Number 42 meaning

Number 42 meaning: in the bible, angel number, love, in dreams. Did you know that different numbers have different meanings? This explains why people consider certain numbers to be their lucky numbers. It means that such a person has certain attachments with the number, and that’s why they consider it a lucky number. The number 42 is one of the numbers with different meanings in life. Let’s explore some of its meanings in the Bible, as an angel number, in love, and dreams.

Angel number 42, which means, spiritual, angelic, numerology, symbolism. In the bible, love, dreams
Angel number 42, which means, spiritual, angelic, numerology, symbolism. In the bible, love, dreams

In The Bible

The number 42 in the Bible is associated with the coming of the Antichrist. According to the book of revelation in the New Testament of the Bible, it is said that the Antichrist’s evil deeds will last for 42 months. Therefore, the number 42 does not represent good things according to the Bible.

The power of the end time beats is described as strong to the extent that no one will reject him or make war with him. The Antichrist will be the most powerful creature on earth and obtain all the power needed to do anything within the 42 months. The number 42 is the product of 6 and 7. These two numbers represent mankind and God’s spirit respectfully. 42 shows the link between the Antichrist and Jesus Christ. It also shows the link between mankind and God’s spirit.

The number 42 in the Bible has also been presented as a period of suffering. When the children of Israel were headed to Canaan from Egypt, they wandered 42 times in the wilderness before they were given rest. The period spent in the wilderness was characterized by suffering, which makes the number 42 a representation of bad deeds in the Bible.

Another example of the number 42 in the Bible is when Elisha was insulted by young men that he was bald. Elisha cursed the men, and two beats came out of nowhere and tore the 42 men into pieces. In this case, the number shows the consequences of bad deeds in an individual’s life.

Angel Number

Angel number 42 is a sign of passion and determination. It gives an individual the boost needed to reach out to all the opportunities ahead of them. It also encourages people to work hard to meet all the goals they have wished for in life. 42 is considered the number that brings progress in an individual’s life, especially if they have been stagnant for long. It is a sign that an individual needs to revitalize the achievement of their goals. The person can set new goals or strategies for meeting the goals they had set a long time ago.

Angel number 42 is a sign from your guardian angel that your prayers will soon be answered because they have been heard. It means that the angels are working on making your dreams become a reality. Therefore, you should be optimistic that everything will work in your best interests. The number represents an age of self-discovery and means that great things are coming your way soon.

The angels want you to carry out a self-evaluation of your past and explore your purpose in life. A substantial number of people tend to forget about their purpose in life, especially when they set goals they cannot achieve. If you are one of those people, the number 42 tells you that you should re-evaluate your goals to make achievable ones.

The angel number 42 could be telling you that you should take up employment in a field that interests you. It is a sign that you should pursue in life. Some people spend a substantial time of their life focusing on careers or things that do not interest them. Therefore, when people pursue their passion or things that interest them, they would find it easy to achieve the set goals.


When it comes to love, the number 42 is considered a nurturing number. It emphasizes the importance of family, community, and individuals. The number can also be used to determine people’s relationship compatibility. Given that the number is the universal indicator that the universe is watching over people, it could signify that you need to pursue your love goals.

If you see the number 42 and you have been having love issues, it means that you are making the right decision, and it’s time to move on from the love affair. The number shows that the love affair is among the things draining you and that you need to pursue other opportunities in life. If you choose to continue being a part of the disturbing love affair, it means that it will drain you and might prevent you from achieving your life goals. The number makes people cross borders to enjoy their life to the fullest. Therefore, if you leave the toxic love affair, you will have an opportunity to enjoy your life to the fullest.

In Dreams

When you dream about the number 42, it symbolizes that you have the sole power of changing your destiny. It shows that you should not expect other people to guide or make your destiny. If you have been working on a particular goal, the dream about number 42 reminds you that you need to work harder on that dream. The more effort you put into the particular goal, the higher the chances of achieving it.

A dream about number 42 reminds that the divine realm is watching over you and will guide you into making the dream you pray about a reality. It means that your dreams would be a reality only if you trust and believe in your abilities. If you do not trust in your abilities to meet a particular dream, it means that the dream will not become a reality.

Now that you have known the meaning of the number 42, the next time you encounter it, you will know what it means in your life. For instance, you will find it easy to interpret dreams involving 42. Knowing the meaning of a number would also prevent you from misunderstanding a situation.

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