North node Leo

Introduction: North node Leo. The zodiac symbol of Leo is related to the heart. People with the North Node in Leo are observing to discover courage. You may find yourself in conditions that need you to be the hero or make a tough conclusion.

Having the North node in Leo pushes you to emerge your intellect of identity to positively alter and affect others. You are being requested to be the ringleader, and with this, you have the probability of making an enormous influence.

North node Leo
North node Leo

The point opposite the North node, your South Node, is in Aquarius. It designates you may have been in past conditions where you went along with the crowd and were inclined to follow more than lead.

You may have sensed that you have not paid courtesy to your own beliefs during your life trip. The spirit of the North node in Leo will place you in states where you will have to learn how to stand on your own will. You will be calling the potshots deprived of terror.

North node Leo Meaning:

The key themes for those with a north node in Leo are originality, self-expression, and guidance. To achieve their purpose, they must learn how to direct themselves as artists and take risks.

They will also want to learn how to be leaders in their place of supporters. These teachings may not come informally, as people with this placement are frequently shy and withdrawn.

Yet, they have all the potential in the world to convert great leaders and inventive geniuses. With a little bit of self-belief and some firm work, they can attain whatever they set their mind to.

Persons with a north node in Leo have manifold characters in one being. They can link with many sorts of individuals and enjoy getting to distinguish them.

They are communal butterflies who thrive on making new associates. Yet, they incline to be calmer and quieter, even though they aren’t typically quiet.

North node Leo Career:

Meanwhile, these people work musically with others; they make outstanding team members. They will be content working on group schemes and will continuously be willing to lend a helping hand.

They may also do well in jobs that include inventive self-expression. It could be anything from lettering to acting to painting. They want a career that allows them to easily tap into their creative side and direct themselves.

North nodes in Leo citizens may also do well in leadership positions. It may not feel entirely natural; then, with their aptitude to work well with others and their charisma, they have the potential to be great ladders.

It means they could work as bosses, managers, or even representatives. They also make outstanding educators and researchers, particularly in more esoteric areas of study.

The North Node in Leo is about hard work and big consequences. It’s a great position for individuals who are attentive to career and headship development and those who need to be related to influential or prestigious persons or administrations.


To discover your North Node, you’ll want your birthdate, where you were innate, and your precise time of birth.

Leos are inventive and fun-loving fire symbols who love to be at the midpoint stage. You intend to live out your creative look and entertain others in this life.

In the sky, the two bulges, also called the lunar nodes, are the unseen points at which the moon’s orbit crosses the Earth’s orbit around the sun, named the ecliptic—which occurs together in the northern and the southern hemisphere.

The north and south nodes drop in conflicting symbols from each other and change symbols about every 18 months.


As a Leo female, you are blessed with the part of the fire as your zodiac sign. You have a robust will and willpower and distinguish how to make an impression. You can be relatively dramatic; then you’re also substantial and giving.

Your North Node in Leo inspires you to discover your true self-expression. It gives you the bravery to be yourself blatantly and deprived of fear of judgment or criticism from others.

It is chiefly influential as it can assist you in gaining self-assurance in yourself and believing that your exclusive gifts are valuable. When this vigor is expressed over a strong sense of self-love, it can lead to numerous positive life fluctuations.

Your North Node in Leo inspires you to be courageous in your relations with others. As a kid, you may have been skilled that expressing yourself was incorrect or informally intolerable.

Still, this placement allows you to open up and express yourself without anxiety or shame. As long as it comes from a place of love and admiration for yourself and others, this look will bring great rewards into your life.

Life purpose:

It’s helpful to know your negative characteristics to get the most out of your life. Learn to overcome them and attain Leo abilities that can help you over your journey.

It won’t be relaxed, particularly since you will leave your ease zone. Going and fighting head-on is the finest choice if you must do well.

Letting yourself shine:

Don’t be frightened to express yourself. You are exclusive and attractive in your way. You will reach your uppermost potential only once you own your crown.

You are here to own the spotlight. The midpoint stage is yours. You can become a leader rather than a mere supporter. Nonetheless, don’t overlook being humble.

North node Leo Dates:

Starting date end date symbol of the North Node May 31, 1916, to Feb 13, 1918, Capricorn Mar 09, 1935, to Sep 13, 1936, Capricorn Oct 10, 1953, to Apr 02, 1955, Capricorn Apr 28, 1972, to Oct 27, 1973, Capricorn Nov 19, 1990, to Aug 01, 1992, Capricorn Aug 21, 2009, to Mar 02, 2011, Capricorn Mar 27, 2028, to Sep 23, 2029, Capricorn – next Nodal cycle in 2028.

Feb 14, 1918, to Aug 15, 1919; Sagittarius Sep 14, 1936, to Mar 03, 1938; Sagittarius Apr 03, 1955, to Oct 04, 1956; Sagittarius Oct 28, 1973, to Jul 09, 1975; Sagittarius Aug 02, 1992, to Feb 01, 1994, Sagittarius Mar 03, 2011, to Aug 30, 2012, Sagittarius – next Nodal Cycle in 2011.

Past life:

The south node discloses the gifts you carry into this lifetime: your sugary spot and ease zone. You will be naturally good in these zones of life and may start your early track based on your South Node leanings.

Although this can bring an intellect of gratification, it is improbable to raise you to Blissville. There’s a sense of “been there, done that” in South Node activities.

And truly, you have: in several past lifetimes. The key is to use your South Node as a foundation for your North Node destiny, much like a refugee living overseas will always feel most comfortable speaking her native language, even if she’s existed in her new country for numerous years.

The South Node is your horoscope birthplace, maybe not the place you need to settle enduringly, but anywhere cozy to visit when you want to feel a sense of place or belonging.

You’ll share the same nodes if you have a youngster around 18-19 or 36-37. And if you date, Wed, or join forces with somebody 9-10 years older or younger than you, there’s a good chance they’ll have the opposite nodes.

It can be an influential but separating pairing—you’ve both learned what the other has come here to learn. If you combine your natural skills, you can be irresistible.

The south node is the precise opposite zodiac symbol of the north node. It discloses the gifts you bring into this lifetime, your sweet spot, and your ease zone.

In the 11th house:

The 11th house of relations is lined by Aquarius, which can be tough for Leo placements. You’re perhaps more bound than ever to drop into the crowd’s safety and use your reason to connect.

Then try to emphasize how each relationship makes you feel. If not, reassess these companions moving forward and find a way to relate more personally and less intellectually.

The 11th house comprises our community, society, or spectators; it’s who we work for and anywhere we need to end up. With Neptune here, you may be barking up the improper trees, looking for the approval of the wrong persons, or even ending up in cults.

Preferably, Neptune will lead you to persons who line up with your highest spiritual and animated sensations, then to get there, you’ll have to face the attraction to belong at any cost.

In the 4th house:

If you have a Leo north node in the 4th house of the home, you’re likely earlier easy as a team member in your family dynamic. Then infrequently, you want t;

Show off your legacy to the rest of the world. Be the winner of your family name and let your family back you rather than assisting them.

This house is related to self-expression, and passion. It’s all about living from your heart and embracing the happiness of life. You will learn to become more self-assured in yourself and your exclusive gifts.

You will also be talented at using these gifts to carry more joy into the world over creative projects and activities you love.

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