Rat Horoscope 2022

Rat Horoscope 2022, Chinese zodiac. The Tiger does not favor the careful and cunning Rat too much. 2022 years will be a stressful period for this sign; only perseverance and hard work will help you achieve the planned results.

The Rat will require greater loyalty to others: it insists on condescending to other people’s weaknesses, while at the same time expecting greater severity with itself.


If you are not prepared for internal transformations, there is a risk of problems in relationships with your partner and family. The rat must be kept within limits, without screaming, only complete self-control will help.

Be prepared for any changes at work and in your personal life, and also remember to take preventative measures to preserve everything you extracted in the past year.

Constant internal tension will not allow you to rest, therefore, by the end of the year, a sharp decrease in the energy potential of representatives of this sign is possible. Remember the need to keep your body in good shape and your immunity working.


The Tiger has prepared a lot of work for the Rats this year, so they will not have time for personal life. The main problem will be the feeling of loneliness; after work the Rat will only need to rest, and not go to restaurants, movies or night walks. If the Rat does not begin to listen to his soul mate, this threatens the gestation of serious conflicts in the family.

Due to long-term formal complaints, there will be a possibility of a separation in 2022 for representatives of this sign. You should try to add variety to your personal life and not make your vacation the main goal.

If the Rat has any problems, you should immediately inform your partner about them. He will surely appreciate such self-confidence and it will certainly help the Rat.

Rat horoscope 2022, love
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Rat Horoscope 2022


For this year’s Rat, health will be on the back burner. This is not due to the fact that all diseases will bypass the representatives of this sign next door, but, only because they will have a busy rhythm of life, so they will try to ignore the requests of the body.

Severe fatigue at work can lead to a breakdown of the nervous system and there will be additional costs to your recovery. It is better to save yourself from this by using special calming teas and taking baths with essential oils.

In order not to lose all their strength and be energetic at the end of the year, Rats only need to take a short vacation in the summer. Also, in order to avoid many health problems, representatives of this sign will have to give up bad habits.

Sex and intimacy

The representative of this sign tries to find a more passive boyfriend for her who shows little initiative. And all because Rat women want to be the first in everything, intimate life is no exception.

A man of this sign prefers to take the initiative in a relationship with a soulmate. He hates when a woman tries to control him. This is a way of thinking: Rat men believe that a man should be a leader in a relationship, but not a woman. Sexism?

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