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Tibetan New Year

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Tibetan New Year (food, traditions, losar, decorations, ritual, soup).According to history, Tibetans were nomads who coexist in harsh environments on Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Tibetans were having a unique way of living with deep religious inspiration. They celebrate all their celebrations with dance and singing as on their crop harvest. As the time passed, they took the time when at the beginning of New Year highland barley got ripe.

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Dream about witchcraft

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Dream about witchcraft, meaning. Sorcery and witchcraft are a practice that is usually associated with black magic, it is for this reason that when you dream of witchcraft, you can think that the interpretation of this type of dream is completely negative. However, these dreams also have positive connotations.

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Angel number 45 meaning

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Angel number 45 meaning: spiritually, love, bible, astrology, career, cheating, relationship, marriage, money, numerology.Introduction.Angel number 45 is a significant number with numerous dissimilar meanings. It is a symbol from the angels that it is time for an alteration. It could be a time of novel beginnings, so make the most of the good belongings that come your way! Stay positive and trust that the whole thing will work out for the best.

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