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Platonic love meaning: Is good or bad, is real; is romantic, Plato. The first question is, what is platonic love? There has been a long history associated with the name and notion, dating back to the 1500s. Platonism, however, is no longer the same definition it used to be. This concept was first identified by the Greek philosopher Plato, whose name of the word “platonic” is derived from.

Platonic Love Meaning: Is good or bad,is real, is romantic, Plato
Platonic Love Meaning: Is good or bad,is real, is romantic, Plato

His definition of platonic love is not the same as the present interpretation. This form of love, according to him, was not about passion, but rather about bringing you closer to the divine and bringing out the greatest qualities in everyone involved. It was applicable to all types of relationships, including romantic connections.

There is nothing sexual about a platonic relationship, it is just a strong bond between two people. Plato, who takes his name from the concept, is known as the ancient philosopher who developed it. Although Plato believed this form of love would lead humans towards the ideal, the phrase is now more commonly used to refer to close friendships.

Relationships of a sexual or romantic nature are polar opposites to those of a platonic nature. Although the phrase usually describes opposite-sex friendships, it can also refer to friendships between same-sex individuals

An extensive study suggests that receiving affection and support from others can have substantial health benefits. This form of assistance can help you avoid disease, boost your immunity, and reduce your chances of depression and worry.

Your platonic support system can offer emotional assistance by listening to what you have to say, validating you, and assisting you when you need it.

Is good or bad

Women are from Venus, and men are from Mars. According to the book, people of the opposite sex do not think or feel like one another. How wonderful would it be if you had someone who would be able to explain the mystifying behavior of the opposite sex to you? A romantic partner who understands how you feel is someone who actually cares for and understands you. This business model is similar to having a personal coach to help you solve the behavioral and emotional puzzles of the opposite sex.

The majority of men despise gooey romantic chats amongst themselves. And, in most cases, it’s deemed “unmanly” to even bring up the subject. Due to the desire to compete and gossip, some women find it difficult to trust other women. Another advantage of having a platonic connection is having someone to pour out your hurts, worries, and sentimental feelings to who you know is a friend who won’t judge you. One of the many advantages is that you can confide without worry of being judged.

Regardless of how you explain that you wish to maintain a platonic relationship, there will still be pressure from friends on both sides. There are even those who might argue that your platonic friend is not romantically inclined towards you.

You can sometimes let these thoughts get the best of you. The problem arises when a platonic friend will only inform you that he or she would prefer to remain friends after you cross the bridge. Your platonic relationship will never be the same because you are both uncomfortable with each other at this point.

Is real

There is a genuine and unique form of love known as platonic, but there is no such thing as romantic. The relationship between platonic best friends and romantic partners is always closer. What is the point of pursuing romance when people have platonic friendships?

Platonism is different from romantic relationships in that there is no erroneous expectation that the other person is somehow responsible for your success, happiness, etc. There isn’t an issue with platonic friendships becoming lovers; rather, platonic friendships cannot become lovers.

The existence of platonic soulmates is true. There is something almost as deep as a platonic friendship: a platonic soulmate relationship. Furthermore, it is also possible (and perhaps likely) that you might have more than one platonic soulmate in your lifetime, possibly multiples at once.

Is romantic

If you started a relationship without any sexual or romantic feelings for one another, you could be in an honest relationship. The other type of connection, a platonic one, has the potential to turn into something romantic. A person’s mindset can shift, and they may form close friendships before a sexual engagement. This is a fairly regular occurrence. According to statistics, 68 percent of romantic relationships in the general population begin as friendships, and the figure is much greater among certain demographic groups.

If a platonic relationship develops into a romantic one, what are some signs you should watch for? Listed below are some signs that you might become more than friends:

  • There’s a little flirtation going on
  • A higher level of attachment exists
  • You’re constantly mentioning them to others
  • Within you, you already know

Is there anything you should do if you find yourself developing feelings of romance for a friend? Start by checking in with yourself. Don’t let simple sentiments of love become distorted by things like loneliness or misunderstandings. By thinking critically about it and asking yourself, “Would I still feel this way if I weren’t lonely?”, When you suddenly experience feelings of romantic love, you can easily figure out whether it’s a result of loneliness or not. Make sure your feelings aren’t being misinterpreted if you’ve just ended a romantic love relationship.

What about your friendship with your friend during that time? Did your affections for your friend deepen at that point? Let yourself recover and move on from a recent breakup before considering romantic feelings for someone else if you’re recently ended a passionate love relationship. You may need to express your love for your friend, if you choose, once you have found out that your feelings are not a result of loneliness or misattribution.

Communicating your feelings to your friend can help you realize that you have feelings for them. It can be awkward, however, if they don’t.


The ideal of love for Plato is the augmentation of individual passion by contemplation of the universal and ideal.

The existence of an intimate, close bond between two individuals in which sexual desire is absent, suppressed, or sublimated.

Plato writes in the Symposium that “love is a desire for beauty that transcends physical particularities.” “Soulmates” according to Plato are “two halves who long for each other, and so they throw their arms around one another, weaving themselves together, wanting to grow together.”

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