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Medical Astrology. Medical astrology is a system used to study and analyze the medical predispositions that each zodiac sign may present, evaluating the sun, the moon, the planets and the earth itself as incident factors.

Its use is intended to understand the way in which people can develop certain diseases, with the aim, not of creating cures, but of understanding their origin according to the case of each sign. Also called iatromathematics, it denotes a series of medical observations for each sign, and it is there where we are going to expose the diseases associated with the people that belong to each of these symbols. Let’s learn more about medical astrology and its analysis according to each sign.

Taurus Medical Astrology

Taurus tends to be a person of great size, and with a significant and very distinctive force where they usually live. He can gain weight easily, since they are robust individuals, with an endomorphic build, which, together with their appetite, could be a weight problem in many cases.

Due to its weight, it is very normal for Taurus to suffer from diseases associated with the circulation, as well as heart problems. Many of your complications will be determined by the quality of your diet, therefore, you must pay close attention to your diet constantly.

Aries Medical Astrology

Aries is a person who can suffer from problems in the area of his head, so it is common for him to have to deal with headaches, vision problems, difficulty falling asleep, dizziness, etc. This sign is distinguished by constantly suffering accidents, having problems that end up affecting their health.

However, one of the aspects that the case of Aries rescues is its ability to recover in a short time. His illnesses rarely exceed 3 days, so he is in very strong health against multiple illnesses. Especially if it is a person who knows how to take care of himself and visits his doctor on a regular basis.

Gemini Medical Astrology

This sign tends to experience complications at the level of your arm and torso, which is why it is common for you to present respiratory diseases. He also tends to have pain in his arms, generally associated with efforts made incorrectly, causing long-term pain.

Geminis should pay close attention to the advancement of their illnesses, as they may experience respiratory infections and, due to their personality, do nothing at the best of times. Therefore, it is necessary for him to constantly assist his doctor, especially if he has noticed some indicators. This will allow you to have a full life without major difficulties.

Leo medical astrology

Leo focuses his energies on his spine, his heart, and his back. He is a person with a tough physical condition, so he can rarely be distressed by weather conditions. Thanks to this, he is a person who can remain healthy for long periods of time, both mentally and physically, having a pleasant life without complex problems.

You must be very careful about the health of your heart, as excessive work, where it requires great efforts, could mean a regression for your health. Leo must avoid a hectic life, avoiding complications at the cardiovascular level. He will not need specialized care, but rather, put aside overexertion.

Cancer medical astrology

Cancer has a center in your stomach and chest, these being the areas of your body most susceptible to certain diseases. Your body is, in general, very resistant, reaching even and showing itself very immune to different complications and highly contagious diseases.

However, when it is overwhelmed by a disease, it tends to present serious complications. One of the most common characteristics of his complications is that they are not usually easily diagnosed, having problems finding an effective treatment in certain cases. This makes his healing processes complicated, since he has a volatile personality when faced with problems.

Virgo Medical Astrology

Virgo concentrates its most fragile energies in its belly, its stomach and its gastrointestinal tract. This makes the consumption of some foods a problem for your health, being able to seriously compromise your integrity, precisely in the consumption of foods with a high level of sugar.

It is a person who can be affected by diseases present in their environment, since they can be easily spread. He must be very careful with his thoughts, since he can have diseases as a placebo. He will need to greatly overcome his insecurity to, at the same time, overcome any illness that comes his way.

Scorpio Medical Astrology

Scorpio’s health shows its most complex energies at the pelvic level, with its bladder, genitalia, anus and coccyx being its most susceptible areas in this regard. In this sense, this person can find venereal diseases after practicing sexual intercourse, which can also present in great probabilities due to his high sexual desire.

Scorpio has to face one of the problems most associated with his personality: introversion. He does not usually communicate what he feels, and therefore tends to keep many of his problems on his mind. This makes it necessary for him to be able to count on professional support to cope with his illness and, thus, stay in solidity to be able to face any complication.

Libra Medical Astrology

The case of Libra is characterized by having energy concentrated in his renal system, at the height of his lumbar area. You generally have trouble controlling sugar in your body, which can be enhanced by your preference for sweets and foods high in fat.

This, added to the fact that it does not tend to arouse greater interest in activities such as sports. You may have trouble controlling these diseases if you can’t channel the problems in your life, which tend to seriously affect your personality. You must find the necessary harmony, which will allow you to stop turning to sweets as a way to cope with anxiety and negative thoughts, thus ruling out your problems involved with your diet.

Capricorn Medical Astrology

Capricorn is characterized by having a difficult beginnings, since their first years of life tend to be full of diseases. However, your outlook will not always be this way. You will need to be careful about the development and health of your cartilage tissue, as well as your limbs, as you may have pain due to injuries from bad work habits.

Capricorn must pay special attention to their psychological health, since they can present depressive episodes, compromising their physical health much more due to the abandonment of habits that can really guarantee well-being in their life. In this way, Capricorn must always maintain a focus on advancement, always preserving his person above any obstacle.

Sagittarius Medical Astrology

Sagittarius can live a healthy life as long as they are able to advocate for it through exercise and healthy eating. There will be two possible scenarios for this sign. The first, one in which you sustain a life based on constant exercises and adequate nutrition, obtaining an optimal condition as far as your health is concerned. The second represents the opposite.

He is a Sagittarius who does not show interest in a healthy life, being, even, a sedentary person, with problems to perform simple exercises, with a routine of few movements. The result, a health that could be complicated by any disease, due to the poor state of health that your body has preserved.

Pisces Medical Astrology

Pisces is characterized by concentrating its energies on its feet, its lymphatic system and its fingers. He is a person who can get sick easily, and although it is not considered the weakest sign, the presence of symptoms such as colds and headaches respectively cannot be taken lightly.

Your physical endurance can be developed, but it will take a lot of performance and dedication to do so. It could be said that your emotions also have a significant impact on your well-being. Ultimately, the health of Pisces will largely depend on his actions, so it could be said that he is the most balanced of all, being responsible for his results to the greatest extent.

Aquarius Medical Astrology

Aquarius is a person who has great intellectual abilities, although this can be a problem for his physical health, since he will not show interest in activities such as exercises and training to improve his condition. He can unknowingly neglect his integrity, avoiding some meals during the day.

Anxiety and stress will be your biggest problems, taking you much further away from your true needs. For this reason, it is important for Aquarius to stay physical, where he can discharge the accumulated energies, and at the same time, enjoy the benefits of training frequently.

In this way, medical astrology offers us an analysis about the medical qualities of each sign. In this regard, each one can have a healthy life as long as he is able to recognize his weaknesses and strengths, thus approaching full health, where he can really enjoy his life.

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