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Sagittarius sign meaning. Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have great strengths such as generosity, idealism and a great sense of humor, but like all signs they have some weaknesses such as: they are very impatient and promise more than they can deliver.

Sagittarians do not like clingy people, extravagant theories, limitations and details, on the contrary, they are fans of some activities such as traveling, being outdoors, in addition to philosophy and freedom.

They are very curious and energetic, considered the travelers of the zodiac. They have an open mind and philosophical vision, which motivates them to wander the world to search for the meaning of life.

Outgoing, optimistic, enthusiastic and ready to face changes, that’s what Sagittarians are like. It is the sign of people who care about mental work and when they get a base, they show their great ability to transform visions and thoughts into concrete circumstances and actions.

Sagittarius characteristics

Joviality, joy and enthusiasm stand out in people of this sign, they are fun-loving and have great faith in life and the future, they usually have good luck and grow very fast, sometimes with naivety.

Despite the difficulties, everything will work out for them. They are restless and passionate, they are interested in knowing and their degree of fascination for life inevitably seduces them.

They are very sincere, agile, curious and impulsive, they are in constant search of personal improvement. They like to be in contact with people, explore, travel and keep in constant motion.

Among the virtues that stand out of the Sagittarius is their benevolent attitude, frankness, generosity, thanks to their great noble heart and full of good feelings, that is why they are excellent companions and friends.

Among the main negative tendencies is impulsiveness and lack of tact, in addition, his explosive temper can cause a great scare, but in reality his anger will be temporary. One of his worst flaws is that he lacks diplomacy and in the face of adversity they become a bit aggressive.

Thanks to their jovial character, Sagittarians have justice as their main ideal. They are considered very enthusiastic and have a great capacity for confrontation and expression, since they have no problem saying what they think and feel.

But sometimes they do it in such a strong way that they can even cause discomfort in other people. Another aspect that defines Sagittarius is that they are passionate about travel and they like philosophy.

They love fun and are friendly, integrated, expansive and intellectual in nature, becoming a source of enthusiasm and inspiration for others. Sagittarians love the unknown and adventure, taking on new projects, and learning new things.

Whoever has a Sagittarius partner will have a faithful, sincere, good and honest friend who is willing to fight for good causes. A Sagittarius cannot stand unfair accusations and may rebel against authority, especially if their integrity is questioned.

These people have free souls, who tend to take risks and enjoy new experiences, apparently they have a positive vision that they are in the right place at the right time.

Sagittarius start date

The Sagittarius sign begins after the sign of Scorpio and runs from November 22 to December 21.

Sagittarius in Love

Sagittarius people are the bravest in the horoscope; Regarding love, they manage to make their partners faithfully in love, but at the same time it can be a complicated relationship.

Due to its fieryness, passion, honesty and joy, this sign fits perfectly with people of the Libra and Aquarius signs; Likewise, he will get along very well with those born under the sign of Leo and Aries, but to a lesser extent.

A relationship that can be explosive is that of a Sagittarius with a Gemini and the volatility of these two signs can tire Sagittarius.

Those of the Sagittarius sign are very impulsive and direct and when they set out to conquer a person they will do everything they can to achieve it. Sagittarius gives your partner pampering, caressing and passionate moments.

The sincerity of Sagittarians makes them quickly identify when they want a person or not; When they want to conquer someone they do anything for that person, but when they get bored and lose their enthusiasm they will have no problem turning the page.

In the realm of love, Sagittarians tend to exaggerate things, they will become happy, fiery and everything will exalt in front of that person. When they fall in love they go completely crazy.

They tend to give their whole being to the person they love, they like to spend as much time as they can with them. Sagittarians are looking for an optimistic, energetic, happy, strong, daring and sincere relationship.

Sagittarius woman

The main characteristics that women of this sign show are that they are very cheerful, pleasant, outgoing, independent and original. They greatly value their freedom and like to keep their distance from their family.

Sagittarians live their life to the fullest, and they tend to meet their challenges with great strength. They maintain their independence and that is why they live alone, they do not like to take orders. But if they like to travel a lot and leave their house frequently, they do not want ties or anyone to restrict their movements.

Above all, Sagittarians are sincere women; at every moment they tell the truth of what they think, even if others do not want to hear it, even if they later regret it. They usually find the words to convey what they want to express, however, sometimes the opposite happens and the consequences are catastrophic.

Considered adventurers, willing to try new experiences and ideas, and lovers of the unknown. They are capable of sacrificing themselves to achieve their goals, they are demanding with themselves and with those around them.

With an overwhelming personality, the Sagittarians are dynamic, friendly with a lot of lip and persuasiveness. One of their great virtues is solidarity, since without hesitation they share what they have, whether they are known or not.

They tend to get involved in societies and institutions that help the most disadvantaged and that require some support, they remain faithful to their principles.

Sometimes they get involved in religious projects, groups and associations, with the aim of collaborating and developing common projects where they can share and offer their help.

When they do not agree with a question, they show their sincerity and do not give their arm to twist. In this situation you can notice the genius of the Sagittarius and it is advisable to give them their space and wait for them to calm down.

People who have a Sagittarius friend is the best thing that can happen to them, they will always be very sincere in any query, excellent confidants, since they never reveal secrets. They are very caring, funny, faithful and with a great sense of humor.

As for the negative aspects, they sin of being too frank, they also expect a lot from other people. At least everything they usually give and if they do not get it in return, they can be grumpy and abrupt.

Sagittarius sign, woman
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Sagittarius sign, woman

Sagittarius man

The fire element of this sign gives it an expansive nature and action. Sagittarius men have a happy and entrepreneurial spirit, which makes these people ideal for sharing life, either as a friend or as a couple.

With a welcoming and endearing personality, which manages to transmit calm even to the most anxious. Additionally, they trust themselves and the possibilities that life offers them and try to make the most of them.

The joy of these men is innate and they are usually the guide of the people who share their circle, that is why the friends of the Sagittarius come to them when they are in trouble and Sagittarius will not disappoint them.

Sagittarius Knights like challenges and challenges no matter how difficult they may seem. In addition, they are very sincere and honest, they do not usually say half truths; they are generally very sociable and have no problem making friends or associating with strangers.

They give off a lot of masculinity, mixed with calm and explosiveness. They easily adapt to new situations and get along with different ideologies. They do not get along very well with prejudices and are also tolerant and open to new opinions and ideas.

They are people who are attracted to travel and adventure. With a free spirit, which does not allow them to give up their dreams; Its charm causes many doors to open, but it is finally installed thanks to its intelligence.

At work they are considered the typical boss friend, who makes his employees work efficiently and feel proud of belonging to his team. They believe so much in themselves that they tend to infect other people; As a partner, they are usually competitive, but without putting others down.

What are Sagittarians like?

With a sincere, honest, intellectual and friendly character, Sagittarians are mainly modest, optimistic people with an excellent humor. It is an understanding and empathetic sign that loves adventures, laws and freedom.

The negative part of this sign is that their optimism sometimes leads them to be irresponsible. Also, they can be very restless, careless, and superficial. They do not like to feel trapped in a situation, nor do they want to worry about the details.

In general, this sign is one of the most positive in the horoscope. The unknown and adventure are his passion. Your mind is open to new ideas and experiences, and even when things are not going very well your attitude will remain optimistic.

Those born under this sign tend to believe in ethics and tend to follow the rites and traditions of political parties, religions or organizations. Even this can lead to superstitious preferences.

Sagittarians are also very careful people, which makes them excellent project and condition managers. People of this sign sometimes sin of impatience, when others do not keep up with them.

Sagittarius lucky number

The lucky numbers of the Sagittarius sign are: 3, 8 and 13

Tarot for sagittarius

HOUSE I: Personality

Arcane: 8 of Swords

Tip: some negatives like self-imposed restrictions, isolation, disappointment, guilt are coming. It will be necessary to build a new scale of values and cultivate positive internal dialogue. The main ally will be the perseverance to overcome the test.

HOUSE II: Material possessions

Arcane: 4 of Wands (suits)

Advice: financial stability, prosperity and rest are on the doorstep. In addition to celebrating all the achievements with gratitude and joy.

CASA III: Communication and thought

Arcane: Temperance

Advice: positive aspects such as honesty, balance, prudence, cooperation, assertive communication, clarity of objectives are seen to come. Trust that results will be obtained, without any rush and at the right time.

HOUSE IV: Home and family

Arcane: The Hermit

Advice: introspection, spiritual search, self-knowledge is recommended. Sometimes it will be necessary to distance yourself from family events and from the comfort zone, in order to gain a new vision of the environment and of yourself.

HOUSE V: Romance and creativity

Arcane: The Emperor

Advice: on the romantic plane, abundance and creativity will be the protagonists, there you must take charge of the relationship and lead by example.


Arcane: Justice

Tip: There will be contract negotiations and job proposals. It will be better to avoid excesses and manipulative people. Skills must be displayed honestly and without arrogance.

HOUSE VII: Personal relationships

Arcane: 10 of Swords

Tip: possible breakdown in a relationship or partnership. Sadness comes in difficult times, but it will be part of the soul’s learning. Hope should not be lost.

HOUSE VIII: Sexuality

Arcane: 3 of Wands (suits)

Tip: common goals with partners, family or partner will strengthen relationships. Horizons will expand and it will be helpful to look to the future.

HOUSE IX: Philosophy

Arcane: King of Pentacles

Tip: Safety, progress, practicality and leadership will be the key to the development of academic projects and international operations. The objectives must be designed in the long term.

HOUSE X: Vocation and aspirations

Arcane: 4 of Cups

Advice: need to connect with the true vocation. Take time to reflect on the purpose and mission, and pay attention to the opportunities that arise.

HOUSE XI: Friends and groups

Arcane: The Tower

Advice: distances come, conflicts with colleagues and friends. Concerns related to collective initiatives. Meditate on the actions taken to materialize dreams.

HOUSE XII: Mysticism and Karma

Arcane: 2 of Wands (suits)

Tip: don’t get sucked into apathy. Transform energy and work in the best version.

Sagittarius compatibility with other signs

Sagittarius and Aries

The love between these two signs always starts on the right foot. Sagittarius likes the determination and boldness of Aries, while the latter is crazy about the virtues and commitment of Sagittarius. Together they can move mountains, as long as they communicate well.

Sagittarius and Taurus

Taurus is impressed by Sagittarius’ strength of conviction and sometimes has a hard time keeping up. On the other hand, Sagittarius does not like the little conservative ideas of Taurus, but in the end what brings these two signs closer is the same passion they have for life.

Sagittarius and Gemini

The two of you can spend hours chatting about any matter, running the risk of forgetting about the seduction. They live love free of passion and whims and they love to travel together, which helps them maintain a healthy relationship.

Sagittarius and Cancer

The sweetness and susceptibility to cancer is upset by Sagittarius, but still they are drawn like magnets. Sagittarius loves to embrace the youthful mind of Cancer and they will put up no resistance as long as it is not to dominate it.

Sagittarius and Leo

A fight can be unleashed between these two signs, but neither must be defeated for love to be born and grow, and both require mutual respect and that they continue to see each other as heroes.

Sagittarius and Virgo

Sagittarius may mistakenly come to believe that they are too reserved to seduce Virgo. But both form a couple that complements each other, who will know how to successfully manage projects together. Also, Sagittarius admires Virgo’s restraint and perfectionism.

Sagittarius and Libra

These two signs are idealistic and come together to defend what is fairest and they like to enjoy the pleasures of life. Both seek a sentimental balance and accept that giving in is the only way to reach agreements.

Sagittarius and Scorpio

Together they can passionately fix the world and sometimes clash with each other, especially when the idealism of one meets the pessimism of the other.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius

They are made for each other. In private they have many problems, without having to do with public life and privacy. In the intellectual field is that this couple can grow and flourish. Since they both like to be right, this relationship can turn into a power struggle, but they know how to avoid arguments.

Sagittarius and Capricorn

Capricorn is pessimistic and reserved, while Sagittarius is optimistic and sensually entrepreneurial. However, between the two everything can work. Ambition will bring them closer together and they are also the perfect couple to develop professional projects together.

Sagittarius and Aquarius

These two signs are not considered the most passionate of the zodiac. They are very little interested in sexual and sensual pleasures, both find happiness together in society, discovering the world around them. This is the way they make the relationship work.

Sagittarius and Pisces

Pisces fickleness bothers Sagittarius. If Sagittarius accepts Pisces as he is, they will be able to establish an order that allows them a margin of maneuver to love each other without limits, with a touch of madness.

Sagittarius qualities

Those of the Sagittarius sign have the ability to transmit optimism, mentality and joy to all the people around them. This way of facing life is your tool against adversity.

With a restless nature, curious and eager for adventure and discoveries. This need in conjunction with the energy that overflows Sagittarius makes them brave people, who are afraid of almost nothing.

As for personal relationships, this sign is very sociable, sincere and outgoing, all the good things they have they manage to transmit to other people easily thanks to their communication power.

Sagittarius in bed

Sagittarius people know how to separate the feelings of sex and what they really want in sexual relationships is for their partner to fully fill them and that they can share their future together.

They do not tend to fall in love with just spending two or three nights with a person and it is a situation that makes it very clear from the beginning. Sagittarians like all kinds of people, the bold, the shy, beginners, experienced, they like to try, there is no specific or established prototype.

When the feelings of Sagittarius begin to flourish, at the first change they do not show it, it is possible that the other person does not even appreciate the slightest gesture of love that Sagittarius offers them, and much less at the beginning of a relationship.

Sagittarius people don’t dislike preliminaries, but they are very impatient and almost always want to get to the tipping point right away. Sex with Sagittarius is much more physical than mental, especially if there is no sexual affection.

Going to bed with a Sagittarius is having pure, instinctive, wild and animal sex, they do not stop to think if what they are doing is wrong or right, they just get carried away and then ask how it was.

What should be clear with Sagittarians is that in bed they are not sweet or romantic at all, what can be expected from this sign is a lot of debauchery and lust, when the relationship is not normal at all.

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