Meaning of Roses, colors, in dreams

Meaning of roses, colors, in dreams, in the bible, by numbers. According to Greek traditions, roses originated from dreams or vision. The God of plants’ rebirth is known as adonis. King Theias and his daughter Myrrha originally started this story. When the king realizes that his daughter has deceived him, he follows his beloved daughter with his royal sword then the goddess changes her into a tree. King was so angry that he hit the tree with an arrow.

The tree tore into two pieces. God grew up this tree in the form of the son. When this boy became young, he became a talented hunter. one day, while hunting, he passed near the Heracles, a former lover of the aphrodite. Who was changed into a wild boar? He attacked the adonis, and she ran into the forest. When she reached there, she found him dying. Blood was coming out from his body. When this blood fell on the ground it changed into roses. It was also said that when she ran to the side of the adonis, her feet cut on the thorns and turned these thorns into red roses.

Meaning of roses, colors, in dreams, in the bible, by numbers
Meaning of roses, colors, in dreams, in the bible, by numbers

 What do roses mean ?

Roses have various meanings in the dictionary, but this word is often bound with love and romance. It is a true but incomplete definition of roses. Let’s describe the different meanings of the roses. There are various meanings of the roses, which are given below.  

Roses mean secretness. Another term used from old times for the roses is sub rosa which means under the rose. In ancient times roman strung up the roses in small bowls. By doing this, it was considered that the aroma of the roses remains confidential. In the middle ages, roses were also hanging on the ceilings of the conference room with this belief that everyone remembers their promise.

Roses are also used in the picture card. It is used on every type of card. The first one is the fool card representing the cleanness of the human mind. The second is the magician card representing wisdom. The third one is the strength card which represents equal balance. The last and fourth one is the death card which represents purity and clarity. It is also the image of our soul.  

Colors of the roses 

Roses are the main symbol of love these days. They can be used for other purposes. Here I am going to explain the meaning of the roses by their colors. It may change with the color or size.

  • Red roses are a perfect gift for valentines day.
  • Red roses are also a symbol of affiliation, love, and romance.
  • Pink roses explain grace and are also used to admire someone.
  • Orange-type roses represent passion.
  • Yellow roses are the best symbol of a strong friendship.
  • White rose represents the purity of someone.

 Meaning of roses in dreams

 In dreams, roses mean love. Roses are also a mark of beauty and cuteness. There are different meanings of every color in dreams. But, there are four main shades of roses: red, yellow, white, and pink.

Pink rose in a dream means that you have the chance for some unexpected help. White rose used for credit, and Red rose to indicate good luck. In contrast, Yellow rose means difficulties in life. Rose in dreams for young people means that you will enjoy a love relationship in future. Married people enjoy a good marriage life if they have risen in their dreams. If you are an unmarried person, you have the chance to get married very soon and a very beautiful girl. 

For a businessman, a rose in dreams means that your business will bring very good results very soon. It is also a message that if you are a mother, you can have a baby boy. If you are picking a rose in a dream, you are very satisfied with your present life. Sending roses to others means that others like you. If someone in a dream presents you, it means that you have great success in your future life.

If you see a bed full of roses means that you will enjoy a wealthy life very soon. Artificial roses in a dream mean that your friend is jealous of you.

Meaning of Roses in the Bible

Bible is a holy book of the Christians. You can learn from the bible you want. BIBLE says that I am the rose of Sharon and the Lily of the valleys. We can find many references about roses in the bible. It says that God is working in our lives in any form. The attraction of the angels during prayer is done through the fragrance of the roses because they have strong vibrations.

And through this, angels can connect with you easily through your roses. Roses are also a symbol of sacrifice. You can also see the concept of the roses in the old and holy paintings of the Christians. You have also noted the pictures of the roses on the windows and glasses. In Christian weddings, they often use white flowers, which are a symbol of purity and clarity.  

Meaning of the roses by numbers 

  •  Love, at first sight, indicates one rose.
  •  two roses are given to the person with you fall in deep love
  •  The number three means that anyone loves you.

 Four roses mean that nothing will come between us

  •  If you care about your friend or partner, then present him five roses which shows your care 
  • for him        
  •  if you want to start some special relation with anyone then present him six roses and express your feelings
  • Seven and eight roses are used for support for anyone.
  • If you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner, you should present him with nine roses.  
  • Nine roses will be the best option for you.

If someone is perfect in your opinion then present him 10 roses.


Roses can be used for various purposes. They can be used in food. You can use them in fragrance. Perfumes can be used for wedding ceremonies or death ceremonies. When we look at the roses, they fresh our minds with their beautiful look and smell. In short, it is the unique creation of God.

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