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Pisces sign, meaning, compatibility; astrology, horoscope. The astrological sign of Pisces, symbol ♓︎, is related to people born between February 19 and March 20 in tropical astrology. Corresponds for this (the most popular in the West) to an angle between 330 and 360 degrees counted on the ecliptic (the circle of the signs of the zodiac) from the vernal point.

It is associated with the constellation of the same name in sidereal astrology. This signal corresponds to the end of winter (the length of the day is even less than the length of the night), so it is at the end of the signal round. (The twelfth.)

People of this sign are very emotional beings, dreamers and they are always ready to help. Among their Strengths we have: they are compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise and musical people. Weaknesses: fearful, overconfident, sad, escape from reality, can be a victim or a martyr.

Pisces people like: to be alone, to love, to sleep, music, romance, spiritual subjects. A Pisces does not like: to be criticized, to have the past come back to haunt him. Have you identified with these qualities?

Pisces are very friendly and often find themselves in the company of very different people. They always show disinterest and are willing to help others, a very good intention as long as they don’t expect much in return. People born with the Sun in Pisces have an intuitive understanding of the life cycle and form an incredible emotional relationship with other beings, based on the natural order and the senses that guide them.

Pisces characteristics

With great imagination and sensitivity, those governed by this sign are very friendly, intuitive beings and have compassion towards others. They like to be alone to dream, they like mystery and lose themselves in themselves. They have a very calm, kind and patient personality, they feel great sensitivity for the feelings of others and they respond with sympathy and tact when they see other people suffer.

Thanks to their affable nature, they are well liked and pose no threat to those who desire positions of authority or greater popularity. They assume their environment with great responsibility and do not take the initiative to solve problems. Other people’s problems tend to worry them more than their own.

These beings tend to exist emotionally and instinctively and not rationally and intellectually. A Pisces does not like to feel confined and by the good they do not respect the conventions, but they do not have the motivation or the energy to fight the tide either.

Those of this sign sometimes withdraw into their own world of dreams where their abilities bring benefits and put their great creativity into practice. Pisces in their personal relationships are not selfish, in fact, they tend to give more than they receive.

They are loyal people who are looking for a partner with whom they can unite their mind and spirit, rather than a sexual union. They love family and home. At work, those of this sign tend to work better alone, some are not good managers, since they lack the security to be, but as secretaries or administrative assistants they are excellent.

Other professions that have many people of this sign are architects, lawyers, travelers, artists, detectives, etc. where they can develop their creative abilities.

Pisces start date

The sign of Pisces begins after the sign of Aquarius and runs from February 19 to March 20.

Pisces in love

This sign in love is the most affectionate, understanding, sensitive and tolerant, but it is also a very romantic, dedicated, altruistic and generous person. They are beings that tend to fantasize, imagine and even dream about the ideal relationship.

They are usually introverted, shy and find it difficult to open up to others. This way of showing themselves is not due to shame, but because they are very cautious and prefer to observe in detail the reactions of others so as not to be reckless.

Those born under the sign of Pisces are very romantic and when they are really in love they feel so good and with a lot of optimism, that they have the feeling of not needing anything else in their lives. And it is precisely for that reason and because it is a very infatuated sign that they tend to idealize the person who stole their heart.

When their heart begins to beat, they give themselves 150%, in a disinterested and uncontrolled way. These aspects are perhaps the main reasons why Pisces are harmed more than once, since when they feel butterflies in their stomach, they are capable of doing anything crazy for love.

The main characteristic of Pisces in love is that they give off a lot of kindness, sensitivity and tenderness, they are people with empathy worthy of admiration. In fact, Pisces have the ability to put their partner’s interests ahead of their own. In love, the Pisces is extraordinary in every way.

The kisses, caresses and constant support of a Pisces, in addition to being admirable, are from another planet. Just as they show and offer to their loved one everything they feel and what is within their reach, it is also true that they like to receive the same.

It is a sign that you need to constantly know what your partner is feeling and be aware that the relationship is progressing and that they are not playing with your feelings. For Pisces, sincerity, loyalty and honesty are fundamental aspects in a relationship. In this sense, Pisces as a couple is the type of person that anyone would like to have by their side, not only because of their tenderness and sensitivity, but because of her commitment and loyalty.

Pisces sign in love
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Pisces sign in love

Pisces woman

The women of this sign are very feminine, friendly and dreamy, with their tender touch and with the priority of helping other people. With a courageous, stable and fighting character, but one that adapts very well to changes.

These women are usually a bit shy, although dealing with people is given in a good way, they are very affectionate, friendly and have an aura that transmits harmony and calm, so being with a Pisces lady is relaxing and provides tranquility , optimism and confidence. It will be difficult to get a Pisces woman angry or angry for long.

They do not have enemies, since they take conflict moments very calmly and do not hold a grudge. They forgive even the strongest grievances, when they really see that the other person regrets and deserves it. Another aspect to highlight in these women is their interest in the pleasures that life offers them, they do not stop to look at the value of things and money is what matters the least to them.

What really matters to him is enjoying every experience and moment with good company. Women of this sign are the most romantic of all. They are bohemian, dreamers, although they live in the present, they tend to fall into dreams when they get depressed or when something goes wrong.

As soon as they recover, they manage to renew their body and mind and then they appear with much more strength and willing to face what lies ahead, but from now on with the lesson learned. They are the type of people who avoid fights and conflicts and more between friends, since they do not support being criticized behind their back, they do not like double faces or vain people.

She is always friends with her friends, and for no reason will they fail them when it comes to trust. Regarding love, these women are usually very romantic and feminine. They get carried away and they like their partner to be polite and gentle, to be pampered, cared for, to finally feel wanted and loved.

Although they do not confess it out loud, Pisces women like to feel protected and safe, but without becoming dependent on the person they are with. In all aspects she is generous and dedicated, as long as she is confident enough she is not afraid to give or ask for what she wants.

Pisces man

Pisces men are understanding and sensitive, affectionate and faithful companions, they are people full of qualities who know how to look out for other people and put themselves in the place of others. They are very empathetic and have sincere concern for the people around them.

They cannot bear to see the suffering of others, they may seem easy to hurt, but they have a hidden internal strength that allows them to stay afloat. These men like to keep a low profile, they are capable of great achievements and disguise them.

They carry out their work calmly and do not show off their talents. Pisces men are not comfortable being leaders or giving orders, but they are people who need a team for the project to succeed. They are people who know where to put everything in its place and make everything fit.

They are excellent negotiators and manage to hit the nail on the head when the situation calls for it. They have a lot of imagination and talent in order to resolve conflicts and solve problems. Pisces gentlemen are inveterate dreamers, but more emotional than rational, always pretending to be normal.

They do not usually attract attention, but in case the ship sinks the Pisces man is the one who ends up helping. This is due to his generosity and helpfulness. As parents and couples, they are excellent and faithful.

Although they are not greedy and their purpose is not to amass fortunes, the table in their home will never lack bread or their parental warmth. They are one of those who know how to enjoy luxuries, but do not need them to live, they prefer stability and security before spontaneous adventures.

In love, men of this sign give themselves unconditionally. Very cautious and shy at the beginning of any relationship, but when they take a big step they become a volcano about to erupt. They have a lot of creativity and fun in bed, where they manage to unleash their imagination without limits.

What are Pisces like?

Pisces are the people who love astrologers the most, they believe a lot in goblins and magicians and have great intuition. Sometimes they fail to express what they really want to say, but rather suggest it. They have a stronger degree of sensitivity than any other zodiac sign, they appear calm, humble and calm, managing to convey a lot of peace.

When the fish cross him, they become very sarcastic and all their charm disappears. Out of their minds they amaze with their attitudes and responses, but to annoy a Pisces you have to delve too deep. They are people who know how to listen and that is why you can talk to them for hours, this being one of their greatest virtues.

When a problem is posed to a Pisces, you will never see inattention on their face. They may not be able to indicate what to do, but internally, thanks to your intuition, you will know what will happen and will not express it directly. Those of the Pisces sign almost always need to be alone, spend a while with themselves and this situation really pleases them a lot.

Pisces lucky number

The lucky numbers of the Pisces sign are: 5, 11 and 19.

Tarot for Pisces

  • HOUSE I Arcane Personality: The Hierophant or High Priest Advice: there will be a lot of spiritual evolution, which will allow us to explore the inner world and find unsuspected answers.
  • HOUSE II Arcane material possessions: The Moon Advice: it will be necessary to adjust financial planning and consider fixed expenses, as well as medium and long-term objectives. It will also be good to avoid unnecessary risks.
  • HOUSE III Arcane communication and thought: 10 of swords Advice: there will be disappointment and negative thoughts. Just because some plans don’t materialize doesn’t mean they lack purpose. The best thing will be to redefine strategies and goals.
  • HOUSE IV Home and family Arcano: 7 of swords Advice: small trips or removals are planned. The sale, purchase or rental of some family properties must be done with great care to avoid scams.
  • HOUSE V Arcane Romance and Creativity: 6 of Cups Tip: When you feel sad, the support of loved ones will be of vital importance to overcome disappointments and cultivate emotional balance.
  • HOUSE VI Arcane Work: 3 of Cups Tip: You will get retribution, reward and satisfaction. The experience will motivate others to conquer challenges. Knowledge will need to be shared.
  • HOUSE VII Arcane personal relationships: Ace of Pentacles (gold) Advice: stability, happiness and luck will abound. Announcements of commitments, signing of contracts are anticipated and any good deed will receive rewards.
  • HOUSE VIII Arcane Sexuality: 2 of swords Advice: it will be difficult to comment on events of pain from the past. Trust will be part of the dynamics of a relationship.
  • HOUSE IX Arcane Philosophy: The Hanged Man Advice: it will be necessary not to despair and be calm, take some time to analyze future projects. The greater good will always require sacrifices.
  • HOUSE X Vocation and aspirations Arcane: Queen of Cups Advice: insight in solving labor issues. The dedication given to the work will return multiplied.
  • HOUSE XI Friendships and groups Arcano: 9 of pentacles (gold) Advice: there will be many successes in social events and initiatives that are managed as a team. It connects with the right of deserving and divine abundance.
  • HOUSE XII Mysticism and Arcane Karma: 3 of Wands (sticks) Advice: look to the future with gratitude, joy, optimism, awareness and intuition.

Pisces compatibility with other signs

  • Pisces and Aries: Pisces admires the entrepreneurial spirit of Aries, but blames it for its lack of romance, although it is honestly sentimental at heart. Since both signs share spontaneity, everything will work out perfectly in this relationship.
  • Pisces and Taurus: Taurus is a down-to-earth sign, but Pisces keeps its head in the clouds. The sensibilities of both signs merge wonderfully and they manage to live love with the same desire for stability. The two of you together can have the feeling that they are made to last.
  • Pisces and Gemini: This is not the easiest relationship in the zodiac. Gemini is very pragmatic, while Pisces is very dreamy, creating a lot of tension between the two. Given the fluttering and instability of Geminis, Pisces will have confidence issues towards this sign.
  • Pisces and Cancer: Despite the bad mood of Cancer, it is the ideal companion for Pisces. Both signs will be able to live a complete love, full of great tenderness and passion. Even in difficult days, the complicity is total, this couple will have a guaranteed success.
  • Pisces and Leo: Pisces love Leo’s touching sensitivity and authoritative nature. To please him, Pisces is at his command and Leo will have to be a little more careful and not abuse the kindness of Pisces, after some time he will get tired.
  • Pisces and Virgo: Virgo is predictable, while Pisces is elusive. But together they have great balance, as long as they accept each other’s shortcomings. To achieve this union, Virgo must stop always trying to do what he wants and Pisces must accept some of his conditions.
  • Pisces and Libra: For these two signs, day-to-day life is a bit complicated; due to the constant change of opinion of Libras when problems exist and decisions must be made. In conditions like these it will be difficult to achieve stability, but when Pisces and Libra love each other, they can somehow cope.
  • Pisces and Scorpio: They are physically and spiritually connected, but in the case of Pisces, it does not give space in the relationship to the intellect, only the heart and the body are at stake. Scorpio will be able to give Pisces the security he needs, however, Pisces jealousy can cause some tension in the relationship.
  • Pisces and Sagittarius: In a relationship between these two signs, Sagittarius will inject a lot of energy, while Pisces will give a lot of tenderness and they will even manage to share interests in travel. But in reality both of them are unaware of the limits, and they will be ready for any sacrifice and commit any madness in the name of love.
  • Pisces and Capricorn: These two zodiac signs will have a hard time agreeing. When one believes that it is time to move forward, for the other it will not be like that. Capricorn is wary of Pisces emotional urges and love will establish itself when they succeed in trusting each other. They will become inseparable beings, when Pisces appreciate the value that Capricorn gives him and he gets caught up in the innate sweetness of Pisces.
  • Pisces and Aquarius: Pisces intuition and Aquarius pragmatism complement each other very well, especially when they share the same taste for anti-conformism and freedom. If Pisces can get Aquarius to show his feelings much more, the relationship would be perfect.
  • Pisces and Pisces: Two Pisces could make the perfect match, but usually both would lose touch with reality. This can lead them to live a very intense love, if they manage to stay in the air and do not go down to earth when facing daily life.

Pisces qualities

Among the qualities that stand out of this sign is its great sensitivity that allows you to easily connect with other people, since they empathize with their problems and manage to transmit pure feelings, this sign is characterized by dedicating and striving to help others.

They also have great communication skills, managing to transmit what they want with ease. They have a great sense of humor and have a quick mind for sarcasm and dialectics. Pisces in bed Those born under the sign of Pisces are people unable to take the initiative when having sex with others, they prefer to be hinted at.

They have a withdrawn and very shy character at first, so they prefer that others take command and control of the situation. In bed, Pisces need caresses and displays of affection, whether it is for one night or that they come from their usual partner. This does not mean that they can be the wildest under the covers, but they do feel good with a modicum of appreciation that only lasts a few minutes.

When a Pisces surrenders, it is impossible for him to pretend, they put all their attention on the couple reaching paradise, through friction, kisses and caresses, it is about that moment where they give their all, without the world worrying them . They are totally open to trying anything they like, any position, toy or game, but it will be their partner who must propose the possibilities, at least until they are confident.

For Pisces, sexuality is as important as love, since inside they yearn to find their soul mate. Many people will be able to go through your bed until they find who they will give their soul to, they will not be in a hurry in this regard, because they know that sooner or later the ideal person will arrive.

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