Rabbit and Dog Compatibility

Rabbit and Dog Compatibility: woman, man, love, sexual, marriage, work, friendship. The pairing of a rabbit and dog in Chinese astrology makes them one of the compatible couples. The dog is a protector and cares about their rabbits. But it is not that rabbits always need someone to look after them. They are very independent themselves. This relationship does make a strong and long lasting love affair.

In Chinese astrology:

  • The rabbit is a sign of continuation.
  • The dog is a symbol of loyalty and protection.

The rabbit and dog make an ideal pair that:

  • The dog is a faithful companion to the rabbit and always gives his partner the strength she needs.
  • The rabbit recognizes the loyalty of the dog by creating an ideal and peaceful home. From exterior to interior rabbit is very diligent about each and every detail.
Rabbit and Dog Compatibility: woman, man, love, sexual, marriage, work, friendship
Rabbit and Dog Compatibility: woman, man, love, sexual, marriage, work, friendship

Rabbit Man and Dog Woman Compatibility

As a dog you wish for a partner capable of supporting you and loving you when you feel insecure and anxious. The dog woman enjoys hearing about the dreams of his rabbit man. She is very loyal and will never betray or cross him. The rabbits are either economical or work well with money, but the dog enjoys spending money. So, the best way before committing to this relationship is to know about each other’s temperament and to compare options. 

Rabbit Woman and Dog Man Compatibility

Once a dog man madly fell in love with a rabbit woman, he works very hard to protect the rabbit woman he is in love with. The dog’s loyal personality allows the rabbit woman to live a happy life without any doubt or worry of being taken advantage of.

Rabbit and Dog Love Compatibility

As lovers, these both can share an intimate and passionate relationship. Usually, the rabbits rely on loved ones for emotional state. The Rabbit experiences the world on a subjective and concerned level. He can face difficulty in sorting out reality out of irrational fears or fantasy.

The dog also suffers from abnormal fears but they are powerful enough to provide the rabbit with support and comfort. Rabbit also cares about dogs and in return the close affection and care of rabbit helps the dog to rest his worries. If they agree to live together, the home will be very comfortable, understatedly attractive, original and inventive. The two should be mutually pessimistic to avoid chaos and confusion. They should be careful when stressed not to feed off one another’s anxieties.

Rabbit and Dog Sexual Compatibility

The intimate life of a couple is not boring. Both lovers want to give pleasure to their partner, and without words they try to understand each other. A romantic and cozy atmosphere provides peace of mind. If any problem from past days is bothering, it is carried away by the intimate pleasures of each other. Dogs realize the desires of the rabbits through their brilliance. Differences of characters are erased and both are open to innovations in the bedroom. The glowing is impossible without the spiritual closeness of the rabbit and dog. The absence of closeness is unlikely to go on a stable footing. Lovers can make a fateful step if found a spiritual understanding in relation.

Rabbit and Dog Marriage Compatibility

Problems can arise in Rabbit Dog marriage during worries, as both the persons of these Chinese zodiac signs find trouble in handling stressful conditions. They find themselves stuck in many unrealistic conditions and don’t handle them too. They will have to solve this trouble together otherwise it will spell trouble to end their relationship. The Rabbit will always provide the Dog with the emotional support they need. On the other hand, the Dogs will prove themselves best companions ever, both in bad and good times.

The Rabbit and dog can stay together as soul mates. The loyalty of dogs puts the rabbit in ease and rabbits know what dogs are looking for. They will cover each other’s flaws and calm each other where they lack. They will be highly successful in business.

Rabbit and Dog Work Compatibility

Rabbits and dogs are very brilliant in business. They know how to negotiate and work in a team. They do not attempt for leadership, but on occasion they will not miss. They are very friendly with their colleagues.  At the same time, they will sincerely cheer for the colleague who received the promotion. The compatibility of Rabbit with Dog increases in work if partners open a joint business. A single goal, united, gives strength, confidence. Partner Rabbit does not like arrogance, avoiding interests of the business because of personal interests.

A friendly cooperation develops between the two partners. Together the common interests, hobbies liberate them and make them happy. They don’t have a third person to start a conversation with. Even in a noisy environment they will sit together in a corner sharing secret dreams. The dogs will be rushing to help at any time and the rabbits will never ignore even the minor problems. Their understanding and harmony can lead to a romantic relationship.

Creating a family is not easy for both partners. Their willingness to sacrifice leads them to success. The marriage of the couple is based on love, support and care. When a rabbit and dog become a family they show their best qualities. They love their children and prefer to spend a pleasant, easy night at home with the kids.

Rabbit and Dog Friendship Compatibility

 The Rabbit is very shy and often disengaged. They prefer to be quite diplomatic. They don’t like conflicts. Their detachment extended to their emotions can make or break the Rabbit Dog friendship. They are excellent listeners and loyal to friends. With friends they are happy and they are at the top of the world. When they are sad they are emotionally unstable. The Rabbit can stabilize the dog in this way. 

The bond is envious and they completely understand each other. Their friendship is so strong and no one can come between this friendship since it is for life. They complement each other. As long as they have each other they have hope, and will never feel alone.

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