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Dreaming of your ex meaning

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Dreaming of your ex, meaning. Many meanings can be interpreted by seeing an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend in a dream. Dreaming of meeting your ex-husband may not be a pleasant dream, especially if your romantic relationship with him did not end well.

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dream to wash dishes-trash

Dreaming of washing dishes, meaning

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Dreaming of washing dishes, meaning. Hello, what a strange dream of washing dishes! In general, dreaming of washing dirty dishes can mean some discontent or anxiety about an item that seems to be out of place. It may be a friendship relationship shaken by discussions never confronted, which wear you down, or even doubts about your health, which we do not follow up with medical examinations and tests.

Or it could be something pending at work that we do not find the solution, the time or the resources to deal with. But washing dishes, if in a dream we face this situation calmly, it could also mean that we face problems, that we literally wash them to think about other things. The other way to interpret the dream of washing dirty dishes is to identify the dishes not with situations but with people.

Dirt and food debris may represent unclear situations or things we have not had the courage to say or reveal to someone who is important to us.

By washing the dishes, we admit that we may have kept our feelings quiet, but we also show that we would like to let go of that burden and confess everything to those we love. But notice if, in the dream, we break dishes or hurt ourselves, a symptom that we fear being hurt when we go out. Now, to dream of washing dishes is a sign that some internal problems or issues need to be dealt with and cleaned up.

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