Libra sign meaning

Libra sign meaning. Libra, that sign represented by the scales signifies equity, balance and justice. Those born under this sign have among their strengths kindness, cooperativeness and diplomacy, they are also social and impartial beings. Although, like the other signs, they also show a series of weaknesses such as: they are indecisive, self-pitying and tend to hold grudges.

Those born under this sign like gentleness. Harmony, the open air and of course sharing with other people, but he does not tolerate any of these aspects in his life: injustice, violence and conformity.

Those ruled under this sign consider themselves fair, peaceful people and hate to be alone. Being in contact with society is essential in their lives. 

These beings are fascinated by symmetry and balance, they are always constantly seeking equality and fairness, and throughout their lives they realize that the only thing important to them is their inner personality.

They are people who are willing to do anything to avoid conflict and try to keep the peace whenever possible.

Libra characteristics

Libra people are very refined, they have a lot of charm, elegance, good taste and diplomacy, they are curious by nature, they love beauty and they hate conflict. The frivolity and its fickle character are its negative points.

As the symbol of libra (the scale) shows, they are equanimous and tolerant people, who understand the situation of other people and in turn try to solve differences.

They also do not like routines at work and have an artistic sensibility that they can channel professionally. Libras constantly require intellectual stimulation, use reasoning and maintain interesting and fluid communication in their relationships.

In matters of love, people of this sign are very romantic, they are also in constant search of spiritual and physical beauty.

Date starting pound

The sign of Libra begins after Virgo and runs from September 23 to October 23.

Libra in love

One of the best experiences in life is being in love and each sign behaves differently when it comes to love. The pounds tend to live a little of everything, they are very infatuated and seductive.

They are not unfaithful, on the other hand, they are people who prefer to have a bird in the hand than a hundred flying. Another aspect to highlight of those born under this sign is that, besides being attentive, they can be passive, indecisive and superficial.

Libra woman

The women of this sign are identified by their charm, elegance and good taste at all times. They are very feminine, they also take great care of their appearance and way of relating.

They have an elegant, refined demeanor, have an exquisite taste to dress and are always arranged for the occasion. In addition to their appearance, they also worry about nourishing themselves with knowledge and learning about subjects that provide them with advantages in life.

Their empathy is the most relevant trait of the Libra, since, in the face of difficulties, they put themselves in the place of the other person, in order to understand their situation and find solutions.

They are also impartial, fair, kind to people they appreciate, and even to those who do not. In their actions they are slow people, who do not like being overwhelmed and do not let them pressure them, they will try to set their own pace.

As for her personality, she is balanced, she always studies and analyzes everything around her before deciding and if she does not achieve balance or harmony, she has a hard time.

Although Libra women are not usually that balanced, a part of them are the exception that creates the norm. Others are a little more crazy and impulsive, in order to compensate for the rationality of the other women of this sign.

Libra women are considered good communicators, they manage to express themselves with strategy and clarity, they usually analyze their sentences before speaking and use them to lead anyone to their ground. They always like to be right.

Another positive aspect of the Libra is the charm balanced with rationality, in addition to its captivating and sweet treatment. Also, the romanticism, optimism and their innate generosity, especially with whom they believe is worth it.

As negative traits, it is that they tend to allow themselves frivolities and excesses, in addition to their indecision and not to mention their bad temper when things do not go as they wanted.

They are excellent team players and they work hard to achieve their goals. At work, they are one of those who seek perfection as long as they are motivated. When they have people under their command, they are a bit demanding, but that demand is not about something that cannot be met.

They fit perfectly in positions that have to do with dealing with the public or customer service, also in positions where it is necessary to fight to meet objectives; however, she can handle some monotonous and routine jobs.

As for love, women of this sign are tender, sentimental and romantic by nature. They are of few conflicts, since they put themselves in the place of their partner, although that situation does not stop them.

Libras make themselves known little by little and are not afraid of being vulnerable, nor are they afraid of suffering. By bringing out their femininity, they will not lack suitors, although sometimes they end up looking at the people who least deserve it.

In the family sphere, they are excellent mothers, they care greatly about education and they give good advice to their children. They tend to worry more about the autonomy of their children in the future, than to give them everything they require in the present.

Libra man

The men of this sign have a lot of sensuality. They are level-headed, fair and have a great sense of duty and responsibility. They are in constant search of balance and harmony and they do it in good manners and applying intelligence.

Considered observers and retailers, if there is something in their environment that does not fit, they will make an effort in that until it manages to occupy its rightful place. Compared to other signs, Libra men are the most sensitive, even if they don’t show it.

These men care about the feelings of the people who appreciate them, for that reason as a partner, he will rarely hurt and if he does, it will never be consciously.

With an elegant, calm, peaceful and rational demeanor in his decisions, he is not one of those who acts lightly, or on impulse.

They have their own charisma and charm, they like to dress well and they manage to adapt to fashion with what suits them, they take great care of themselves, but without excesses. In every way, they love beauty and appreciate the arts, as well as painting and music.

Libras sometimes prefer to take a nice walk or have a quiet chat, instead of spending hours in a bar with a lot of noise or talking about football.

They like teamwork a lot and they do this very well, thanks to their tendency to balance and justice. As bosses they are good and in the professions where Libra men excel are: accounting professions, law, organizational work and where there is customer service.

In the family aspect, these men are very good parents and great educators, since they try to instill values in their children and their partner.

As for housework, they are very collaborative, they will try to solve some daily problems such as those related to small home repairs.

Libra men are more or less conventional in love, where their profile is more difficult to catalog. The scale of your sign can be tilted both ways and tends towards the extremes.

For example, a Libra can be presented with an open personality and where he shows himself as he is, that he lets himself be loved and gets carried away when it comes to feelings. And at the other extreme, the Libra may appear, hiding his feelings under layers and finding it difficult to show his vulnerability.

To be able to conquer a Libra man, it will only be necessary to go little by little and offer him security. They tend to be considerate and affectionate with their partner and in their intimacy they experiment and enjoy without prejudice, as long as they are confident.

What are the Libras like?

Libras are very charming and sociable people, they are also idealistic, romantic, optimistic and peaceful; with a balanced and affable character.

He is one of the most civilized signs of the zodiac, with great elegance, good taste and kindness. They are lovers of beauty, harmony and tend to be impartial in the face of conflicts.

But, once they give their opinion on something in particular, they don’t like to be contradicted. They like to have the support of other people.

Pounds tend to be sensitive to the needs of others. They are very diplomatic and hate cruelty and conflict. In conflict situations, they seek consensus. In addition, they value the effort of others.

Libras do not like routine and sometimes lack the ability to cope with others. They also like pleasure, which can lead to excesses.

Your curiosity can be a virtue when it comes to discovering new things, but it can also be a flaw when it comes to getting into other people’s lives and affairs.

Regarding friendship, they are excellent friends, since they put themselves in the place of their friends. Those born under this sign have very sentimental and romantic intimate relationships.

In relationships they are very tolerant of the defects of others, they are also good parents, since they make an effort to help their children while they grow up. Some people label pounds as lazy, but many others have ambitions.

These can go on to have professional careers related to diplomacy, since they are able to see both sides of a debate and moderate on two different points of view.

Thanks to their sense of justice, as a lawyer they are also excellent, also practicing as bankers or civil servants because they are very reliable. In addition, they have skills as writers, managers, artists and especially with work related to humanitarian causes.

Lucky Libra number

The 2, the 8 and the 19 are the lucky numbers of Libra.

Tarot for Libra

HOUSE I: Personality

Arcane: 7 of Wands (suits)

Advice: thanks to autonomy and firmness, strategies to get closer to the goal can be defined in the face of obstacles.

HOUSE II: Material possessions

Arcane: 6 of Swords

Tip: It will be necessary to take advantage of periods of calm and tranquility, in order to restructure personal finances, manage assets and available sources of income; as well as the short, medium and long term economic objectives.

CASA III: Communication and thought

Arcane: Queen of Swords

Tip: Independence, logic and analytical skills, as well as assertive communication, will be the key to presenting ideas effectively and confidently.

HOUSE IV: Home and family

Arcane: 3 of Cups

Advice: moments of joy will come, the possibility of pregnancy, family reunions, celebration of births. Therefore it is necessary to share happiness and love.

HOUSE V: Romance and creativity

Arcane: 5 of Pentacles (Gold)

Tip: Sadness and depression are expected due to short romances. To do this, it is necessary to verify if the skills and talents are being used appropriately. You also have to watch out for victimization.


Arcane: 9 of Pentacles (Gold)

Consejo: se vienen propuestas de empleo, realización personal, esfuerzo compensado. Para ello es esencial impulsar proyectos e ideas.

HOUSE VII: Personal relationships

Arcane: 5 of Cups

Tip: there will be evidence in the relationship. Do not hesitate to ask for support to gain new perspectives, heal, and overcome obstacles.

HOUSE VIII: Sexuality

Arcane: The Devil

Advice: in this area you will see jealousy, distrust, dependence, it will be necessary to eliminate negative thoughts and limiting situations, to conquer challenges.

HOUSE IX: Philosophy

Arcane: Page of Swords (Page of Swords)

Tip: Honesty and determination will be reflected in international business and academic projects. It will be necessary to verify the agreements and contracts in detail before signing them.

HOUSE X: Vocation and aspirations

Arcane: The Judgment

Tip: You will see positive changes in the work area. Decisions can affect and the people around you.

HOUSE XI: Friends and groups

Arcane: Knight of Swords

Advice: conflicts with colleagues and work group come. It will be necessary to defend the point of view, presenting arguments with honesty and maturity.

HOUSE XII: Mysticism and Karma

Arcane: King of Swords

Advice: aspects such as understanding, spiritual clarity, motivations will be present. It will also be essential to move away from intrigue and embrace the principles of personal ethics.

Libra compatibility with other signs

Libra and Aries

Libras like to be conquered, while Aries like to conquer, so this is a perfect union, although sometimes there are power struggles to see who subdues whom and that these issues affect the good coexistence between the two.

Libra and Taurus

These two signs live love to the fullest; share emotions, give thanks for having found each other. But over time, Taurus can reproach Libra for his idealism and Libra can claim Taurus for being so earthy and having no dreams.

Libra and Gemini

In society they are usually the perfect couple, due to the happiness that their faces radiate when they communicate. But between these two signs, one of them is frustrated by the lack of romanticism of the other. Another point is that the Gemini has a hard time understanding what the Libra’s needs are in love.

Libra and Cancer

Between these two beings there is a lot of romanticism. Libra is in love with the romantic side of Cancer, while the latter adores the delicacy of Libra. In private both signs vibrate in unison. But, there is a problem and it is that cancer is extremely sensitive and can destabilize and cause Libra’s emotions to spiral out of control.

Libra and Leo

Both are considered a very beautiful couple, where elegance and charisma do not go unnoticed. But both of you must give importance to appearances and accept flaws.

Libra and Virgo

They are two signs that get along wonderfully, Libra loves the discretion and delicacy of Virgo, on the other hand, Virgo admires the elegance and sophistication of Libra. Both also have great emotional intelligence and are always aware that the routine does not overwhelm them.

Libra and Libra

It seems a relationship that works at first glance, it is logical because both have the same cult of harmony and beauty. When making love, seduction becomes a masterpiece. But when that magic wears off they will tend to push themselves too hard and that never works.

Libra and Scorpio

In these two signs, admiration and attraction occur immediately, but it is difficult for them to come together. A Libra does not like the passion that comes with a Scorpio; on the other hand, a Scorpio does not like the distance that Libra proposes. Both signs expect a lot of love. If they manage to overcome the first crisis and come to love each other, they will have a fantastic experience.

Libra and Sagittarius

It is about a committed couple, who share the same feeling of justice and humanism. The two together defend their ideas and fight for the causes that matter to them. A couple with these two signs is characterized by living in freedom. Only a few minor problems can break the relationship, but always keep your sanity.

Libra and Capricorn

At the beginning of a relationship with these two signs, Capricorn will be much more discreet compared to what Libra is used to, since they tend to understand life differently. Once it is launched, they will form the perfect couple where they will complement each other and together they can establish a lasting and strong union.

Libra and Aquarius

Intellectually, there is an attraction. They both like each other, but they don’t have the same vision of love. When Aquarius feels idolized, he runs away from love. Between these two signs is a complicated relationship, but if they can reach agreements, it can work.

Libra and Pisces

This is the union of two ultra-sensitive beings; Although Pisces does not meet Libra’s commitment expectations, between the two of them everything can be perfect and they can live an intense love as a couple.

Pound sign, compatibility
Libra sign, compatibility

Libra qualities

The most civilized sign of the zodiac is Libra, they are governed by tranquility, harmony and are in constant search of balance. They have a peaceful, tolerant and friendly character.

When they interact with other people, they are usually very empathetic and understanding. Their emotions are expressive and they can communicate very easily.

They harbor and transmit good feelings, they also have a lot of charm and try to mediate conflicts with great diplomacy. They always defend what is just and correct and seek to get from the authentic truth

Libra in bed

For Libra, sex is something very essential, they go hand in hand until death. Libras love it and the more trust they have with the person they will make love, the better.

If it is a stable and strong relationship, little by little you will discover new ways to enjoy yourself in bed. They need to feel wanted and persecuted, to be strongly grasped by any part of the body since they are not afraid to try anything with their partner.

Libras are somewhat vain and that is why they always like to be ready in their sexual encounters, whether with their regular partner or with their lover, they don’t care, they just want to feel good and attractive.

To be able to see a 100% Libra in action, only few people will be able to do it and although some may not believe it, Libras have a tendency not to enjoy it at all, if their partner does not end up fully pleased and satisfied.

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