos became increasingly popular. The spider web tattoo is the second most popular prison tattoo in prison only behind a teardrop tattoo. In the same way as the spider web tattoo, a teardrop tattoo can symbolize time spent in prison.

On neck 

Crime is also indicated by the web extending into other parts, such as the hand or neck. By looking at this design, it can be concluded that the wearer has either been inside a prison or hangs out with inmates. People without a criminal record are uncommonly attracted to spider web tattoos on their neck over the rest of their body.

On knee 

A traditional spider web tattoo can represent the wearer’s sense of being trapped and a desire to break free, just as spiders construct webs to snare their prey. Because of the curvature of both the motif and the location, the spiderweb tattoo is frequently seen on elbows or knees.

In jail

In the past, spider web tattoos were associated with jail tattoos, with a web on each elbow signifying time served, but that association is no longer prevalent in tattoos today.

There has been a popular belief that the rings in this tattoo symbolize the time spent in prison, as well as being associated with murdering an enemy or having a narcotics addiction. This one is worn on the left elbow and reads, «keep away,» warning passers-by that the wearer likely carries a firearm. In the Russian prison system, this tattoo has an additional meaning.

White supremacy

Even though tattoos depicting spider webs can symbolize prison time, spider webs have a darker history than most people are aware of. Historically, white supremacist organizations have used the tattoo as a symbol. As a symbol of their dedication to the group, their elbows were tattooed.

In prisons all over the United States, spiderweb tattoos began to become fashionable during the late 1900s. Even today, the tattoo remains popular among prison inmates. In the late 1970s, however, the cost of such a tattoo would have been prohibitive. There have been many restrictions regarding spider web tattoos among white supremacy groups. Some groups forced individuals to kill minorities before their tattoos like this could be obtained. Because of this connection, the tattoo has gained a negative connotation, which is understandable.

Under the eye

Teardrops that are clear may indicate that vengeance is being sought in relation to the death of a loved one. • SPIDER WEBS, KNOCKS WITHOUT HANDS: If worn by someone who has served time in prison, it could indicate that they have done so. They can, however, be worn by some members of jail gangs to indicate how many people they have murdered.

On face

Wisdom, fertility, harmony, and balance are all symbols that a spider tattoo might signify. Spiders in the wild weave a range of gorgeous and distinctive webs to catch their prey. Humans are rarely attacked by them.

On breast 

Women who have spider tattoos on their chest and back represent their role as guardians, both of whom must bring prosperity and ward off evil.

On hand

The spider web tattoo is popular for elbows, but it also makes an excellent hand tattoo.

In recent years, spider web tattoos have become a popular motif and are commonly used for sweet elbow tattoos, even though they’re not always used in this manner. Spider web hand tattoos are a unique pattern that may be used to cover the back or the palm of the hand.

Tattoos that look like spider webs on the hand are a great choice for a hand tattoo. Traditional or blackwork designs are popular choices.

The elbow is one of the most common sites to find this type of ink. And the most prevalent explanation is that it has profound racist roots. According to the Anti-Defamation League, inmates in prison used to wear this area where the web tat lays to signify the slaughter of minorities just to be allowed to wear it.

In traditional spider web tattoos, the wearer might have been facing a tough challenge in life. In a nautical environment, sailors would tattoo this image to express their desire to return home, with the web symbolising their lengthy wait.

Whatever the spider-web tattoo has been known for in the past, its significance has clearly evolved with time and is determined by the individual who wears it, just like any other tattoo.

Final Words Spider web tattoo Meaning

Spider web tattoos can have both positive and negative connotations. If you’re considering acquiring one, you should consider how others would see it. The public’s perception is negative, and it will likely remain so for many years. However, we should not pass judgement on someone who has this tattoo because it does not imply that they are a racist, a criminal, or a previous inmate.

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