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Monkey horoscope 2022, chinese zodiac, prognosis, predictions, health, family, love, sexual. This year, the Monkeys can safely start the most risky business: the symbol of the year promises them the successful completion of any project.

Agile and curious monkeys will take the luck, jumping easily from branch to branch. The entrepreneurial nature of this sign makes the symbol of 2022 treat the Monkey with due sympathy. However, the stars advise you to curb the usual inconsistency and inconsistency – only organization and perseverance will help the Monkey to realize all the opportunities the new year brings him.

This time will become a significant period in the life of active monkeys. You can find the strength and energy to organize many projects and events, become the soul of the company and the favorite of bosses. The main thing is to be able to focus on the really important things. Consider the opportunity to open your own business, change your profession or workplace, get additional education, or take a new career height.

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An ambitious Monkey will be able to easily apply the acquired experience to achieve the planned results. The tiger promises to develop its ability to intuitively feel the change in the wind. If you are able to show discernment and foresight, you will receive a full basket of annual bonuses. Don’t forget that they won’t crumble like ripe fruit without proper effort; the branch should be shaken well.

Astrologers warn that sometimes the Monkey must moderate the speed with which it fulfills its wishes. Not all are worthy. This year will be conducive to contemplation, so stop frequently and assess the prospects for your activities. You will be able to get the maximum number of prizes, but sometimes it is worth wondering if they are all of equal value and importance to you.

The celestial bodies warn the Monkey about the danger of an unjustified risk. He temper his enthusiasm; otherwise, he risks losing more than he wins. He doesn’t try to embrace the vastness, then the Tiger will help him build a solid foundation for years to come. Also, this year, representatives of the sign of the monkey should be ready for a bitter fight for personal happiness.

You are too used to the attention of the opposite sex and consider ubiquitous worship to be a natural state of affairs. Astrologers recommend that you learn to distinguish between ostentatious affection and real sincerity. Be prepared for the fact that the Tiger will eliminate various people from your life. Don’t be sad, this is getting rid of completely unnecessary ballast and a great opportunity to make new friends.

In general, a year of changes is approaching for you, so take this opportunity and discover new horizons for yourself. If you have been wanting to change your country of residence for a long time, do not hesitate to make this dream come true. The year is perfect to start life from scratch.


Representatives of the sign of the monkey will not be able to avoid the rather unpleasant health problems that can await them. At the beginning of the year, liver problems can occur. The level of its severity will depend only on the type of lifestyle that the person led before. It is not worth fighting such a disease on your own, it is better to consult a specialist. The first recommendation would be a complete review of your diet. Fatty foods must be completely eliminated from the diet. Some may feel a deterioration in their health in the middle of the year, when quite serious problems with the work of the pancreas begin. In this case, you should definitely go for a professional consultation with a specialist and, of course, protect yourself for a while from parties with a lot of alcohol and junk food.

Astrologers warn that the idea of turning to doctors and other representatives of alternative medicine for health will not end well. In such a situation, you need to think about how to really get rid of the problems, and not about the extra money. Only drugs, following all the recommendations of the doctor and compliance with the developed diet, can help in such situations.

There is one more point that you should definitely pay attention to – these are problems with the musculoskeletal system. Since there is a high risk of dislocations and fractures in 2022, you should choose something safe from this point of view.

Astrologers also pay attention to the regularity and amount of alcohol consumed. Those who have significantly exceeded the permissible norm should think carefully about the consequences that the body then experiences, digesting all the alcohol.

Some in general may literally be on the verge of addiction, it is worth paying attention to their condition and, if possible, helping the body to cope with such a problem. Along with alcohol, all harmful products should disappear from the diet and from the refrigerator. French fries and crackers are harmful, you need to remember this when shopping at the store. If this year you spend the maximum amount of time on your condition and health, then you can significantly extend your life.


Monkey horoscope 2022, love
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Monkey horoscope 2022, love

The year is perfect for monkeys who sincerely want to build new relationships or strengthen existing ones. All opportunities for this will be available. Those Monkeys who fall in love will try with all their might to become the only center of attention that they like the most.

To achieve a person’s location, you will need to prove to them for a long time and persistently that you deserve to be around them. It is during this period that you must show all your best qualities, try with all your might to enchant and fall in love with yourself.

Those in the middle of a relationship this year should wait to register their marriage. You still need to prepare a solid material base, and only then go to the registry office. Many couples after a beautiful and solemn ceremony are faced with real day-to-day problems and relationships do not withstand such a test.


In the family life of married and married monkeys, a long-awaited and desired calm will come. Everything will continue as usual. Astrologers warn of only one thing, one should not try to demand more from a person than he can give or do. This behavior can only lead to disputes and conflicts, but it will definitely not lead to anything good.

You must risk a lot with what fate offers you and try to become wiser, more experienced, but not more demanding. You must correct mistakes tactfully and competently, and only then begin to criticize. Special attention should be paid to their relatives, especially those who are already in old age.

They may be offended by the fact that they rarely come to visit and are simply interested in your well-being. In order not to provoke a scandal in the family, you should try to allocate your time so that there is enough for everyone. It is better to try to plan a few nights shared with all the family members at least a few times a month.

In the warm season, they can and should spend time in the field, relaxing and doing useful things together. If you choose such a behavioral strategy, then not only will there be no scandals in the family.


The Mono woman is very attractive and interesting by nature, she will definitely pay attention to a man who will interest her with a good sense of humor, his wit and unexpected actions. She is not interested in everything that is familiar and even ordinary, so a man will have to constantly surprise her.

As a member, you can be fickle. As soon as it seems to him that the relationship has been exhausted and he no longer has a chance to continue, he will definitely look for something new for her. In relation to her sex, she also likes to experiment a lot and frequently. Her innovation not only does not surprise her, but, on the contrary, attracts her.

A man of this sign can, in a matter of minutes, enchant the girl he liked with his jokes, funny stories and compliments. He will pay attention to self-sufficient girls in whom there is naivety and romanticism.

In bed, you will try to do your best to leave after one night has passed as many vivid and unforgettable sensations as possible. His partner’s praise and approval are very important to him. He will try in every possible way to diversify his intimate life and a woman must necessarily agree to all such experiments.

Many useful things can be found in the horoscope, especially since today all you have to do is go to the internet and find your horoscope.

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