Pisces Tiger

Pisces Tiger: Woman, Man, Personality, Primal Astrology, Traits, Compatibility. People born in Pisces in the Chinese year of Tigers tend to be deep thinkers. They are sensitive and serve as an inspiration to people with their unique way of thinking. It is difficult to compete with the creativity of Pisces Tiger. Great ideas pop up in their mind and invest their time reflecting over situations.

Pisces Tiger: Woman, Man, Personality, Primal Astrology, Traits, Compatibility
Pisces Tiger: Woman, Man, Personality, Primal Astrology, Traits, Compatibility

Their trait of reflecting over situations does not mean that they are competing with some of their weaknesses. Moreover, they possess a bad temper and it is an easy act to irritate or annoy them.

Wishing to be free and independent, these tigers always like to face new thrilling adventures. They tend to motivate people with their views on life. They are not shy and have confidence that is stronger and reflecting. They easily overcome their usual timidity but still, every Pisces Tiger has sensitivity developed within it.

They are emotionally balanced and even don’t know how to throw tantrums. Generally, Pisces Tigers are great interactors and know to keep longtime relations with everyone. Their friends and partners are happy to have such philosophical people as their friends and lovers.

However, it is sometimes bad to wander around them as they take some time to listen to everyone’s problems. They are efficient to put themselves in the shoes of others as they can nourish their imagination in different situations that don’t belong to them and in this way they are capable of maintaining intellectual gain.


The main thing for the Pisces tigers is to achieve everything at a high level. If they can’t achieve their ambitions they will suffer from ruined hopes and plans. It is worthy to support other points to hold them up in their difficult life. They possess the most versatile positive qualities and owing to these qualities these women often get involved in unusual situations that become the entertainment of doubtful nature.

The nature of these women is makeup exclusively from positive qualities. They are intelligent and incredibly gifted with different talents by nature as well as determined. They think on their own opinion based on knowledge and experiences. They tend to be speedy in the execution of tasks and as a result, achieve quick completion of goals.

They try to be practical at a very early age and most often their decisions are correct. These women built a career on their own. They are talented enough to get maximum results and try to be practical and creative based on their knowledge. This trait distinguishes them from the crowd of people. Due to their diligence and intelligence, Pisces Tiger women are capable of becoming independent financially.


The Pisces Tiger seems to be simple and unpretentious at first sight. However, this is not always true as they keep things reserved which can be a surprise. But to build relations with them is quite easy if someone understands the essence of their relationship. They are talented in hiding their inner feelings. Even if they are boiling from the inside, the outside seems to be calm and unruffled. They are capable of analyzing the aspects of future projects.

These men take special care of the opinions that others hold about them. For this, they are ready to change their manner by picking something special from their wardrobe. They like to listen to flattering reviews about themselves and usually achieve them but their whole might.

Sometimes, they get too involved while creating a favorable impression that they lend themselves to bewilderment. Their traits include intelligence, bravery, and kindness. They are theorists and advocates who at once calculate events for several moves forward. And as a result of this trait, they achieve everything they wish for. Their good luck and strong will them in this regard.

Of the negative qualities, a Pisces Tiger man can be set out to be ambitious and this characteristic prevents them from expressing their sincere feelings.


Pisces Tigers are soft and indecisive and even in a difficult situation, they don’t let their comfort zone be out of their way. These people are not afraid of any change being introduced in their life and don’t care about trifles. They are capable of taking decisive actions.

At the same time preserve their sentimental approach and sensitivity. Pisces Tigers are believed to be born with a kind, generous heart and don’t fall for enmity. They don’t develop anger and envy rapidly while on the contrary, they develop a strong desire to help and protect people from danger. They have a compassionate and noble nature, having the quality of self-sacrificing. It will be a wrong thought to consider them naïve if according to your opinion they help everyone. They don’t go for the help of unworthy people in their opinion. Their strong intuition stops them from committing a mistake in conclusions.  

Primal Astrology

In Primal Astrology Pisces born under the zodiac sign Tigers are represented by Stingray. If getting to know stingrays, they are moody and unpredictable but possess humanitarians at heart too. They are born philosophers who like to think on great questions of life but this trait doesn’t cut their connection with emotions.

They tend to become highly sensitive regarding the problems of the world around them and can spend most of their time denouncing what they see as a negative influence on society.


Pisces Tigers are naturally gifted with creative minds reflecting their talents. It is suggested to Pisces Tiger not to be embarrassed while speaking in public. People trust them boundlessly because of their sweet nature. They like to spend time in the company of big friends where they are genuinely happy.

They are great storytellers making communication with them a treat. They don’t prefer to reveal secrets in return. They are well principled in important issues for themselves.


Pisces Tigers are great lovers and are ready to put the whole world at the feet of their partners. They blindly adore their loved ones and are capable of romantic gestures. Regardless of gender, Pisces Tigers are a good family man. They prove to be caring and considerate partners.

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