Scorpio man in love

The dark side of Scorpio woman
The dark side of Scorpio woman

Scorpio man in love, love.Grumpy and temperamental, it can be difficult to understand the Scorpio man in love, perhaps because it is difficult for him to understand. Fortunately, his mood doesn’t last long.

From reserved to very adorable, he is always composed on the outside, but on the inside he manages to experience great and overwhelming passions. Nothing causes him more than something that threatens what he believes is rightfully his. And yes, he can forgive, but surely he will never forget it.

Very protective of those he loves, he feels that it is his duty to protect others. You will be able to determine if the Scorpio man likes you or if he cares about you by the way he stands up for you in front of others. He is one of the most loyal friends in the zodiac. Let’s see how to understand if a Scorpio man is in love with us …

When the Scorpio man is in love: devotion and loyalty

Loving them or hating them, no one can question the fact that once a Scorpio man is in love, he will be completely devoted, loyal, and firm in his affections. This is not to say that Scorpio never cheats, but for the most part you can count on his love to be solid.

But as jealous and “controlling”, as long as you don’t do anything suspicious like hang out at the bar with your ex, there should be no problem, hers is unconditional love.

In fact, Scorpio loves in the same way as Taurus (as do Libra and Aries) and as such, Scorpio shares many of his jealous and possessive qualities with him.

When Scorpio men are in love, you can expect them to occasionally show feelings of jealousy, but this is not something you should take lightly. Even if all of your Scorpio companions’ displays are jaw-clenched, take that as a sign to proceed with caution.

When the Scorpio man is in love: devotion and loyalty
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When the Scorpio man is in love: devotion and loyalty

Intensity and solidity

The man in love with Scorpio is very attached to the partner he is with. He sometimes he can even get too close. He wouldn’t settle for someone just to have a relationship, he wants “that” person, the one that he can understand. He is charged with emotions and it is rare for someone to change his opinion of the person he loves.

Only if that person does something to disappoint you will they turn all the love they have into hate and eventually leave the relationship. Scorpio man in love in relationship Everything about him and the love he brings will be intense. Also, he will try to hide all emotions from him as much as possible.

You wouldn’t want your partner to see how vulnerable you can be. Having all these feelings, the Scorpio man is capable of great compassion and true, committed love. He can become obsessive and possessive, even vindictive if someone hurts him, as, as mentioned above, he is quite jealous.

But you will not be able to find a more loyal, skilled and supportive lover. When she loves, he closes her heart to avoid hurting himself. This can be annoying for some women, but it will hide it very well.

The fact that he becomes vindictive is due to something else: because he really loves deeply, when he gets hurt, he cannot forget what happened. He lives with great intensity and any failure or disappointment is a fatality for him.

Is very reserved

Passionate and sensitive, the Scorpio man will not show his true self to others. He wants someone he can love and he loves her strongly. His wife will be his life prize and the reason he is proud of it.

For a relationship with him to last, you need passion and stability. Try anything, even in the bedroom, to make it work and you will be faithful to the end.

If you can win him over and can cope with his mood swings and controlling attitude, he will treat you like a queen.

The woman you need

He’s not afraid of a self-confident, elegant woman – the Scorpio man doesn’t care if the woman he likes has a bigger house or makes more money than he does. In fact, he will be drawn to his independence and the fact that he doesn’t need a man to stabilize his life.

Many women will appreciate it because you will treat them equally and accept their power. Other men would be jealous of her success, trying to be better or feeling insecure in her presence.

What woman does the scorpion man in love need? Another thing that women like about the Scorpio man is that he can talk about deep things and issues in life that would interest anyone. He is always calm and cold and never gets angry, no matter how touchy the subject is.

When this guy finds a girl he really likes, he’ll do everything in his power to keep her close and interested.

How to understand your Scorpio man

If you want to understand a Scorpio man, you must first look into his soul. He is sensitive and emotional and needs a partner who is patient with him. In general, understanding if a guy likes you is very complex because each of us is different.

It is more compatible with other Water signs, and also with those of the Earth. Sensual, you would think that this guy is ready to sleep with a beautiful woman as soon as he meets her, but he is not. He needs to be interested in a relationship before committing to something.

The woman you choose must be someone special and capable of making you feel interested for more than one night. She is looking for the love of her life, so if you are not making her dreams come true, prepare to be abandoned. As soon as she finds the one that suits her best, she will never stop giving her her full attention and loving her.

Influence of Pluto on the Scorpio man

The bond he has with Pluto, who is the ruler of the Underworld, is strong in the Scorpio man, and this leads him to be more distant and serene. For this reason, he has a more practical side that he often uses to analyze all of his life experiences, past and present. That is why he will never show his true sensitivity.

You will always wear a sturdy and sturdy mask that will hide all your true feelings. But if you are his woman, this mask will gradually taper off. And deep down he is emotional and is very attached to the woman with whom he has decided to be a partner.

Possessive and very intense with her feelings, many women will think that Scorpio is controlling her too much. But he takes love very seriously, not wanting to lose his most precious possession, which is his wife. Magnetic and charming, you will notice the Scorpio man as soon as you get to where he is or as soon as he walks through the door.

It is always composed on the outside, but on the inside it has great passions: it lives intensely even if it does not like to show it. Women are generally attracted to him right away. He is a very good lover and likes adventure in the bedroom.

Romantic, the Scorpio man will never show this side of himself to others. However, with his partner he will be very open. He doesn’t like reserved people, but he keeps his secrets well hidden. If he has a crush on you, he will want to know all of your memories and how you felt about other relationships.

You have this curiosity and you want to get to know people better than you know yourself. Before deciding if you should be friends with someone, study that person carefully to see if they are worth it. If you don’t have respect, you will never befriend someone.

Know him

You will love dating the Scorpio man. Treat dating him like he’s a king. She likes to see that her partner is compassionate and that she wants to be protected by him. Also, it is somewhat traditional in its ways and in the way that she loves. For example, he will give you his jacket if you are cold and he will bring you flowers.

But if you say something that hurts him, you’ll see that he’ll get that jacket back with no regrets. He is not that talkative when he goes out on a date and will not make any changes or decisions until he has carefully analyzed every detail.

She knows many romantic places, so prepare to be hit by anything. The two of you could go to a special place on the beach or to a club that hosts parties where people wear masks.

How you behave on a first date depends largely on how your previous relationship was. In general, he is open and honest. But if he’s hurt, you won’t reach him that easily.

The negative side of the Scorpio man

The Scorpio man in love also has his weaknesses. One of them is that he can control too much. He gets jealous and wants his wife to be loyal, perhaps making sure too often. But it’s not that he wants to control, he alone wants his wife to be his and no one else’s.

People cannot be too nice or too friendly to her. While some women love this attitude in their man, others cannot bear it and need to tame their Scorpio man. One of the other flaws of hers is also his moods.

It can change the way you feel overnight. For example, today you can be passionate and interested, tomorrow you can become cold and indifferent. On the inside, romantic and caring, he acts this way just because he’s trying to hide who he really is. However, if you can handle his mood swings, you will find that he is someone with whom you could spend a lot of time and not get bored.

You will not find their kind of love in other signs. His sexuality Ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpio is sexual and passionate, as these two are the planets of sexuality and instincts. Aries is somewhat similar to Scorpio when it comes to sexuality, the only difference is that Scorpio is a female sign, so it associates sex with emotion and love.

The Scorpio man can be a passionate lover or a pervert who will scare any partner. It’s hard to tell with him. It all depends on how limited and inhibited you are. It can be difficult to understand his sexual fantasies, and sometimes he wants things that few people would be willing to try. But he will know how to reward you with all kinds of attentions.

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